Russia, Ukraine, the UN and NATO

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Earlier via tass news, and this may have been a tipping point:

“MOSCOW, February 23. /TASS/. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres made several statements on the situation in eastern Ukraine that are not compatible with his status, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, opening talks with UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen on Wednesday.

“To our great regret, the UN Secretary General whom you are representing turned out to be susceptible to pressure by the West and recently made several statements incompatible with his status and his authority under the UN Charter,” he said.

The Russian top diplomat noted that Moscow conveyed to Guterres its assessment of his statements. According to Lavrov, the UN Secretary General has never expressed support for the necessity to implement the Minsk Accords and the UN Security Council resolution on the same matter.”


16 responses to “Russia, Ukraine, the UN and NATO

  1. b gave a good assessment of what is ahead for us, wendye, that included the thought that the internet may become parochial, which would seem a bad thing, but I immediately thought of this site — perhaps we can weather the storm. He pointed out that Russia will, after severing all ties to the west, no longer be subject to the pressures it has undergone these last eight years.

    Hope your knees are feeling better – I use a stool in the garden, bench on the roof for my eternal tar projects. Be well!

  2. Hi, Juliania, This is Mr. wd. a week ago Wendy suffered a stroke and was airlifted to St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction. She has recovered enough that they have moved her to intensive rehab. We don’t know yet how long she will be there. She thought you might want to know, so I hope you come back here and see this message. I told her you had left a couple of comments.
    I really enjoyed your comment on “God In Pencil.” That piece has been my favorite of all the many wonderful things she has written. Would that the people of this poor beleaguered world could take heed and internalize the messages that she was presenting.
    We hope you are well and one of us will hopefully be back when we know more.

  3. O.
    Bless You Both.

    In the mean time,
    Understand and accept the abundance expressed in…

    All DonBassszzz
    Are BeLong To RusssZZZ

    Blessed be .

  4. stephenadavis1

    Thank you, LeMoyne, for dropping by the Cafe. Wendy suffered a second stroke while in rehab for the first one and was unable to recover. She went on to the next world several days later. Our son and I are working at recovering from the shock and grief and we miss her terribly. I am going to attempt to paste in the obituary that I wrote for the local newspapers.

    Wendy Davis was born Wendy Ellen Weaver in Cleveland, Ohio on December 14, 1950. Having lived an incredibly active, varied, and full life, she caught a blackbird’s wing and flew away to heaven on March 29, 2022.

    After completing high school in Ohio in 1968, she moved west to Colorado and it was there that she met and married Steve Davis, the “light and love” of her life. Wendy attended the Boulder School of Massage Therapy and after graduation she and Steve hand built their own home in the beautiful Mancos Valley. Using her love for the natural world, she planted trees, laid rocks and created gardens that surround the house today. It was there that they raised their children, Jordan and Aurora. For many years she skillfully practiced her body work arts in both Cortez and Mancos. Her hard work and deep caring for people helped so many with the physical and emotional pains of life.

    Later, as her hands tired from the massage work, she built her own internet blog site, Cafe- Babylon, where she wrote and reported on the many topics that caught her interest. This led her to commenting and interacting on line with fellow humans all over the globe. Though her body was tired, this work kept her keen mind active, sharing her intelligence, sharp wit and love of truth with others.

    Wendy was a mother, wife , friend, healer, political activist, musician, writer, gardener, wildlife photographer, phenomenal cook and a loving warrior for truth, beauty and goodness. She met and fully experienced the joys and sorrows, triumphs and defeats, inner peace and heartaches that life brought her way.

    She is greatly missed by those of us who loved her well and are left behind and we will hold her in our hearts until we meet again on another and better world.
    Thanks to all who have visited the Cafe over the years. Wendy dearly loved interacting with you all. I will be leaving this place up for as long as I can. I want to get some of my favorite pieces of hers into hard copy for friends and relatives to enjoy into the future. She loved this place and I am very proud of the work she did here. Please comment if you like, I check in about every day. As she would say,,,,,, Love to you all and spread love and Peace wherever and whenever you can.

  5. Dear Mr. wd, I am heartbroken at your news — thank you for leaving the site up as long as you have. For a while I lost the link here — this evening I just decided to hunt through every search I could do, and would you know I found the proper link at the MoA site where I myself had referred comments on Hugo Chavez to wendy’s site five years ago. So, finally, I am here.

