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Margaret and Charlie (a vignette)

(a reprise from another time)

We lived in an apple orchard for a time, in a funky old house used for the ranch hands, i.e., me and mr. wd.  Dozens and dozens of apple trees surrounded the house, and in the spring upon every breeze rode the soft sweet perfume of their blossoms, a gentle, clean scent tinged with the tiniest bit of cinnamon that sometimes caused you to pause and close your eyes and breathe in; to sniff their fragrance into your quivering nose, perhaps hoping to commit it to memory; to listen to the ecstatic buzzing of the bees so hungrily diving into their centers to suck their sweet nectar and getting pollen on their little feet, which they’d spread to other blossoms on other trees and cause there to be apples
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Albert the Blacksmith

a vignette (a reprise as a possible antidote to the current global zeitgeist)

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From Island Bliss to Urban Hell: a vignette

(I’d figured you might like a bit of a break from the  horrors in the current zeitgeist.  Here’s hoping you might enjoy a bit of a trip back in time when life was a bit simpler, or at least more…comprehensible.)

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Now Horse, Cut That Out! (a vignette)

(i’d written this some time ago, but thought i’d re-publish it as a bit of an antidote to the many grisly realities of the day.  hope you like it.  if ya don’t, please stay after class and wash the blackboards…)


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Hopi snake dance impressions

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priorities: a vingnette


memorial stadium at UNL

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Priorities (a short vignette & a couple extras)

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