wise words from black socialist Ajamu Baraka*

…on this MLK Day civil rights 2.0 as the nation is being torn asunder with fear and loathing post-Capitol insurrection.

*International human rights activist, organizer, political analyst. National Organizer for @blacks4peace

@ajamubaraka  Jan 14

Do you think it might be a little dangerous & even irresponsible implying that 75 million people who voted for Trump are Nazis? That seems to be the new line from right-wing neoliberal media even as they say the people shouldn’t worry because Biden will bring people together!

@ajamubaraka  Jan 14

Are the democrats intentionally attempting to further inflame the 75 million with this impeachment that voted for Trump with many believing that the election was “stolen”? Is this a way to continue to use Trump to divert from the ongoing & deepening capitalist crisis?

@ajamubaraka   Jan 11

New members of Congress drop the Trump BS and advance a set of demands like a government financed jobs program, $2000 a month for next six months, immediate medicare for all uninsured and underinsured workers, funds for schools and local governments. Stop with the stunts!

@ajamubaraka  Jan 11

The democrats are going to be controlling Congress & the presidency, why are they wasting time with this Trump stuff? Answer, they have to real program to effectively deal with the ongoing capitalist crisis so this diverts attention while they strengthened repressive apparatus.

@ajamubaraka  Jan 11

Black people are dying in droves every week unnecessarily but BLM is neutralized, completely corrupted & disarmed by its’ subordination to the democrat party and neoliberal tokenism of the Biden administration.

@ajamubaraka  Jan 11

Question for “leftists” celebrating political crackdown on Trump supporters: since it’s clear the state is using Jan 6th to criminalize a whole movement as insurrectionists who opposed neoliberal elite, what does that make us who opposed the criminality of neoliberal capitalism?

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3 responses to “wise words from black socialist Ajamu Baraka*

  1. “A Biden administration will … work for a domestic terrorism law that respects free speech and civil liberties, while making the same commitment to root out domestic terrorism as we have to stopping international terrorism,” Biden’s campaign website says.”


    ~ Hina Shamsi, director of the ACLU’s National Security Project, and Manar Waheed, ACLU senior legislative and advocacy counsel

  2. Glad to see you’re still trucking along…
    Biden will be just terrible; wars everywhere, Russia the new GodZilla…
    Keep on keeping on…

  3. great to see you, v. i hope you and mz. v are doing well.

    yes, russia, and maybe china; that’s hard to say yet. but: Israel First! hard to take those who caim he’ll ‘reset with iran’ credible, though.

    i just stuck this on over yonder; i confess i was disappointed it only drew in one unique commenter, though. this one’s ‘Putin derangement syndrome’, though. best to you and yours, including your gardens. ;-)

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