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Introducing Green Howie Hawkins for President 2020

This is longish, but given it’s mainly policy positions, it’s fairly easy to scan, stop on topics you’d choose for closer reading.  Howie’s website is here.  He’s an actual anti-imperialist socialist candidate, and I like his socialist policies a lot:

Key Economic Sectors to Socialize:
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the epic barriers to Third Party candidates

And if the Dems have their way…especially Green Party candidates.

(click photo for larger)
The BAR newsletter had popped into my Inbox a few days ago, and I was interested in this piece on Black Agenda Radio: ‘Greens’ Howie Hawkins is 2020’s Only Real Peace Candidate’, Bruce Dixon, April 4, 2019, which transcript was labeled with ‘Tulsi Gabbard is a Sheepdog’ before the rest of the radio title.
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Mike Gravel 2020

‘2020 primary rock; finally, an 88-year-old presidential candidate that can out-insult Trump on Twitter’, Claud Cockburn, (h/t Café Babylon denizen Greyson Smythe)
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Ya just gotta love ‘The CIA Democrats’ from the wsws

Ordinarily, I’m most sincerely disinterested in electoral politics, but this is just too great to pass up.  It’s an epic example of libruls who’ve learned to love the CIA and other ‘intelligence’ agencies since the advent of the Mueller investigations.  That there was no appreciable anti-war movement under the D Drone Killer in Chief, and there likely wouldn’t have been had the Red Queen been in the White House now is self-evident, but this evidence that the DCCC libruls have learned to love da bomb, high up military figures, as well as Special Ops and Seal assassins may have been predictable for some, but campaigning on those ‘credentials’ is breathtaking hubris in plain sight.  But on with the show!
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The Intercept’s Most Recent Screed against Julian Assange

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many thousands wait with baited breath for the bern to respond; oh wait: he has!

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Scientactically-Told Truths

Raining capital in nineteen words:
They used to dub the leaders Great. Not because they were good guys & gals, but because they achieved the extreme. On horses. Call that ancient history along with the mid-twentieth century, but it’s not just recently that words like “marvelous” have been taken for “wonderful” and almost never WTF?! Such simple choices, little turns of phrase, sound uttered self-consciously if you listen really closely, as if there’s an ambiguity-minimum dishonesty requirement set forth in The Really Real Book of the Law somewhere. At any rate, quality propaganda requires retail twisting of truth as well as wholesale dissemination of dubious modern mythology. It’s when words matter most.

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So U Don’t Haff 2: Last Night’s Comey Memo© and Senate Intel Tesitifyin’ Today

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The Fist of May

As it relates to the fruits of labor beyond just harvest, this first day of May means a number of things, down to nothing, depending upon where one comes- or is coming from. Being an American by arbitrary birthright I can observe the spectrum from ignorance to disregard. The European perspective — which, perspectives being as they are, one should in no way claim capacity of even the most far-flung interpretive representation — is hardly of one voice as to the significance of International Workers’ Day, or how it should or shouldn’t be observed. There are non-Europeans who think they know how things are different in Euroland and are comfortable acting as authority on the matter. There are non-Euros who know better, but act as authority all the same. There are those who admit ignorance, but will say they get the general idea and don’t have too big a problem arguing a viewpoint on it. There are those who are less comfortable in this final regard, but not to the extent that you won’t hear plenty of peep out of them. Wherever the end of this line is, it doesn’t have anyone on it who’ll admit they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about, counting myself. If there’s a silent majority, they ain’t sayin’ shit.About the First of May: Continue reading

Ecuadorians Voted Today Updated: it’s Moreno! Woot! (see update at the end)

Lenin Moreno, left; Guillermo Lasso, right
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Will Pulp Fiction Bring Trump Down Before He’s Even…In?

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Absent ‘Putin Personally Purloined the Presidency from Clinton’, Would the Zeitgeist Be So Insane?

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What’s Missing from the Core of Trump Derangement Syndrome?


triumph of the ruling class

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(reblogs): ‘The Celebrity Left is Still the Enemy’ & ‘Back to the Future: From the USSR to the Eurasian Century’

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Will December 19 prove to be another Day of Infamy?

That day is, of course, is when the 538 electors will cast their votes for a new POTUS.  Folks from both sides of the duopoly are urging: #StopTrump.  The Green Stein?  Well, never mind; for her, it’s “about our democracy”.

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From the 99% in Haiti: ‘Another Electoral Coups d’etat’

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Please Salute: Clinton Proposes National Service Reserve


‘all hail hellory’ by anthony freda

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Reunited? How the West was One.

[Edit: Since first making this entry I have added the first map of the districts and shifted the communal map downpage. I made changes to the second and third paragraphs following the communal map for clarity.]

You might recall from last year’s hoo-hah that the whirled‘s had a full generation to digest the reunification of the German state. Let’s take a look at the fascinating colour schemes as seen this morning compared to how it looked for the fifty years the sides were split. On the left you see the results of yesterday’s election- on the right, the city as parcelled out by the confederacy of belligerents at the Potsdam Conference:
berliner-wahl-16 Occupied_Berlin.png

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By Nary

It’s true that the Euros got a leg up when it comes to the presence of a third, fourth, fifth, and even sixth party in their chambers of lawmaking, where the criminalization of *behaviour unbecoming of an entity without a passkey to the chamber’s backdoor is designated. This presence is where the differences, diverging as they do, find their way back to a natural order of confluence, in spite of all the intrigue of electoral gamesmanship.

* that’d be the Brexit U

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Guest Post by Jaango: Causa de Pendejadas

Causa de Pendejadas Part I: Are 20,000 of America’s Credentialed Journalists “criminally stupid”? 

Now that Donald Trump took his invited trip to Mexico and returned via Phoenix, Arizona, and where he gave his self-aggrandized speech on Immigration, the news media outlets, and in deference to Trump–the print and electronic—these, credentialed Journalists. seemingly forgot to pronounce or even address our traditional Common Sense, writ large, and vis-à-vis this inherent and historical ‘reality’ as explained by Trump and his campaign’s stable of well-heeled propagandists. To wit, the cost or economic impact from Trump’s Causa de Pendejada has yet to measured or aptly discussed in our public debate.
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