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eva bartlett commits journalism in the donbass, ukraine

Under Fire from Ukraine and Misperceived by the West, The People of the DPR Share Their Stories;  
Eva Bartlett traveled to the besieged Donetsk People’s Republic to see firsthand how residents are faring amidst a western-backed Ukranian incursion’, by Eva Bartlett, Oct. 16, 2019 (CC w/ attribution)

As such, I’ll paste it all in…on Eva’s last journalism on Crimea, I’d called it ‘a labor of love’ to a commenter.  This one is a ‘labor of continuing fury’ given the testimonials.  It’s quite long, but again, all of a piece, even if a person is so sickened, outraged, and heart-and-soul pierced to need to walk away for a break, and then return.  (I’d needed to, myself.) By my reckoning, the least we can do is act as fair witnesses to what our ‘Democracy Loving’ nation (and related compromised NGOs)  has wrought.  Whether or not this is all new to you, or if you’d lived much of it vicariously online back in the day, it’s hard to imagine not being a different person after you finish it.
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