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Pentagon’s Deal with Siemens

I was first hipped to this by the Berliner Zeitung, whose angle includes a details I haven’t found elsewhere, perhaps down to the German perspective or company spin (translation and emphasis mine):

Munich – Siemens can look forward to two major contracts, respectively, from the USA and India. On the one hand, the medical technology division, which is facing a possible IPO, received a blanket order from the US Department of Defense for radiology systems of an unusually large magnitude, the company announced on Wednesday night.

The Pentagon can thus order technology, accessories and training for up to 4.1 billion dollars over the next five years with an option for an additional five years. Individual orders will be booked according to request, a Siemens spokesperson stressed.

Medical technology, which operates under the name of Healthineers, is one of the largest and most profitable portfolios for the Munich-based company. Orders of this overall scope are, however, extremely rare, especially since the US government under Donald Trump was rather expected to favor the domestic rival GE. Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser wants to bring the medical technology division onto the stock market in the current year and is considering a listing in New York.

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Cheat Sheet on Comey’s October Surprise

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October Café Babylon Moar War and War Propaganda Report


GIs guarding poppy fileds

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How to fine oneself for failing to purchase ObamaDontCare, as per the IRS

(I’m on the downhill side of finishing our cursed taxes, and need a break to grumble a bit…)
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WikiLeaks: Two IMF Ghouls and a Merkel Walk into a Teleconference on Destroying Greece…a Storify


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Srsly, how hard is it to take Presidential elections er… seriously? ;-)

(h/t mr. wd for reminding me of it)
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US Vice President Promises to Forgive Venezuela if It Goes Away [updated]

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