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a psa: ‘Sept. 11th Legal Breakthrough’

‘U.S. Attorney For The Southern District Of New York Agrees To Comply With Federal Law Requiring That He Submit Evidence Of Still-Unprosecuted Federal Crimes At Ground Zero On 9/11 To A Special Criminal Grand Jury’,  News provided by Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry [501(c)(3) nonprofit], Nov 28, 2018
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‘No More Anchor Babies’ yells Prez!

Birthright citizenship ain’t in the Constitution!  I’m issuing an EO ending it!  Well, of course it’s in the Constitution: The 14th Amendment Section One reads (the Wiki):
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Sloping Slipperily toward Anti-Semitism

Barely a sequel but related nevertheless to wde’s latest entry.

In Raving on stage: Concert by Roger Waters ends in scandal, Berliner Zeitung author Frank Junghänel, submits a commentary posing almost as a concert review. He has something to say about the blurry line between the criticism of the policies of the State of Israel and anti-semitism and last night’s performance by Roger Waters at the, cough, Mercedes Benz Arena is somewhere in his sights.

Caveat lector: This is my translation. My comment on/at the original follows:
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American Israel Public Affairs Committee Conference 2018, March 3-6

From ‘FULL TEXT AND VIDEO: Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses 2018 AIPAC Confab;  Embroiled by scandals at home, Netanyahu receives a hero’s welcome at AIPAC as he touts Israeli innovation, vows to ‘stop Iran’ and says peace won’t happen until Abbas stops paying terrorists’

Note: if you use adblocker ad can’t read, haaretz shows how to disable it for their site.)

Also from ‘At AIPAC, Nikki Haley Says She Hopes to Attend Opening of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem in May; U.S. envoy to the UN Haley tells top Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat: ‘I will never shut up’’ (video and description of her remarks)
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Words to stop one cold: ‘Fleeing a domestic thing and times up in the shelter’

They came by way of the brilliant (and funny!) friend-of-the-Café Jason, j son of j,  His email (reproduced with his permission) said:

Rainin and 50.   Got a new tenant coming. Mom and 3 kids. Today. Fleeing a domestic thing and times up in the shelter. 2 r infants.
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#MeToo, #MeThree, #HimThough, #HowIwillchange…

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The subversive nature of criticizing israel and reporting on the truth of palestine

Palestinian boys prepare to welcome Women’s Boat to Gaza, which was intercepted by the Israeli naval blockade on Oct. 5, 2016
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