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Two short films from ‘Dispatches from Resistant Mexico’

How often do we speak of true grassroots democracy, self-determination, and the evils of capitalism?  There are other autonomous zones in Mexico, but when NAFTA took effect in 1994, the Zapatistas rose up, and created their own autonomous  democracy in Chiapas, so they were arguably the original model.  Their struggles never end, but they are indomitable.

Both films are from Roar Magazine, ‘an independent journal of the radical imagination providing grassroots perspectives from the front-lines of the global struggle for real democracy’.
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Jair Bolsanaro Brazilian President Elect: OMG

A good Dia de los Muertos and All Hollow’s Eve to you.

(an open discussion; add more at will)  My contributions with a few Cliffs Notes included, disregard any or all of them, of course if you don’t find the titles intriguing, zip right on by…):
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Inspirational: mexican campesinos say No! to AMLO, many reject voting booths

From Ryan Knight, July 6, 2018: ‘Autonomous Self-Organization Against the Electoral Spectacle in Mexico’, counterpunch
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Woot! on Commie punk-hip-hop-rapper Boots Riley’s new film! [updated]

Here’s Boots describing the first film he’s ever written and directed, ‘Sorry to bother you’.

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a current climate chaos compendium: Part III: water

This part will be full of horrifying facts and news, but my theory is ‘it’s better to know than to not know’.  Given its intensity, you may want to begin by wrapping your spirits and psyches in some sort of protective bubble that you’ve found helpful in the past.  Many readers will prefer ‘hope’ to ‘hopelessness’, and more on that at the bottom, but I did stick in a music video at the end that might be a bit of a tonic.
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US DoJ antitrust division approves final version of Bayer-Monsanto merger

The way the Wapo has it the two companies agreed to spin of $9 billion worth of assets, and:

“Bayer will sell its seed and herbicide businesses to a third party, the German chemical company BASF. It also will sell its emerging digital farming business as well as a variety of intellectual property and R&D projects.”
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