Amerikan War, Inc.™ satire doesn’t get any better that this

‘Biden Will Have The Most Diverse, Intersectional Cabinet Of Mass Murderers Ever Assembled’, Nov. 9, 2020, Caitlyn Johnstone, (CC)

“Well you’ll be happy to know that the next US president and his crack team of ventriloquists are assembling a cabinet of mass murderers that’s as diverse, inclusive and intersectional as America herself.

It’s been obvious for a long time that Joe Biden’s cabinet would be packed with Obama holdovers, war pigs and whatever primary opponents he owes favors to, but now that he is the media-anointed winner of the presidential election we’re getting a bit more confirmation on who they’re expected to be.

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Trump Unplugged & Trump Canceled

Two items for your consideration (and while I know this diary is quite a tome, I believe both are key issues):  First, Trump Unplugged

‘It’s not your job’: Debate sparked on ‘unbiased’ journalism after news broadcasters cut away from Trump’s election fraud speech’, 6 Nov, 2020,

“A fierce debate about the role of journalism has emerged on the internet, after multiple media outlets cut away from a live address in which US President Donald Trump leveled allegations of voter fraud.

In an unprecedented move, MSNBC, NBC News, CNBC, CBS News, ABC News, and even publicly funded NPR(Radio), cut their feed(s) from the White House as Trump began to speak about alleged voting irregularities during the 2020 contest. Among the major broadcasters, only Fox and CNN chose to air the full speech. A CNN chyron shown during his speech read: Without any evidence, Trump says he’s being cheated.

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Will Luis Arche Survive His Inauguration?

‘Bolivia: Attack with Explosives Against President-elect Luis Arce Denounced’,
November 6, 2020,

“The spokesman for the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), Sebastián Michel, denounced this Thursday an attack against president-elect Luis Arce, employing an explosive device, at the campaign headquarters of the political group in the Sopocachi neighborhood of the Bolivian capital, La Paz.

According to the spokesman for the political group, the attack was perpetrated by a group of people who detonated a device with dynamite when a meeting was held in which the president-elect Luis Arce participated, according to a MAS press release.

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post 2020 election PSAs

Confronting Bipartisan Repression and the US-led Axis of Domination Beyond Election Day’, Nov. 4, 2020, Ajamu Baraka  (CC)

“Confronting Bipartisan Repression and the US-led Axis of Domination Beyond Election Day

No matter who sits in the white peoples’ house, we will have to continue to fight for social justice, democracy, and People(s)-Centered Human Rights.

“Our survival depends on seeing this violent, barbarian behemoth for what it is.”

Chaos, violence, legal challenges, voter suppression and party suppression all culminated in the pathetic display of democratic degeneration on Election Day. After two decades of losing wars, plus the economic collapse of 2008, the response to COVID-19, and now the election debacle, if there were any doubts the U.S. is a morally exhausted empire in irreversible decline, they would have been erased with yesterday’s anti-democratic spectacle.

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Is Maximum Mayhem Inevitable?

First, a breath of fresh air from SNL (even if the sound’s out of sync)

Both Red and Blue volunteer poll watchers have been recruited for election day to monitor ‘election integrity’.

WATCH: Convoy of Trump supporters’ trucks surrounds Biden-Harris campaign bus to ‘escort it out of Texas’, 1 Nov, 2020;   Trump Tweets ‘I love Texas!’

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NY/CIA Times: Free Speech Ain’t All it’s Cracked Up to Be

You gotta love this, including the fact that the NYT psyop author’s byline reads in part:

Emily Bazelon is a staff writer for the magazine and the Truman Capote fellow for creative writing and law at Yale Law School.’ Or: Hello, Judith Miller!

‘The New York Times attacks the First Amendment and embraces censorship of “disinformation”, Kevin Reed,, Oct. 28, 2020 (w/ permission to repost; my bolds for easier reading)

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the Mythology of US Democracy©

Have We the People already waited too long to take Our Power back?  For your consideration, two submissions with parallel themes:

‘Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine’ from Class War Films, March 12, 2012

(23 minutes, & even more relevant now than then, imo)

‘A brief and crucial alternative history of the United States. FULL MANIFESTO:

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Raul Diego Looks behind the Headlines

click for larger

FBI Charges 13 Men in Plot to Kidnap Michigan Governor:The headlines are everywhere, although I haven’t spotted a #Hashtag yetThis is from The Independent, wsws. org has a lot of articles; this will take you to their posts tagged similarly: ‘The fascist coup plot in Michigan’, they’ve even created this timeline of the unfolding plot above.

In this exposé:’ Democrats call for “patience” as Trump moves forward with coup plot’, Eric London writes:

Be careful of her and her attorney general,” Trump told the crowd in reference to Whitmer and the state’s top lawyer, Democrat Dana Nessel. “Because you know, they’re, like, in charge of the ballot stuff.” At the mention of Whitmer, the crowd chanted, “Lock her up!”

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Luis Arce (MAS) Wins Bolivian Presidency ✫✫✫✫!

‘Socialist Presidential Candidate Arce Wins Bolivia’s Elections’,
Oct. 19, 2020, telesurenglish

“After midnight on Sunday, Bolivian authorities allowed the results of the exit polls to be known. The Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) presidential candidate Luis Arce obtained 52.4 percent of the votes, the Citizen Community (CC) candidate Carlos Mesa got 31.5 percent, and the “We Believe Alliance” candidate Luis Fernando Camacho reached 14.1 percent of the votes.

