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War drums, regime change drums beating for Iran Part II

Part I is here, ‘As the drumbeats for war on Iran grow more thunderous, ‘education is key’, some history of Iran by way of a Twitter storify by Nyusha (an orphan of the revolution) on Twitter.  It’s longish, and as I’d resized Tweets for the Café, for c99ers, I’d reckoned you could simply click in to read at your leisure without reading the much larger Tweets there, and having to go scrollingsrollingscrolling down.  She’s dug up fantastic archival photos, artwork, and a lot of history that was quite new to me.
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As the drumbeats for war on Iran grow more thunderous, ‘education is key’

Pt. I:  a flash history of Iran by Nyusha (‘orphan of the revolution’); an epic piece of work by storify, full of artwork, images, archival documents and photos.   Some of the tweets have some of the same text as one above it, but I reckon you may get used to breezing by what’s doubled-up.  Hint: different font sizes.

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Syrian Narratives: the Worthy, the Scurvy, and the Topsy-Turvy

The Worthy, from (h/t Café denizen Jacob Freeze)

The Worthy: According to RT:  Jeffrey Sachs,  economist, UN special adviser, and Colombia University professor told MSNBC’s Morning Joe program that the current situation in Syria is a “US mistake that started seven years ago.”
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Alleged Gas Attack in Eastern Gouta Provides Cover for a Wider Regional War

This all seems designed to prepare the world for a three-fer against Syria, Russia, and Iran.  And if it comes to war, we need to remember that China has indicated that with any attack on Russia, China will respond.  I’ll hand you over to CNN for now, and note that Wesley Clark says that John Bolton has assembled the National Security Council today.  Mad Dog says he won’t rule anything out, but ask why are there chemical weapons in Syria when Russia was supposed to have removed them all?  Please consider this an Open Thread.

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Updates on the Silencing and Isolation of Julian Assange

While I’m no particular fan of rape-jokey Slavoj Žižek, this is well-written and well-argued; his take is fascinating and quite reasonable.  I dunno if Assange and WikiLeaks would agree that they’re a ‘spying organization’, but nonetheless…allow me to borrow a good swath of it.

Assange works for the people – now we need to save him,  Slavoj Žižek via RT April 20, 2018
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MAGA Jobs!: Trump Inks Weapons Deal with the Clown Prince

According to RT this morning:

“US President Donald Trump brought several pictures of American weapons to a meeting with visiting Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. He boasted of multibillion-dollar sales of arms to the kingdom.

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Continuing Fire, Fury, Torches, and Disinformation over Ukraine

March 16 (alternately 18th, according to some) marked the four-year anniversary of the 2014 referendum in Crimea that resulted in reuniting with Russia.

Yes, this is longish, but I believe that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.
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