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the War on Maduro has hit a new level of Surrealism

First up: ‘Sir Richard Branson’s Venezuelan-Border PR Stunt’, Joyce Nelson Feb. 19, counterpunch

“On February 15th Sir Richard Branson (whose net worth is estimated at about $4 billion) announced plans for a “Venezuela Aid Live” concert to be held on February 22 in the Colombian city of Cucuta and also live-streamed on the Internet, to raise $100 million for food aid.
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the US Bomb Iran for Peace Conference in Warsaw

The Trump administration had originally called the conference to bring Washington in from its isolation for having shredded its participation in the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ‘allies’ of Amerika have found detrimental, as well as the increasing sanctions on Iran for which they’re creating alternatives for doing business with ‘the Pariah Terrorist Nation’ (NSTEX, for Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges”.
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‘Humanitarian Aid’ tipping point or flashpoint point in VZ?

(6 minutes, and a map with the bridge)
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the 2019 Nat’l Intelligence Strategy Report

Consider this a PSA; although it’s not a sexy subject, it does give insight (if macabre) into the US hegemonic desire for Full Spectrum Dominance and ostensible  fears (seeking moar Warbucks?).
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The Coup against Maduro Gallops On…

‘Venezuelans take to streets in push to force Maduro from power; Demonstrators say they are close to achieving objective of forcing president to step down, via the Grauniad, groundhog day (note the photo)

Tens of thousands of Venezuelan protesters streamed on to the streets of the nation’s capital on Saturday for what they described as the final push to force Nicolás Maduro from power.
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the ‘Great Competitor China’: in Africa

This is indeed a bit of a tome as I reckon it needs to be given the subject matter, but I’ll offer a shortcut in a bit.  I’d like to start with ‘The Bolton Speech on Africa: A Case of the Wolf and the Foxes’, Ajamu Baraka, Dec. 19,, and will quote liberally for background, and since BAR content is all CC.  (click image for larger)

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Syria Matters

First, and fascinatingly, is Eva Bartlett’s ‘Organ theft, staged attacks: UN panel details White Helmets’ criminal activities, media yawns’, RT Dec. 25, 2018
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