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  1. test comment

  2. cheeky bastid, ain’t ya, mein freund. : )

    the site’s been broken, and i’m trying to fix it..again. even this last round or two w/ the wordpress ‘happiness engineers’ flopped. wordpress’s blogging parameters seem to change all of the time, but i may have found one work-around again, but i still have to log in every time i click in.

    recently all i’ve been able to do has been to post at c99%, although the software there does buffalo me.

    hope you’re doing well; i’m very slowly getting better from my last galactic vertigo crash.

  3. I’m surviving. You be well, as well, wendily.

  4. ‘surviving’ doesn’t sound great, but in our house we’re apt to quip that ‘we’re livin’ the dream’ (stolen from a woman who stocks frozen foods at slaveway).

    i’m glad to see that ian welsh finally got wise to AOC and the squad; his commentariat loved her embarrassingly well just a few months ago. but then, he’d been advocating Oprah and george (CFR, ‘the sentry’) cloooney for president go figure.

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