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a Tweet for your consideration

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total economic terrorism waged on Venezuela: submit or face the consequences

‘Food Shipment Destined for Venezuela Seized Due to US Blockade’, August 7, 2019,

“Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodriguez denounced Wednesday that a ship containing 25 thousand tons of soy-made products has been seized in the Panama Canal due to the U.S. blockade while calling on the United Nations to take action against the “serious aggression” that impede Venezuela “right to food”.
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highlighting anti-migrant arguments

(My guess is that Mr. Vltchek (below) hadn’t chosen the above photo, but as it was on the page, I’ll use it, although I’ve added all the other images. I wouldn’t mind having one of those rugs, smile.).

From Andre Vltchek’s ‘Why are Anti-Migrant Arguments Pure Hypocrisy?’, July 12, 2019,  (Creative Commons with attribution)

“In this essay, let us be as concrete as possible. Let us be brief.
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Zelensky won the run-off election for President of Ukraine

Or as Bernhard at MoA puts it‘Ukraine Election – Voters Defeat Second Color Revolution’, July 22, 2019,

He begins with a fairly concise version of the Western-orchestrated revolution in 2014 in which Victor Yanukovitch failed to sign the EU Association deal that would bind Ukraine not only to the West, but to NATO.  Russia had countered with a better deal:

“It offered billions in investments and long term loans. Much of Ukraine’s industry depends on Russia and Russian gas was offered to the Ukraine for less than the international market price. Yanukovych, who originally wanted to sign the EU association, had no choice but to refuse it, and to take the much better deal Russia offered.”
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the epic influence of CUFI on this administration’s I/P policies

Pastor John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is more precisely: Evangelical Christians United for their own self-serving interests.  Founded in 2006, Hagee wanted to create an Evangelical version of AIPAC to hasten Biblical end-times prophecy.  The particulars of post-Armageddon Dispensationalist eschatology vary a bit from preacher to preacher, but in general it concerns the prophecy that post-Armageddon tribulation and rapture, Christ will come again when Israel stands alone.  Although I‘ve been familiar with the rudiments for a long time, what I hadn’t known until reading this series by Whitney Webb was that ‘stands alone’ included the destruction of the Al Aqsa mosque pictured above, and has for well over a century. In other words: no more Muslims praying at their third most-holy site in Jerusalem, no I/P two-state solution, and the continued immiseration and war on Palestinians.
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NDAA 2020

by anthony freda

Now seriously, wouldn’t it be more accurate to call it the NOAA (National Offense Authorization Act)?  Perhaps Scratch for War, Inc. or Payola for Pentagon Planet?  Especially given this list by the late, great, William Blum who left us on Dec. 9, 2018.  Among many other books, he’d written America’s Deadliest Export: Democracy; The Truth About US Foreign Policy and Everything Else, blogged ‘the anti-Empire Report’

United States bombings of other countries, William Blum

“The above was written in 1994, before the wanton destruction generated by the bombing of Yugoslavia, another in a long list of countries the United States has bombarded since the end of World War II, which is presented below.
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Iran: to be or…not to be ….that is the question

Threats against Iran continue to ratchet, ratchet downward apace. Where will it all end?  Only the gods know…  They must know that insanity rules Washington  and its allies, no?  Not that this is a particularly  new state of affairs, given that the US is the largest exporter of violence on the planet, and only the names of her allies change a bit.  The rest of the world watches aghast and waits…

‘The Triumphinators’ by Geli Korzhev

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