It’s the Covid Rescue Plan Tent Revival! C’mon in!

(biden’s banner on Twitter)

Elmer Gantry would have been so proud of y’all!

@JoeBiden   21h

85% of American households will get direct checks from the American Rescue Plan. For so many Americans, that means they can pay the rent. That means they can put food on the table.

Another Elitist Comprador speaks!

Sheepdog testifies!

@SenSanders   Mar 10

A new analysis out today shows that the American Rescue Plan will dramatically reduce poverty. That’s what happens when Congress writes legislation focused on the needs of the working class, not the wealthy and huge corporations. Not complicated!

@AOC   23h

This week in Congress: Dems: Passed $1.9T COVID package to deliver stimulus checks (w/ dependents!), cut child poverty in half, extend $300 UI, prevent cuts in state + local services, largest-ever investment in Native communities, etc GOP: Took a week to read The Cat in the Hat

@AOC    22h

Every single adult in the US will be eligible for the vaccine starting May 1st. May 1st! We can do this. Please get your shot as soon as you can. I can’t wait to have friends and family over, see a show, and experience live music again. What are you most looking forward to?

Irony Alert from Dec. 2020:


My dad used to say, “Joey, I don’t expect the government to solve my problems. But I expect it to understand my problems.” Folks out there aren’t looking for a handout — they just need help. They’re in trouble through no fault of their own, and they need us to understand.

‘Biden says all American adults will be eligible for vaccination by May 1, says rollout ‘months ahead of schedule’, 12 Mar, 2021,, one outtake:

“Though Biden warned the pandemic is still “far from over,” he also suggested there is “a good chance” Americans will be able to safely gather in small groups to celebrate Independence Day this summer, saying it would “not only mark our independence as a nation, but we begin to mark our independence from this virus.” He nonetheless hedged his rosier prediction, warning that a lot could change between now and the holiday and that “things may get worse again.”

4 responses to “It’s the Covid Rescue Plan Tent Revival! C’mon in!

  1. I wonder whether the hoopla is warranted, was reading elsewhere that the new variants could more likely be described as the second wave. If that is the case, and if current vaccines are not effective against them, I’d rather see stores still keeping to quotas on grocery shopping rather than have our ‘freedoms’ again curtailed, resulting in massive lines that are very hard to endure, along with further panic buying. What we were doing worked, and it must be hard on store personnel going back and forth.

    Not to mention those states that have simply said ‘yippee!’ and tossed their masks in the air like so many graduation caps. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m double masking when I shop and staying out of Walmart – they configure their ‘self-service only’ to look like a bunch of steers in a pen jostling about along with harried clerks in and out to sort through errors – did that once, not ever again!

    Thanks, wendye.

    • my apologies, juliania. i’d forgotten to look in earlier today, and hadn’t had the wherewithal to answer comments over yonder at c99% yesterday.

      one thing to remember is none of the big ones in the US have anything but emergency approval, and at least w/ astrazeneca, some nations are pulling it due to blood clots.

      jhn helmer, dancers with bears, notes that spunik V is being weaponized, but that seems to be so with others as well.

      mainly i’d put this up to satirize the fact tht even though the Great Rescue Plan has been signed into law, the white house had announce that best voiced surrogates would be out and about to extol what a huuuuuge differnce it will make to ‘poverty’. rubbish, of course.

      nice to see you, as alwys, and it sounds as though your’re doing well from your comments at MoA..

  2. A warm summer night has me awake, so greetings, wendye – my eldest granddaughter’s birthday, warm feelings along with that. This pandemic is on my mind; Easter was late this year, and still ongoing in reflection as the tradition comes to midfeast now, Pentecost coming closer.
    If we parallel the Spanish flu, we are approaching ‘midfeast’ on that as well. It may be worse before it is better, but the final year was the latter.
    Best wishes. Your site as usual awesomely presents a thorough examination of what is a current issue – without exaggeration I would say that the NYT in its heyday (we all have those) has barely measured up, and that with a multitude of respected reporters, so pat yourself on the back. Bravo.
    I always find as I read, you have said more than I could and better. That needs saying, I think.
    Midfeast. Let it be midcovid also. We can bear that, while enduring the unbearable.

  3. good morning, WW midfeast as mid-covid. the only thing i can say about the virus, the efficacy (or dangers) of the various jabs is that i’m mainly left with questions, even about the statistics. health passports? forced jabs? test positive for covid after the jabs?

    keep wearing your masks…or not? weaponized vaccines? egad. glad i don’t need one, but mr. wd his 2 to please the folks he works for at an artist/nature retreat.

    happy grandchild’s birthday; my mama’s is may 31. i’m embarrassed to say i dunno when she was born, thus not how old she’d be today if she hadn’t chosen to leave this side in 1974 (?).

    be well and as content as you’re able, and walk in beauty.


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