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Hiroyuki Hamada’s ‘In Defense of Cory Morningstar’s Manufacturing for Consent Series’

Hiroyuki’s kindly given permission to reprint his essay, but I’m not sure why he calls it a ‘defense’.  To me, it’s rather a deeper explanation of Morningstar, and the misrepresentation, often malicious) of Cory and her investigative work.

Now I’ve learned a lot from Cory and the Wrong Kind of Green collective over many years, even at her website, and have featured many of her exposés here and at caucuc99percent, especially several of her/their series on compromised NGOs and human rights organizations, as well as what she calls ‘the non-profit industrial complex’, including which foundations fund McKibben and Klein.  It may be down to my current eye/brain configuration, but reading at her site now actually jangles my brain (and not in a pleasant way).  Given that, I read bits and bobs she and her allies Tweet and Retweet about the series (six parts in each two volumes), and Greta’s co-opted vision quest.
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Socialism 2019

Who knew that socialism had already come to the US? I’d given some of these links a few days ago to Aspie Corner, but he seemed to have been off on another project.  I thought he’d enjoy a lot of this; I know I do.  First, some background:

June 28, 2019 ‘Socialism 2019: the Left at a Crossroads’, Louis Proyect,, June 28, 2018 (some bits and bobs)

“For a number of years, the International Socialists Organization, once the largest Marxist group in the USA, held educational conferences either in Chicago or in various American cities. In 2004, I attended a plenary session of a regional conference at City College in New York, mostly to hear my old friend Peter Camejo who was the featured speaker alongside Ahmed Shawki, the disgraced former leader whose cover-up of multiple rapes in the ISO led to its dissolution this year.”
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a Marxist critique of the Green New Deals and Extinction Rebellion

‘Selling Extinction is a short introduction to the capitalist notion of a “Green New Deal”, the NGOs that support it and the recent Extinction Rebellion protests in London.’

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Jacob Levitch parses a Bill Gates and Google discussion of using AI in Health Care

‘Bill Gates talked with Google employees about using A.I. to analyze ultrasound images of unborn children’,
Mar 18 2019,

“Bill Gates, co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft, says he talked to Google researchers on Monday about the application of artificial-intelligence technology in health care.
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UK bioethics body promotes gene editing of human embryos

From F. William Engdahl July 23: ‘Son of Frankenstein? UK Body Backs Human Embryo Gene Editing’

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a current climate chaos compendium: Part II

subtitled: They have apps for that! 

(part I is here (café version), (c99% version))

Our Climate is Changing Rapidly; It’s Time to Talk about Geoengineering’,, Jan. 12, 2018.  The author discusses several high-tech methods afoot, deconstructs most of them as to the dangers of unintended consequences, costs, and what the actual bio-chemical science of some of the ‘solutions’ would wreak. To save quoting extensively, I’ll borrow their graphics, then bring a few lines from a 2017 piece at the Guardian as explanations.
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#Shamnesty International Rides Again!

From Paul de Rooij March 23 ‘Amnesty International: Trumpeting for War… Again’,

“One must marvel at the first few paragraphs of Amnesty International’s recent press release:

“The international community’s catastrophic failure to take concrete action to protect the people of Syria has allowed parties to the conflict, most notably the Syrian government, to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity with complete impunity, often with assistance of outside powers, particularly Russia. Every year we think it is just not possible for parties to the conflict to inflict more suffering on civilians, and yet, every year, they prove us wrong…
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