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Bill Gates: Would-be chicken farmer: cluck-cluck, bwak!

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Next Gen Amerikans Must Embrace US Hegemony as Vital to Global Peace!

american flag
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‘A Voice in the Wilderness’: Humanely Limiting Food Production


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Vote TFA Grifter DeRay McKesson for Mayor of Baltimore!

(We interrupt our regularly scheduled police state Café programming to bring Drew Franklin’s investigation into DeRay McKesson’s Baltimore mayoral campaign’s promise of  ‘accountability and transparency’ at

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Proof Russia and Iran Are Lookin’ for War, by Map and Tweet

(I plagiarized the idea from Washingtonsblog)  If you can’t see the Tweets in their entirety, hold down Control as you press -, then +, – again if you’d like; they should justify.

military russia-wants-war

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Incontrovertible Proof Russia Invaded Ukraine and Putin Stole Crimea

Putin Power ( Freakshow , freakingnews entry )

‘Putin Power’, by Vipez. flickr cc

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Moar Har Har from the State Department of Truthiness

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