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Saudi-led coalition launches attack on Yemen’s ‘humanitarian lifeline’ of Hodeidah

Bernhard at MOA had called it on July 11: ‘Yemen – U.S. Grants Approval For Genocide’

“The United Arab Emirates is leading local mercenaries and Islamist gangs against the Houthi and their allies. During the last months these forces moved from the south along the coast up to Hodeidah. The fighting is fierce:
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On Jonathan Cook’s ‘Naomi Wolf and Anti-semitism’s Mystification’

Jonathan Cook, award-winning author and journalist, writes from Nazareth, the capital of the Palestinian minority in Israel, having moved there in 2001 to cover Palestinian  issues more closely.  He’s easily one of the most dedicated, courageous, clear-eyed, and well-grounded critics of apartheid Israel and their propaganda I know.  I’d add that his moral compass is at true north, and that his prose is easy to read and without guile.  Yes, this post may be longish, but I reckon it’s a key subject that’s worth digging deep into, given: (Likud) Israel, so I hope you’ll agree.
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War drums & regime change drums beating for Iran: Part III, the Geopolitics

Part I is here, Part II Café version;  the caucuc99% version.

First, the Geopolitics of Mackinder’s Heartland Sort, reminding us why Obama initiated his ‘Pivot to Asia’ policy that Beijing knew meant ‘China Containment’ policy, shrewd devils that they are:  ‘Iran’s Role in New Silk Road Emphasized’, May 17, 2017,
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War drums, regime change drums beating for Iran Part II

Part I is here, ‘As the drumbeats for war on Iran grow more thunderous, ‘education is key’, some history of Iran by way of a Twitter storify by Nyusha (an orphan of the revolution).  It’s longish, and as I’d resized Tweets for the Café; for c99ers, I’d reckoned you could simply click in to read at your leisure without reading the much larger Tweets there, and having to go scrollingsrollingscrolling down.  She’s dug up fantastic archival photos, artwork, and a lot of history that was quite new to me.
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why isn’t putin helping syria defend herself from israeli attacks? some answers from commentariat at MoA

This diary may be on the absurd side, but I know that this issue’s bothered any number of us (including many tankies on Twitter), but this comment thread posits some opinions and offers many links to buttress arguments. Of course there were disagreements I haven’t included, but not wanting to risk a wider war with Israel at this point, with so many dangers on Russia’s borders…makes sense to me.  Can’t say I’ve checked out more than a couple links…
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more hell for gazans, T out of iran nuke deal, israel strikes syria…


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made in amerika: state department bugle call: onward the syrian salafist principality!

(Part I is here: ‘‘likely’ israeli strikes on military outposts in hama and aleppo reported by state tv’, april 30)

From RT’s May 2 ‘US plan of last push against ISIS raises specter of Syria partition’
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