Bolivia’s president-elect Arce thanked the people for their support and for their peaceful participation in the electoral process.” […]

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Censorship & Thought Crimes® Rising ★★★

‘How rock star Roger Waters was hung out to dry by Amnesty and Bellingcat for his views on Syrian ‘chemical attack’,  14 Oct, 2020,

“A leaked phone call reveals that outside pressure caused Amnesty to pull its promotion of a webinar featuring Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters – a vocal skeptic of the Douma ‘chemical attack’ that prompted Western powers to bomb Syria.

In August this year, environmental pressure group Amazon Watch broadcast an online panel discussion in support of Steven Donziger, a crusading attorney who dared try to hold US energy giant Chevron to account for widespread environmental destruction in the Amazon, and was left fighting for his life, livelihood and liberty as a result.

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MAS Supporters are Being Massacred by Golpistas in Bolivia

Jeanine Áñez speaks at the anniversary of the Bolivian Air Force, October 12, 2020

First: ‘Civil war elections in Bolivia’, Tomas Castanheira, 13 October 2020, (w/ permission)

“Next Sunday, the first general elections will be held in Bolivia since elected president Evo Morales was overthrown in a US-backed military coup, placing in power Jeanine Áñez’s self-proclaimed government.

The coup regime, which took power promising to call new elections within 90 days, has postponed the date of the vote three times. Today, less than half of Bolivians, just 43 percent, believe that their vote on Sunday will be respected, according to a survey by Tu Voto Cuenta .

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Et tu, Greta?

Meddling in the US election?  Whatever will The Russians™ think? 

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The hybrid wars against the ‘Maduro Regime’ in VZ

Mafia Don Pompeo’s October surprise? This is a longish read, but if they succeed in toppling the Bolivarian government for their own gains, who’s next?  Evo Morales has already been deposed…

It’s not dark yet…but it’s gettin’ there.’ ~ Bob Dylan

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announces the patrols alongside Guyana’s newly installed conservative president, Irfaan Ali.

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Dueling Tweets

You decide and/or offer a caption.

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WordPress Woes

This week marks the second time that WordPress has chosen a new editing format as default. (Café Babylon is on WP blogging software.)

The first time I’d gone onto forums of those who’d loathed the new turquoise teeny-bopper one and had found suggestions to work around it to be able to get back to Classic Editor.  Now the default is: Block Editor.

Having done so again, I’ve discovered that the only way I can get the Plug-in to revert to Classic Editor…is to upgrade to Business from my Premium, which already costs $169/yr that we can ill-afford. Upgrading to Business costs another $300 yr.

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Speaker Pelosi must have been a Girl Scout

And a few of her homies are dreamin’ the dream with her…

Dream along with me
We’re half-way to the starrrrrs….♫

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the Public Part of Julian’s Extradition Show Trial has concluded

WSWS journalist Thomas Scripp’s Oct. 2, 2020 overview of the proceedings: Assange’s extradition hearing concludes at London’s Old Bailey, with decision due January 4’

A few chilling passages:

“Julian Assange’s extradition hearing concluded yesterday as it began, with a denial of his legal right to a fair trial. District Judge Vanessa Baraitser refused to admit additional evidence on the US government’s flagrant abuse of due process.

When the evidentiary phase of the hearing opened four weeks ago, Baraitser refused the defence’s request that she excise additional allegations made against Assange at the eleventh hour by US prosecutors, in a superseding indictment. She refused a subsequent application made by the defence for an adjournment, to allow them to respond to the new indictment. Her ruling yesterday renders any challenge to this all but impossible.” […]

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the Abject Obscenity of ‘Debate’ 2020

‘Hell’, hieronymous bosch

I’d only managed to watch for twenty minutes or so, but Trump would not STFU, constantly interrupting not only Biden, but moderator Chris Wallace himself, creating Joe memes such as ‘Shut up, man’, ‘Can’t you quiet this clown’, ‘Why can’t Wallace control Trump?’, etc.  Yes, it was chaos, but apparently these two capitalist duopoly candidates were the best this Empire in its last throes could field. 

At one point Biden had proclaimed that ‘Roe v. Wade is on the ballot’.  Trump: ‘Now I have to debate the moderator on my medical plan?’

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the Zapatistas could use our help after their coffee harvest was burned: a PSA

From Roar magazine, September 23, 2020, ‘The Zapatistas need your solidarity after targeted attacks by government-linked paramilitaries destroyed much of this year’s coffee harvest’  (my bolds)

“On August 22, 2020, the ORCAO paramilitary organization looted and burned two Zapatista coffee warehouses in Cuxuljá, Chiapas. This is the latest in an accelerating series of attacks on the Zapatista project since the current administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) took office.

Many of you will remember that in 2017 as Trump took office, the Zapatistas sent four tons of their coffee harvest to migrant and other communities in struggle in the United States as an organizing resource. Now we need to organize our own coffee solidarity effort not only to help recover the cost of the lost harvest, but to show there is widespread solidarity with the Zapatista project.

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André Vltchek (1962–September 22, 2020)

In Kenya during Al-Shabaab standoff

Another giant  global humanist has left us this week, may he rest in power, and he and his works be remembered forever.  Allow me to borrow excerpts from several homages by those who knew him and his work, and loved him well.

‘André Vltchek’s Sudden Death’,  Robert Hunziker, Sept. 25, 2020,

EDITOR’S NOTE: CounterPunch received word from Rossi Indira, Andre’s partner who was with him at the time of his death, that Andre died from complications with diabetes. Andre had been very ill for several weeks prior to his death, he could barely walk and one of his legs was paralyzed. Rossi tells us that he also refused medical treatment. Andre’s funeral is being held in Istanbul. For a full list of articles he wrote for CounterPunch, please visit his author page.

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