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Let Them Eat Cake: a Journey into Edward Said’s Humanism

The title is an essay by Ted Steinberg published on September 6, 2019 at counterpunch.  He’s kindly given me permission to reprint it all,  given that I’d told him that not only is it one of the best pieces (a dual hero journey) I’ve read in a long time, but it really should be read all of a piece.   Had I needed to retell some it, surely I’d have made a hash of it.  It’s chock-full of the many epiphanies both he and Edward Said had experienced along their roads less traveled.

Mr. Stinberg uses plain-speak, non-academic language throughout, perhaps because the vignette begins with himself at age 13, and he weaves ‘the cake’ motif as a central touchstone throughout the progression, and along the way discovers that the indigenous in Israel had been airbrushed out of history in his Hebrew school.  I hope you’ll think it’s a brilliant as I do, and appreciate it even half as much.

As a side note, I’ve struggled not to bold or italicize any text I’d wanted to draw emphasize, and it’s been hard (smile).  Enjoy!

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highlighting anti-migrant arguments

(My guess is that Mr. Vltchek (below) hadn’t chosen the above photo, but as it was on the page, I’ll use it, although I’ve added all the other images. I wouldn’t mind having one of those rugs, smile.).

From Andre Vltchek’s ‘Why are Anti-Migrant Arguments Pure Hypocrisy?’, July 12, 2019,  (Creative Commons with attribution)

“In this essay, let us be as concrete as possible. Let us be brief.
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the Pope says abortion is like ‘hiring a hitman’

Via, May 25, 2019: ‘Pope Francis says abortion is like ‘hiring a hitman’ amid heartbeat law protests in the US’

“As the issues of the legality and morality of abortion consume the national debate in the US, Pope Francis has thrown his weight behind the pro-life side, comparing the procedure to hiring an assassin.

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Palestinian Resistance

May 15, 2019 was the 71st commemoration of Nabka (‘the Catastrophe’ as per Palestinians), when in 1948 hundreds of thousands, some say a quarter of a million,  Palestinians either fled or were forcibly removed from their traditional homelands.  Given that timing, many journalists have been covering the March of Return protests in Gaza, ‘anti-Eurovision’ events, as well as describing the ongoing horrors of life in Gaza and the West Bank.

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John Bolton Greenlights Indian Military Attack on Pakistan

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When I’d first seen this report at yesterday, I’d wondered about its accuracy, bias, etc: ‘‘India considers action against Pakistan after suicide attack, India’s foreign ministry said US supports New Delhi’s right to self-defence against cross-border attacks, (with video featuring Sir Namasté Modi), but I’d also seen the Nuclear Clock even closer to midnight, as this seemingly intractable Elephant in the Room, Kashmir, between two nuclear powers…looming once again.
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asylum seekers & caravans at the mexican border

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Thanksgiving 2018 Messages

David Walsh at this morning brings us:

Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving Day Proclamation:
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