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Coyote Angel, from The Milagro Beanfield Wars

Coyote Angel, from The Milagro Beanfield Wars

If I had an angel, it would be just like Amarante Cordova’s. He wouldn’t DO anything; just ‘listen and give some advice’.


We Are One; let’s put that into action.

Thank you, Sweet Honey in the Rock for cleansing my soul and my dusty ass of its usual misanthropy this morning; I swear I’ll try to remember your clear message more in the future; it rings like a bell, and the sound vibrates my very bones.  May it stay with me, and with any of you who feel it, too.

The message images send my spirit cartwheeling and careening through the cosmos, collecting more bits of the luminous stardust of which we’re made…  And I can feel some understanding that all time happens at once, and echoes go forward as well as backward…in time.

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