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from the UN special rapporteur on torture

Demasking the Torture of Julian Assange On the occasion of the International Day in Support of Torture Victims, 26 June 2019,

This Op-Ed has been offered for publication to the Guardian, The Times, the Financial Times, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian, the Canberra Times, the Telegraph, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Thomson Reuters Foundation, and Newsweek.

None responded positively.
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US makes formal request for Julian Assange’s extradition

The Washington Post has announced that officials from the DoJ issued the request to the authorities in the UK last Thursday, although the document hasn’t been made public.  After Assange’s arrest on April 11, the government had 60 days to deliver a complete extradition request to the UK; the hearing on the request is scheduled for June 14 at Belmarsh prison Magistrate’s Court.  The WaPo has confirmed that the Trump administration is charging him on 18 counts, 17 of which are for violating the Espionage Act.
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abandon all hope of Australia or the UK helping Julian Assange

The Fix is in, curse them all.

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287 New Snowden Docs !!?

Is this Pierre and Greenwald succumbing to pressure on the perceived as disingenuous Shuttering of the Snowden Archives?  Are they benign docs, or ones that truly are worthy of publishing after the fact?  Only four seem to have been reported on so far; readers will decide. 

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is Julian Assange being chemically tortured?

Karen Kwiatowski is making that case at Off-Guardian, May 9.

I find that I just need to get this out of my head and leave it here. You may find that I’m a paranoid nutbar, but as the old saw goes: just cuz you’re paranoid it  don’t mean they really ain’t out to get ya!  Nor does Kwiatowski offer ‘proof’ save from unnamed source(s):(some snippets):

“The US appears to be a nation of laws, and yet, we absolutely are not.  One of many lessons and perspectives we gain from the study of Julian Assange is just that.  US political influence and debt-funded largesse resulted in Assange’s ejection from the Ecuadorian Embassy into the UK prison for terrorists in Belmarsh.   US domestic corruption and misreading of the Constitution produced his indictment.
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‘Julian Assange jailed for 50 weeks for breaching bail in 2012’, the Guardian, May Day, 2019 (two weeks short of the maximum permitted by law, as I understand it)

updates on the dire straits of julian and chelsea

Sadly, more questions than answers as regards the probabilities, possibilities, and unknowns are epically confusing to me, as they may be to you.  Noting that process stories suck, allow me to proceed.  I’d been searching for Julian’s status within Belmarsh UK Gitmo prison (above), checking what seemed to be the relevant Twitter accounts when I’d come up on this Tweet from Ariel: on Julian’s mama’s account:

“Has the UN @UN been discussing his case? After 2 weeks he is still not allowed visitors, including his lawyers!! His doctors said he is in urgent need of medical care… We must protect his human rights. WE MUST ACT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.”, replying to Christine Assange, but the apparent parent Tweet wasn’t on mama’s account, what in the world?
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