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Gypsies, Travellers & Roma under Bigger Tory Guns

‘UK Johnson government launches anti-Gypsy/Traveller/Roma measures’, Paul Bond,, 28 December 2019
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the dastardly arrest of activist/journalist Max Blumenthal

Back in April and May of this year, a group of as many as 50 people calling themselves the Embassy Protection Collective had been occupying the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, D.C. in order to keep the many supporters of Juan Guido out of it.  The group had the support and encouragement of VZ President Nicolas Maduro to do so.

A number of people, among them Blumenthal brought food, medicine, sanitary supplies, and so on they’d toss up into open windows, in aid of breaking the siege of Guaido supporters trying to starve them out of the embassy.
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Racist Puerco-in-Chief Addresses the Nation

(Sorry to subject you to him…)

(the full transcript is here)
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‘No More Anchor Babies’ yells Prez!

Birthright citizenship ain’t in the Constitution!  I’m issuing an EO ending it!  Well, of course it’s in the Constitution: The 14th Amendment Section One reads (the Wiki):
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Spike Lee’s been griftin’ for the NYPD; #wth?

@CharlieMBrownX  “Armed pigs paid #SpikeLee $200,000 to calm Black people down at the same damn time he was supposedly speaking out against their corruption & brutality.” #Copaganda
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Rs and Ds Unite in defense of the #War on Police

See, what the Police actually need is more power, more protection, and in May, many House Dems, including progressive D luminaries as Luis Gutierrez, Raul Grijalva and Keith Ellison handed it to them more in the Serve and Protect Act, passed by an overwhelming majority in May.
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torturing latin immigrant children: a growth industry

(Or: how many sadistic sociopaths can dance on the head of a pin?)

From Patrick Martin at June 22: ‘US court documents reveal Immigrant children tied down, hooded, beaten, stripped and drugged’

“Court documents made public in Virginia and Texas give a glimpse of the systematic brutality being meted out to immigrant children in both public and private jails. Children are strapped down, hooded and beaten, or drugged by force, as part of the everyday procedure in what can only be called the American Gulag.
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