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can I have a little more bass please in my monitor.


Solar Power Revolution – Here Comes The Sun — Documentary

This documentary is about the solar power revolution that is happening. There are a number of interviews, the best being Herman Scheer..”Hermann Scheer achieved a great deal in his lifetime. Thanks to him, exemplary progress has been made worldwide towards a green energy supply from renewable sources rather than coal and nuclear power. His unwavering aim of accelerating the transformation of energy systems is becoming reality because his wealth of knowledge, his logical analysis and his ability to inspire others enabled him to convince and win over many people.”

He says investment in oil and coal will be “stranded” investment within ten years.

“The argument is over” He is very persuasive.

very inspiring documentary, which I learned of, from “Informed Comment”

Weather Report, some jazz for you

Joe Zawinul, Pianist, band “weather report”, was an Austrian musician, who moved to New York in the fifties.

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Robert Glasper Experiment featuring Erykah Badhu

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Anita O’Day gives the boys a music lesson

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Daoud and Saleh Al Kuwaiti, Iraqi/Kuwaiti musicians

“The brothers were born in Kuwait to a family from an Iraqi origin. Their father, a merchant, moved to Kuwait from the Iraqi city of Basra together with some other 50 Jewish families to form the Jewish community of Kuwait. When Saleh was 10 years old, and Daud 8, they received a gift from their uncle who came back from a business trip to India – a Violin and an Oud. So started their love affair with music, an affair that would one day lead them to become two of the greatest musicians and performers in the history of Kuwaiti and Iraqi music.”

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