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‘Tossing Tissues’ as a Metaphor Updated to: Open Menu

(click for larger; it really is quite a place to take a bath…esp. for the land-locked who dream of the sea.)
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Juss für funn

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Dems stab ya in the back while smilin’ sweetly; Rs stab ya in the chest while laughin’ as ya watch


by anthony freda

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a Reuters’ storify of breaking live potus political coverage

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‘Congress Set to Dump Public Lands into the Extractive Industry Feeding Trough’: TRNN

Is it possible that  Herr Trump might put the kibosh on the fukkery? Jayzus, I hope so.  That the House is so full of Sagebrush Rebellion/Astroturfed Tea Partyists might be said to have brought the same sort of right-wing revolution that Gingrich delivered back in the day.
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good holiday wishes to all

…and may more people’s thoughts turn toward…The Prince of Peace and his message.
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