    I am so sorry I haven’t returned until now – so much has been happening in the world, and it looks as though wendy left at the very beginning of this latest stage — she would have been doing her best to maintain her sweet, loving voice here and I know you still miss her terribly. I now join you in that sorrow, and also in gratitude for having known her and you and your family here – I have a small navajo rug hanging on my wall that she sent me along with other gifts – you are all in my prayers.

    Dear wendye, forgive me for being a less than constant friend. You will stay in my thoughts now and forever – memory eternal!

  6. Sorrow, indeed, Juliania. Thank you for coming back. Wendy would want you to know why she so suddenly disappeared as she always valued your friendship and contributions to the Cafe. The Michael, Mary, and Gabriel icons that you so beautifully created are hanging right by our bedside so we could enjoy them every day.
    Our son was with us during the entire month that Wendy suffered through her strokes and I held her as she breathed her last earthly breath. Those were the blessings of an otherwise difficult and sorrowful time. We miss her more than I could ever begin to express. I am so thankful for the incredible life we shared.
    Even though I haven’t the slightest idea how to post a diary, I will be keeping Cafe Babylon alive until, at least next spring. I need to find some one to help me get some of her writing on hard copy and it will be very hard to see this place go, she loved it so.
    If she were still here she would be working hard to chronicle the news of this time as the Western World digs a pit of disgrace. The greed, hubris, hypocrisy,violence and extreme stupidity of the evil they commit sometimes was almost more than than she could bear.
    The planet has lost a constant voice for truth, beauty, and goodness.
    I hope you are doing well and may peace and love be with you.

  7. Dear Mr. wd, thank you. I will be rereading wendy’s pieces for as long as you are able to retain the site, so I thank you very much. It has always been a haven for me, even though I haven’t commented as often as I used to do. I think wendy and I have been on parallel tracks even though our lives had been very different – she is a soul mate. My grandmother when I was little would often ask me ‘Are you my mate?’ It was her unique saying; she was part native New Zealander. Wendy was a mate to everyone she encountered, and she gave herself to all who were lucky enough to come and read what she was writing.
    These are dark days indeed, and it is to wendy’s great honor that she was recording opposing messages while her spirit was burdened to the very last. As the great Russians from very early days, wendy was a chronicler, and she diligently recorded here all the arguments of the few who were resisters to the downward plunge. She held and transmitted the light to the very end.
    I looked on my church calendar this Sunday morning to see which day she took wing – it shows the saints who would have accompanied her. They are from all over the world and from all ages; I recognize none of them, but the most recent was ‘Saint Eutropia, nun of Kherson (1968)’.
    I have lighted my chapel candle. The reading today is Matthew 8:5-13 of the healing of the servant of the centurion: “Truly, I say unto you, not even in Israel have I found such faith.”

    • Good Morning, Juliania. Thank you for coming back again and also for letting the folks at MOA know about Wendy’s moving on. It is heartening and helpful in my own grieving process to have people show up here and offer their love and caring for Wendy and all her work here at the Cafe, She would, at times, become discouraged that so few people would come here to read and comment and I would always suggest to her that there might possibly be many who are reading but not commenting and that putting out the love and viewpoints that she was offering here was so vital and important no matter how many actually showed up. I used to, only part seriously, tell her as she sat down at her laptop to read and write that she was off to work to save the planet.
      I’m so glad that, even now, you are still reading her work, as I also do. Maybe I will have to rethink ever taking down Cafe Babylon as I really love the idea that she can live on through her work here. Maybe I can even sometime learn how to post something new so we don’t always have to comment on this thread. She had put this diary up just hours before her first stroke.
      Your friendship with Wendy meant alot to her and she would love that you are still here and still reading. Also, if you could let your sister in New Zealand know about her death, I would appreciate it.
      As always, love to you and yours.

