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Will Visiting Extraterrestrials Be Friends or Foes?

UFOs aka: UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) have been in the news a lot lately.  Documented on-the-ground (or near-the-ground) presences would certainly change everything, beginning with the utter certainly that we are not alone, and that other beings’ technological knowledge vastly outpace any nation on earth’s. That epiphany in itself would likely cause mass panic and fear…for most people.

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‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ tomorrow, Jan. 31


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Monday’s Aug. 21 Total Solar Eclipse

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June Open Menu for just about anything….except the electoral circus, please :-)

frosted dunes mars
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Spectacular Milky Way ‘space ribbon’ image shows origins of stars

ESA space ribbon

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Psycho-spiritual health break: Spectacular ISS pics of Sunday’s supermoon

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Total Lunar Eclipse in Tomorrow’s Wee Small Hours, plus Blood Moon Prophecy

(Or: some time after midnight tonight, depending on your time zone)

Here is NASA’s version of the event and coming events: this iteration of a lunar eclipse tetrad.

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BBC News – Star factories snapped by infrared telescopes

BBC News – Star factories snapped by infrared telescopes


Infrared Images from the Herschel Deep-space Telescope: Peering Into the Past Beyond the Cosmic Dust

Infrared Images from the Herschel Deep-space Telescope: Peering Into the Past Beyond the Cosmic Dust

In this colour-coded Spitzer image of the DR 21 star-forming region, the green reveals the emission from large molecules set aglow by the newly formed stars. The blue and red boxes show the area that HIFI has already surveyed for ionized carbon, a key ingredient of the molecular cloud material.

Credit: ESA and the HIFI Consortium


Hubble Telescope Reveals History of Galaxy

via nasa:
The image shows a rich tapestry of 7,500 galaxies stretching back through most of the universe’s history. The closest galaxies seen in the foreground emitted their observed light about a billion years ago. The farthest galaxies, a few of the very faint red specks, are seen as they appeared more than 13 billion years ago, or roughly 650 million years after the Big Bang. This mosaic spans a slice of space that is equal to about a third of the diameter of the full Moon (10 arc minutes).Now multipy that number by the number of fields left still to photograph……Magic Carpet Ride Stuff….