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NDAA 2020

by anthony freda

Now seriously, wouldn’t it be more accurate to call it the NOAA (National Offense Authorization Act)?  Perhaps Scratch for War, Inc. or Payola for Pentagon Planet?  Especially given this list by the late, great, William Blum who left us on Dec. 9, 2018.  Among many other books, he’d written America’s Deadliest Export: Democracy; The Truth About US Foreign Policy and Everything Else, blogged ‘the anti-Empire Report’

United States bombings of other countries, William Blum

“The above was written in 1994, before the wanton destruction generated by the bombing of Yugoslavia, another in a long list of countries the United States has bombarded since the end of World War II, which is presented below.
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Iran: to be or…not to be ….that is the question

Threats against Iran continue to ratchet, ratchet downward apace. Where will it all end?  Only the gods know…  They must know that insanity rules Washington  and its allies, no?  Not that this is a particularly  new state of affairs, given that the US is the largest exporter of violence on the planet, and only the names of her allies change a bit.  The rest of the world watches aghast and waits…

‘The Triumphinators’ by Geli Korzhev

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continued iran baiting; when will it end? we shudder to think…

‘On Eve Of 4th Of July Parade U.S. Attempts To Lure Iran Into Shooting Down Another U.S. Plane’, July 3, 2019,

“Today a manned U.S. reconnaissance plane entered Iranian airspace in a clear attempt to provoke Iran into shooting it down. Such an incident would have created an occasion for Trump to give the American people a special 4th of July fireworks.”
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kushner in bahrain: Prosperity is the Road to Peace for Palestinians

Or: ‘Palestine Is Being Led to the Crematorium’, Raouf Halaby, June 27,

I’d asked permission, and have received it, from the author and the CP editors to reblog Halaby’s entire essay.  I hadn’t wanted to try to rewrite it, interpret it, and I’m posting most all of i; all bolds and italics are mine.  What the author wrote to me as he’d answered my email clearly demonstrated why this is such a burning issue for him, as it for so many others.  Salam, Raouf.  This diary is longish, but allow me to remind you that the authors of this hellacious dreck are largely the same underwriters of the current War on Iran.
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‘cocked and loaded to retaliate; 10 mins. before the strike I stopped it’

Whoosh-worthy Freudian slip aside, this is by way of an open discussion on: what really happened?  Everyone seems to have an opinion, as do I, even if mine don’t bear up under scrutiny.  (smile)  Please chime in…

My belief is that it was a palace coup, or an attempted one, given portions of this reprint of the original June 20 (CIA) New Yawk Times report at the Miami Herald:

“As late as 7 p.m. Thursday, military and diplomatic officials were expecting a strike, after intense discussions and debate at the White House among the president’s top national security officials and congressional leaders, according to multiple senior administration officials involved in or briefed on the deliberations.

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Epic Insanity: US is preparing to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities?

For those who believe that it’s Bolton who’s still  in charge of Trump’s Iranian policy, he seems to have handed it to his Secretary of Gunboat Diplomacy, Mike Pompeo, John Kiriakou’s Bolton’s Long Goodbye notwithstanding.  Pompeo’s apparently been all over the Sunday teevee talking heads programs urging global solidarity in his/their mission to take on punishing Iran.  Trump’s threats a month ago that if it came to war with Iran it would mean ‘the official end of Iran’…, arguably at the behest of his friends Nuclear Netenyahu and Crown Prince bin Salman of the Glowing Orb…may have even gotten tiresome for him.

‘U.N. officials: U.S. planning a ‘tactical assault’ in Iran; the military action under consideration would be an aerial bombardment of an Iranian facility linked to its nuclear program, the officials further claimed’, SHLOMO SHAMIR/MAARIV ONLINE, June 17, 2019,
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Mike Pence proclaiming Imperial Global War, Inc.™

For those who are calling for Trump’s impeachment and mean ‘removal from office’, look who’d be the 46th President of the US of A: a Christianist Evangelical for Global Supremacy…by any means necessary.

From John Wight’s ‘Mike Pence declares war on the world at West Point’,, May 29, 2019
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