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An Open Letter from BLM Inland Empire

tometi, garza, and cullors

‘BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Inland Empire Announces Departure from BLM Global Network’, Feb. 4, 2021 by (my bolds)

“Recently, a group of BLM chapters known as the BLM 10 has come forward to voice their concerns and opposition to the Global Network. Those concerns, along with the egregious conduct the Global network demonstrated on Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, have brought us to the conclusion that continuing to remain silent would be an act of betrayal. While the issues and problems that have been raised have been well known within our circle for years, it prompted many questions & concerns for us locally. We’d like to let the community know everything outlined in the statement put out by the BLM 10 is valid. We’ve also reached out to the BLM 10 and offered to sign on in support. Hopefully, we can provide insight and clarification into our chapter’s history, our relationship with the global network, and our commitments going forward.

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Co-optation by Kente Cloth

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,, Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer, and House Majority Whip James Clyburn of S.C., right, and top Congressional Democrats, raise their hands during a news conference to unveil policing reform and equal justice legislation on Capitol Hill, Monday, June 8, 2020, in Washington.

 ‘Rebellion, Confusion and Kente Cloth: The Establishment Can’t Handle Black Lives Matter; Suddenly, workers are publicly criticizing their bosses. Politicians are backpedaling and newspapers face revolts when they are caught spreading propaganda. In Europe and the United States monuments to genocidaires are defaced and pulled down’, by Margaret Kimberley, and Black Agenda Report, June 10, 2020 (Creative Commons; my bolds)

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Don’t understand the protests? What you’re seeing is people pushed to the edge


An Op-ed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, May 30, 2020, LA Times (a few outtakes; my bolds)

“What do you see when you see angry black protesters amassing outside police stations with raised fists? If you’re white, you may be thinking, “They certainly aren’t social distancing.” Then you notice the black faces looting Target and you think, “Well, that just hurts their cause.” Then you see the police station on fire and you wag a finger saying, “That’s putting the cause backward.”

You’re not wrong — but you’re not right, either. The black community is used to the institutional racism inherent in education, the justice system and jobs. And even though we do all the conventional things to raise public and political awareness — write articulate and insightful pieces in the Atlantic, explain the continued devastation on CNN, support candidates who promise change — the needle hardly budges.
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The Murder of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin, MPD

‘As Chief Prosecutor, Klobuchar Declined to Bring Charges Against Cop that Killed George Floyd; While serving as Minnesota’s chief prosecutor between 1999 and 2007, Klobuchar declined to bring charges against more than two dozen officers who had killed citizens while on duty – including against the cop that killed George Floyd’, Alan Macleod, May 27, 2019
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#BLM founder launches major project to shrink black lives

R Cobb’s great satirical image aside, this diary features Glen Ford’s  ‘Black Lives Matter Founder Launches Huge Project to Shrink Black Lives’,, June 6, 2019  (BAR essays are all CC)
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Why Are Ferguson Activists Dying?

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Vets are streaming into Oceti Sakowan; cell service may be up again…for now

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Bless Their Hearts: Three Cornhusker Players Drop a Knee; Lynching Threats by Bigots Abound

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Police State News Updates

(I’d actually had something else ready to post, but due to recent reactions to a couple grisly murders by police, it seemed wiser to go with this.)

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Rest in Power, #Darren Seals


Rev. Sekou, Bree Newsome, Darren Seals, Cornell West, 2015 hip-hop concert: one year anniversary of the Ferguson Uprsing

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#Black August: a storify

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Comprador Obama in London: ‘BLM Activists Should Quit Yelling!’

obama london

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Rahm’s Police State: His Choice for a New Chief is Swell: a Negro Insider, as Requested

This is especially for TarheelDem; sorry if it brings back too many wretched memories. Let this stand as ‘Spring Police State, Pt. II’
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Spring Police State News, Part I

There’s just too much news for one diary, given the complexity of some of the cases, so I’ll break it into two or three posts.

melisa boarts

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‘…a case study in white privilege’; seriously? check it out

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Vote TFA Grifter DeRay McKesson for Mayor of Baltimore!

(We interrupt our regularly scheduled police state Café programming to bring Drew Franklin’s investigation into DeRay McKesson’s Baltimore mayoral campaign’s promise of  ‘accountability and transparency’ at

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Exploring Beyoncé’s New ‘Black Panther’ Self-Branding


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Moar Killer Kop News: the (Mebbe) Good, the Hideous, and the Meh

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‘Peace Officer’ Timothy Loehman Won’t Be Charged in the Drive-by Assassination of #Tamir Rice (Updated)


CLEVELAND (AP) — A grand jury declined to indict a white rookie police officer in the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, a black youngster who was shot while playing with what turned out to be a pellet gun, a prosecutor said Monday.
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Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou’s Open Letter to Black Clergy

ferguson vigil

It comes via ‘Finding Our Way to the Altar of Activism’. I hope that it moves you half as much as it does me.  My friend hfcMofo and I had been discussing black ministers advising families of killed by police urging citizens to ‘calm down, let the system work’, sometimes even to ‘stop the protests’ and even negotiating with police.  We share love for Rev. Sekou, and this morning she sent me this link.  In it, he reproaches  black clergy ‘respectability politics’, bless his heart.
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