  8. shootthatarrow

    …by some random happenstance of being on the WWW today I came across a comment made / placed by Juliania @ MOA that wendy had passed in early 2022 and has now gone on ahead thru the veiled portals & passages to beyond this plane of existence we know here on Terra Gaia …I extend sincere condolences to wendy’s family for having loss a dear wife, mother & friend who was the living essence of a life journey & soul guide …
    …I fortuitously 1st met wendy on the comment threads @ FireDogLake some many years ago when I was still actively commenting @ FDL …that was way back there in early 2000’s when Bush / Cheney were in the WH, post 9/11 …perhaps 2003 or 2004?? …my commenting @ FDL happily aligned & rhymed with how wendy also saw the lay of things politically and how we both did the why? / why not? evaluations of how / why things were / are the way they are …post USian 2006 elections and what Pelosi & her flying monkey DC Dems said & did after 2004 & 2006 R vs. D junk WashDC national politics farces we USians waded into 2008 elections and got royally hood winked by the unknown / unseen hand(s) of R vs. D junk UniParty $$$ politics all shined & slicked up for a smooth talking Obama to ride into the WH on in early 2009 …Obama and Obama WH very soon reneged on any suggestions Obama or Dems in WashDC may have ever made about going after Bush & Cheney & the fraud & treason of 9/11 as he & they fully went with “ Not Looking Back “ as Obama WH & WashDC Dems sandbagged, waylaid & sabotaged any reform of USian foreign policy, USian militarism, the current USian LasVegas themed you win / you lose healthcare/ regime or the dark unlit back rooms & untold / unknown corners of USian 3 letter agencies evil & wicked acts & actions malevolent conduct …
    …FDL just sort of melted away for me post 2008 being that FDL was a pro Dem site that condoned D run Obama WH & Capitol Hill in WashDC for doing & being what it had condemned the R run Bush / Cheney WH $ R run CapHill for doing & being …by 2012 – 2014 I largely or completely stopped politics commenting anywhere on the WWW but did still place some comments on rare occasion here @ cafe-babylon post 2012 on the way out to 2016 …
    …I counted wendy as a true on line friend & ally during my years of doing political / current events of the day website commenting …the picture of wendy I would in time draw & paint in my mind was / has been well formed & informed by what she presented & showcased here @ cafe-babylon …thank you wd for being a true & good friend whom I am sure would have been a genuine delight to have met in person for an afternoon & evening spent being & walking together @ wd’s home place which she often described so colorfully & vividly while writing about so many things both small & large here @ cafe-babylon …

    …wendy seemingly was larger than life in who & what wd was …farewell wd

    …a well lived life journey wd …be & rest at peace in heart & mind wd

    …may the angels lift & take you up & beyond wd

    …sta July 10, 2022

    • Wow, how wonderful of you to show up here at the Cafe to so beautifully eulogize Wendy, shootthatarrow. She always, for those many years, enjoyed your friendship, caring and conversation with her. It would mean alot to her that you have come back to offer your kind words and remembrances.
      …a well lived life journey wd indeed, sta. Thank you so much, and may the angels, one day, lift and take us all up & beyond to join with her once again.

  9. She spread manna to weary pilgrims. I too heard the news via MoA. I am shocked and grieve for your loss. She was a good angel to me, as to many others, whose voice was an anchor of wisdom and sanity.

    • Thanks, Jason for stopping by. I really like the idea of Wendy spreading “manna to weary pilgrims” as would she. I appreciate your thoughtful words as I learn to live on this beleaguered world without her. We hope you are doing well. Spread peace and love where you can.

  10. hi, Stephen, condolences.

    We, who have faith in God know for a certainty that all things work for good of those who are in Him.

    I followed Juliana, a kindred spirit with Wendye, from MOA here.

    Please keep this site up even when you do not have time to reply to comments. I see that this site is the treasure house of a beautiful spirit that will nurture lost souls in years to come. So dark are these days, and so few are the points of light that we need Wendye to shine on, and as the years turn, so will each of her posts take on newer, deeper significance, illuminating even more.

    • Hello, kiwiklown, welcome to Wendy’s Cafe. Your plea to keep this place alive long term really appeals to me. It is truly a “treasure house of a beautiful spirit.” I don’t know how many times, when she was tired and discouraged, that I would make the same argument that the love and light that she was so beautifully trying to spread here was sorely needed by all. I really love the thought that her work and spirit can live on into such an uncertain future through her thoughts and words at Cafe Babylon. Thanks for the encouragement.
      If you log in and then click on the photos at the top of the front page you will get a kind of slideshow of her photographic work. All or them were taken here in our yard in southwest Colorado.

  11. I’m so sorry to hear about Wendy’s passing. Even though I only logged onto her blog rarely in the last couple of years, Wendy was always somewhere in the back of my mind, like a refuge of decency on the crazy internet. I’ll always miss her and the wonderful humane voice in her writing.

    • Thank you, Jacob, for stopping back by the Cafe. Wendy would want you to know why she won’t be seen here again as she always regarded you as one of her on line friends. When she recently republished her “God… In Pencil” you were the main commenter and the both of you did what you have done so well over the years – sharing thoughts, ideas, and well loved music.
      Humane voices, such as hers, are in such short supply and she is missed by many. Trying to spread peace and love when we can is the best we can do to honor the memories of her. I miss her more than I could ever describe.

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