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the world according to cordeliers, wikileaks, newsvandal, and the bureau on twitter

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Café Babylon’s War and Peace Report

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Magna Carta at 800: a Promise Unfulfilled (Michael Ratner)

magna carta

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Anonymous US Officials Talk to WaPo about the CIA Torture Report


(by Anthony Freda via wendydavis @flickr)

And yes, Washington Post, let’s not call it ‘the Senate Interrogation Report’, please: it’s about torture.

The report apparently chronicles investigations into the experiences of dozens of detainees in the web of black sites, and describes the internal struggles over torture methods themselves, but also its efficacy, including testimony of insiders saying that virtually no actionable intelligence was procured by the methods. In some cases, insiders made cases for the fact that the torture was ordered despite the fact that there was general agreement that prisoner X or Y had already told everything he knew. That fact leads one to believe that torture was then either punitive, purely sadistic, or Joseph Mengele-ish experimentation given that ‘doctors’ monitored the ‘effects’ of the torture. It’s hard for one’s mind to grasp.

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American Gulags: Solitary Confinement, a National Shame

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Pvt. Brad Manning: Seven Months of Solitary So Far

(originally published on Dec, 16, 2010
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