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Words Fail: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Obama, Trump & White Fear of “Good Negro Government”

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Scientactically-Told Truths

Raining capital in nineteen words:
They used to dub the leaders Great. Not because they were good guys & gals, but because they achieved the extreme. On horses. Call that ancient history along with the mid-twentieth century, but it’s not just recently that words like “marvelous” have been taken for “wonderful” and almost never WTF?! Such simple choices, little turns of phrase, sound uttered self-consciously if you listen really closely, as if there’s an ambiguity-minimum dishonesty requirement set forth in The Really Real Book of the Law somewhere. At any rate, quality propaganda requires retail twisting of truth as well as wholesale dissemination of dubious modern mythology. It’s when words matter most.

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Happy April Fool’s Day, Courtesy of Jeffrey St. Clair

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Welcome to the final day of the World Economic Forum at Davos-Kloskersfock!

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Ack! I’ve Been Unwittingly Spreading Roosian Propaganda! Help Me!

“Russia is Manipulating US Public Opinion through Online Propaganda; We’re trying to stop it.

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Got the Sham Election Day blues? Let’s Go Bowling!

You did remember to vote, didn’t you?  Remember: every vote counts©!  (Offer void in certain states, counties, and e-voting machines)

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Like sand through the hourglass…these are the Tweets of our lives…

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