Nanci Griffith (July 6, 1953 – August 13, 2021): RIP

No doubt she’s flying away to heaven in some bluebonnet spring (h/t mr. wd):

It’s a Hard Life wherever you go


From Feb. 15, 2021: Nanci Griffith & The Chieftains – Little Love Affairs


Covering Julie Gold’s From a Distance

2 responses to “Nanci Griffith (July 6, 1953 – August 13, 2021): RIP

  1. She was a real gem.

    • she was a gem indeeed. i spoke with an erstwhile duo performance partner ealier today, and she’d mentioned that it was i who’d turnd her on to nanci. i can’t recall which of her tunes we’d layed, but she’d recalled we’d played many indigo girls and harmonies to perfection, when i realized i could never be amy ray (after graspig i’d never be aretha), it was all downhill from there. ; )

      hope you’re doing well enough. i live in bit of a dream state by now in my decline. (my neuro-cognitive synapes misfire increasingly.) ; ):

      what a social conscience she’d had!

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