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Pentagon’s Deal with Siemens

I was first hipped to this by the Berliner Zeitung, whose angle includes a details I haven’t found elsewhere, perhaps down to the German perspective or company spin (translation and emphasis mine):

Munich – Siemens can look forward to two major contracts, respectively, from the USA and India. On the one hand, the medical technology division, which is facing a possible IPO, received a blanket order from the US Department of Defense for radiology systems of an unusually large magnitude, the company announced on Wednesday night.

The Pentagon can thus order technology, accessories and training for up to 4.1 billion dollars over the next five years with an option for an additional five years. Individual orders will be booked according to request, a Siemens spokesperson stressed.

Medical technology, which operates under the name of Healthineers, is one of the largest and most profitable portfolios for the Munich-based company. Orders of this overall scope are, however, extremely rare, especially since the US government under Donald Trump was rather expected to favor the domestic rival GE. Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser wants to bring the medical technology division onto the stock market in the current year and is considering a listing in New York.

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Pop a gander

Over’t con- cum neofem Arianna Huff’n’Po’s e-RAGgregator, the mighty lame duck is takin’ action to save the future from sure destruction!


Purple is Green at AriannaOnLine. Who’s more cynical:  Me – for thinking this is a typical ploy to control the narrative (such as there is one, rather than just a stupid sense of the way things are), with the Forth Estate coordinating with Pennsylvania Avenue Ink to hijack key phrases like “Save Public Land”?  Or them – for doing it?

For those unfamiliar with the concept of keyword hijacking, it involves burying some other uncomfortable reality in close semantic proximity to the verbiage chosen for the burial. In this case, let’s call it Building a Presidential Legacy on Sacred Ground or Muddying the Waters of First Nations in the Name of the First and only ever Free World.

Wait. Am I being hasty here. Look at this:
savin viro mints.png

See that? He saves Viro Mints!!

One thing I love about wd’s letting me diarise here is that I can let someone else do my fact checking. Like, what say you about the following Café?

During his eight years in office, Obama has carved out an impressive environmental legacy. He helped broker the Paris Agreement, the most significant climate change deal in history; instituted the Clean Power Plan, described as the strongest action ever taken by a U.S. president to combat global warming; and protected more land and water ― more than 265 million acres ― than any other president in history, including the establishment of the world’s largest marine reserve, among other green initiatives.

One thing I do know is that that there Paris Agreement does not do anything to avert the certain global ruin we face. To deny that is to deny climate change.

Reunited? How the West was One.

[Edit: Since first making this entry I have added the first map of the districts and shifted the communal map downpage. I made changes to the second and third paragraphs following the communal map for clarity.]

You might recall from last year’s hoo-hah that the whirled‘s had a full generation to digest the reunification of the German state. Let’s take a look at the fascinating colour schemes as seen this morning compared to how it looked for the fifty years the sides were split. On the left you see the results of yesterday’s election- on the right, the city as parcelled out by the confederacy of belligerents at the Potsdam Conference:
berliner-wahl-16 Occupied_Berlin.png

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By Nary

It’s true that the Euros got a leg up when it comes to the presence of a third, fourth, fifth, and even sixth party in their chambers of lawmaking, where the criminalization of *behaviour unbecoming of an entity without a passkey to the chamber’s backdoor is designated. This presence is where the differences, diverging as they do, find their way back to a natural order of confluence, in spite of all the intrigue of electoral gamesmanship.

* that’d be the Brexit U

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Nothing more than a Scandal Jones

Update to Trumping the Alex Jones Effect:

In this video from the Jimmy Kimmel Show, the host makes light of an Alex Jones’ segment on the latter’s show regarding an alleged rigging of a pickle jar when the candidate came on the former’s show. Kimmel had arranged a gag where Clinton would open a jar of pickles to dispel talk of problems with her health.
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Trumping the Alex Jones Effect

Dear readers and/or comrades of this here café,

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