Will Marxist Peruvian Presidential Winner Pedro Castillo Finally Prevail?

3 responses to “Will Marxist Peruvian Presidential Winner Pedro Castillo Finally Prevail?

  1. good gawd all-friday. i’d thunk i could post anew, as i’d found a way to ‘add a new post’. but no, i can’t even get a damned cursor in the content box, and my extensive media files are either gone, or inaccessible.

    here’s the diary at caucus99percent.com;

  2. I’ve been watching you with your troubles. Reminds me of my slowly (and fastly!) losing the expertise to navigate the every-day world myself not to mention computers. I’ll catch you over at c99p.

    • it’s a total conundrum for me. do i abandon the café or not? i/we have paid some big bucks to crea9te/maintain this juke joint, but what use i it if wordpress keeps fucking it up?

      at this point, most of what i have left is to be an anti-capitlist, anti-imperiast keyboard warrior. and of course, aiding the awesome mr. wd to the extent that i’m able.

      but oh, the magnificent early flowers he brings in from the garden daily are a tonic to my soul!

      nice to see you, wabbit. hope youre doing well…enough.

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