a Tweet for your consideration; or: food for thought

“Leaked data suggests the majority of patients classed as being hospitalised with Covid-19 were initially admitted for different ailments. […]

The data, covering all NHS trusts in England, suggests that as of last Thursday, just 44 per cent of Covid patients had tested positive by the time they were admitted, the Telegraph reports.  […]

The NHS has been told to provide “a breakdown of the current stock of Covid patients” by separating those in hospital for the virus and those for other reasons, the Telegraph reports.

However, bosses have not yet revealed the data. […]

The Cone of Silence finally broken by an NHS leaker/whistleblower?

“Prof Carl Heneghan, director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford, said: “This data is incredibly important, and it should be published on an ongoing basis.

“When people hear about hospitalisations with Covid, they will assume that Covid is the likely cause, but this data shows something quite different – this is about Covid being detected after tests were looking for it.”

RT.com’s coverage is here, linking to the telegraph.co.uk’s original reporting (behind a paywall)

“According to the outlet, health officials were instructed last month to begin placing Covid patients into two categories: those who were in hospital primarily because of the virus, and those who were admitted for other reasons. However, the NHS has so far withheld this data from the public. 

With the majority of Covid patients being diagnosed after admission – in some cases weeks later – the leaked data points to the possibility that the virus may only have a minor or negligible role in many hospitalisations blamed on coronavirus.

The leaked figures also suggest that a large number of Covid hospitalisations are the result of nosocomial transmission, meaning that healthcare facilities – rather than restaurants, stadiums, schools, or other public venues – may be driving up infections requiring medical care.”  (or: iatrogenic cases)

Covid-19 has largely been a duck-and-cover issue for me, as there are so many competing and conflicting ‘factoids’: mask efficacy, stats on which jab causes the most or least adverse reactions, health passports, mandated jabs for workers, ‘further jabs required’, US hospitals receiving more money for Covid-19 Cases, the WEF gaming out a ‘novel Corona virus’ (or close); mass arrests at lockdown protests in the EU; the de-platforming of Covid skeptics, etc.

Is The Truth out there?

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9 responses to “a Tweet for your consideration; or: food for thought

  1. I have a friend whose husband just got admitted for covid after a harrowing extremely high blood sugar excursion. He had been under treatment for bronchitis/pneumonia for some days prior. Mis-diagnosis seems the likely cause in his case, bad air from nearby ‘home cooking’ a contributing factor too. The whole family has resipiratory issues and most have something else going on too.

    First it’s pandemic, then eventually endemic.

    Doesn’t appear to really be killing more than 0.1 to 1.0% of the population anywhere and they are mostly older people, so…
    — covid’s not gonna wipe out people.

    People haven’t really tried to find every case (excepting island nations like New Zealand and Iceland). The much vaunted yet still first-model vaccines don’t even prevent the disease as well as they’re thought to, so…
    — people sure aren’t gonna wipe out covid.

    False negatives from Insensitivity in some or all mass-produced test kits could contribute to the appearance of nonsocomial transmission.
    It very well could be the vaccinated healthcare workers with asymptomatic covid spreading the disease to those who can tolerate it the least.
    Perhaps (and sadly) it is that an internal covid infection (from food or drink) appears first as the underlying conditions being aggravated in those susceptible. So, into the hospital they go. Then, as the full-blown covid infection develops in these patients, it eventually starts coming out their nose and only then is the covid found.
    As a matter of course, it is found precisely (and only) where people are looking for it.

    First pandemic, then endemic.

    • you know (and speculate( far more than i, as i’d indicated in the OP. the c99% version went far, far afield from my OP, but garnered close to 90 comments. many of them were inscrutable to me, but from some i earned a few things.

      but the stats concerning: ‘dies with covid’ compared to ‘died OF covid; false positives and negatives w/ swab tests, etc. hadn’t heard that infected food or drink is also a culprit, but why not? it’s long been one of my Qs, from fast food to restaurant (masked) curb service.

      i’d had to look up ‘endemic’ regarding this virus and had found:

      “(COVID-19) is becoming endemic. We don’t think it’s going away, so we have to live with it as productively and positively as we can,” Conway told Global News.
      As for examples of other endemic diseases, Conway listed endemic HIV, hepatitis C and other endemic sexually transmitted infections such as endemic syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia.”

      the illusion that jabs can prevent it turn out to be untrue, apparently, and two folks over yonder say that the mRMA jabs are solely palliative. delta variant is another fear, and rather hotly debated. beats me.

      if you have a few hours to spend, you might want to look t the C99% thread. you’d make more of some of the stated facts and theories than i did, ; )

  2. In short response to your tweet, here’s a headline from Science News:
    Wild Deer Have Coronavirus Antibodies.
    Once it’s in the rodents and their relatives, it is everywhere.

  3. this is fascinating, isn’t it?

    “…these findings indicate deer and other wildlife might act as a reservoir for the virus, potentially letting it circulate and evolve, even if it is controlled in the human population.”

    sorry to be so late; i’ve been pretty much offline for the past couple days, as in: “needs must”.

    Q given my grey matter resembles swiss cheese: are you in ABQ?

  4. no matter what one virtue-signals by tweet, i detest hypocrisy:

    oh, and as far as NZ tracking every case, that’s due to bill gates who bought a compound there, and moved the microsoft cloud computing to NZ.

  5. Yep WD, I’m a long time resident of AllBeQuirky.
    I still think that all those outbreaks in meat packing plants were driven by the covid in the pigs. Pigs are the best animal model for humans in many ways: structure, relative proportion and size, particularity of biochemistry, being omnivores, etc. Pigs are second only to humans in the list of most intelligent domesticated animals. B-D (a nerdy heehee). The meatpacking outbreaks were most of the cases in some states when they were occurring. The upside of this is that many people have been vaccinating/vaccinated with sausage and pork chops, roasts, etc.
    Pandemic means the whole world.
    All means ALL…
    All our relations.

    • I remembered about the big cats in the Bronx Zoo that got the covid: 8(?) tigers. Searches and saw a snippet about a snow leopard in Kentucky.

      The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it is likely the animals became sick after being exposed to a caretaker with COVID-19, even though staff were taking precautions.

      AP: Animals at Wisconsin zoos to receive COVID-19 vaccine
      Yeah…. that.
      Or it was all the raw meat they eat!
      From the AP article, they are vaccinating “great apes, tigers and lions, and members of the mustelid family, including otters, skunks and badgers”. The ones like us and the ones that eat raw meat, perhaps? Both domestic cats and dogs have caught it too.
      In looking at this, I see that even vaccinated Congress critters can catch it !
      Apparently, Lindsey Graham has a “breakthrough” infection.

    • Mitakuye-Oyasin!; All my relations

      navao-dineh sweat lodge leaders would call for call to open the door that way.

  6. covid pigs. yes, they’re highly intelligent, aren’t they? and love to be clean if they’re given the chance.

    yes, the vaccines are all experimental, and don’t preclude acquiring the virus.
    congress-critters catch it, virtue signal masks!!!!! then let us know that they’re different than we commoners are.

    your knowledge about this subject is an order of magnitude beyond mind, and i didn’t even try to grasp pluto’s republic on ‘breakthrough infections’ over yonder.


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