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Today Is #TransDayOfVisibility & Indiana’s New Anti-LGBT Law

This post is quite unpolished, since this day crept up on me quite unaware.  I’d been rather desultorily collecting links about the many murders of the transgendered that are unknown to most of us, save for in the trans community.  The silence has become even more noticeable when the killings are of black trans citizens, which many call “intersectionalism” or double-whammy, double-trouble, etc., as far as being oppressed and living public lives fraught with fear.

I’d hoped to dig a little deeper into the subject in order to write a coherent essay, but…there it is.  Today is the day.  There will be Tweets, and if you can’t see them in their entirety, hold down Control, press -, then + for larger again, and they should justify.

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