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‘The Tulsa Race Riot and Three of Its Victims’ by B.C. Franklin; an eyewitness account

The 1931 manuscript, “The Tulsa Race Riot and Three of Its Victims,” by B.C. Franklin was recovered from a storage area in 2015 and donated to the African American History Museum.

On magiamma’s June 11, 2020 Hot Air, she’d featured this testimonial of Kimberly Jones’ ‘How We Can Win’, in which she speaks so scathingly and eloquently of ‘Black Economics in America’, and mentions the burnings of Tulsa and Rosewood.  She blasts: “you broke the contract when we built wealth in Tulsa and you dropped bombs on us!  At the time, I was so blown away…that I hadn’t noticed ‘you dropped bombs on us!. 
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No, Massa Presidi’int: Oh No You Di’int Pull Us Up by Your Bootstraps


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Genocide in Plain Sight: Shooting Bushmen From Helicopters in Botswana

san bushmen
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#Black August: a storify

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‘The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution’ a documentary by Stanley Nelson

KQED’s trailer:

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Wishing Us All a Mindful and Restorative #ReclaimMLK Weekend

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The Two-Tier System  

Though it took as its model the system long employed in the West Indies, colonial America radically altered the institution of slavery. They adopted the system but they modified it according to the emerging Aryan ideology. The legislators of the American colonies were determined to stem the development of an intermediate socio-racial class under their system. They had a “brave new world” in mind, one in which there would be sharp division between black and white and none at all between black and mulatto. They had in mind a radical restructuring of what had by that time become the traditional relationship between the two races.

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