How big corporations & Bill Gates took over the UN food Summit

An exposé by Nils McCune and Camila Escalante, September 23, 2021

It’s a story that’s sick in itself, but the outrageous perfidy and under-handedness  at play causes me to commit thought crimes. It’s under copyright, so I’ll feature one section, and you can read the rest or watch their brilliant video below.

The new UN: a public-private partnership:

“In June 2019, the office of UN General Secretary António Guterres, without previous discussion in the General Assembly or any other intergovernmental process, signed a strategic partnership with the World Economic Forum.

The secretary-general is supposed to be the world’s leading advocate for multilateralism, the idea at the core of the UN. Instead, he has effectively endorsed multi-stakeholderism, the core idea of the Great Reset.

The 2021 UN Food Systems Summit was initiated through a partnership with the World Economic Forum, with limited participation of other UN bodies, such as the Food and Agriculture Organization or the Committee on World Food Security, which traditionally handle food policies.

In contrast to previous food summits, there was no intergovernmental body that convened the summit.

The current president of AGRA, Agnes Kalibata, was named as special envoy to the summit, a clear sign of the hand of the Gates Foundation.

The lack of transparency and corporate agenda of the summit were denounced in an open letter signed by more than 500 civil society organizations in March 2020.”

Video (9 + minutes) by La Vía Campesina North America, Nils McCune of La Via Campesina, and Camila Escalante of Kawsachun News tells a lot of story.


Yes, Prince Charles has been hawking Green Bonds, etc. at Davos for a couple yearsCan’t be too rich or to0 thin, eh, Charlie?

La Via Campesina’s website is here.

La Via Campesina on Twitter.

Colin Todhunter (UK) agro-ecologist’s website.

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6 responses to “How big corporations & Bill Gates took over the UN food Summit

  1. I’m nothing if not a walking thought criminal.

    • Hashtag MeToo! i was blown away that over yonder at c99% only 3 people commented. not only was their takeover orchestrated by guterres corruptly, but as henry kissinger once said:

      “Control the food supply, control the world” or close that. now it’ll be potable water, as well, esp. in the US, same shit’s happening, and water law is a Huge and Lucrative practice.

      WEF’s many versions of ‘the Great Reset’ are almost too much to bear.

      nice t see you, davidly; i hear you have a new coalition forming post mutti-merkel.

  2. There is good and bad about not being noticed, wendye. It’s staying power that matters. Plus those who point out such corruption.

    My thought crime is that I don’t even remember the name (unless I look up at your post and find it) of the current secretary-general of the UN. And the last time I visited Davos – NEVER.

    But I did read Xi’s speech, and just last night that of my hero, Lavrov. Those two huge supporters of the UN have begun to scope out something different. My time, our time on this beautiful planet, runs short. So I’ve been growing green things with intensity on my small inch of it this summer – not much to show for it, but oxygen and the wee critters in the earth are both invisible.

    Love to you and all – hold fast to the good!

    • i confess that i always want to spell it: ‘gutierres’, but…no.

      i’ve visited Davos virtually every year since it came on my radar a decade ago.
      staying power is important, but factory farming gen-modified food rather than far more productive peasant food farms…we’re running out of time.

      i hear you in running out of time! when we got out of bed this a.m., i said to mr. wd: “We’re wearin’ out…” he agreed.

      wish i had the wherewithal to read those speeches, and esp. how they see the Imperial Hegemonster as sef-destructing in the long run (or so i imagine their speeches).

      i thought of you when i was saving japanese cucumber seeds using the longish fermentation process. remember i’d sent you some blue crim seeds? our heirloom tomatoes and zillions of flowers have been splendid, but are winding down ahead of the freeze.

      love and best heart to you, ww. always lovely to have you stop by.

  3. Yes, those tomatoes are one of my best, but that’s not saying much. Tremendous plants, and then… The heat and dryness has been epic this year, or maybe I just notice it more. Canaries are happy I am finally letting the south moving sun pour in. And I actually went roofing yesterday, having neglected our leaks all summer, but did capture rather yucky rainfall. Has to be all the gas wells to the northwest. What goes up must come down.

    Lovely to see you, wendye! My sister in NZ has spring so I’m enjoying beach walkies with her. They’ve had a cold and windy winter. Chile time here – even the McD’s chileburgers have fresh roasted chile – yum!

    • the roasted chiles at stores here are crap, so mr wd buys the more meaty poblanos here for me to roast and peel.

      arrrgh;we had half an inh of driving raai and hail yesteday, and the roof leaked, bu also thebathroon skylight; oy veh.

      can’t image micky D’s having fresh-roasted chiles!

      love to both you and bonnie,
      old ‘n in the way WD.

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