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Serial ‘Storyteller’ Lying Luke Harding endangers Julian Assange…again

This diary was initially to feature his (and his Guardian cronies) May 14  ‘Sergei Skripal briefed European intelligence services, *reports say*’; Reported meetings between former Russian spy and several intelligence services in Europe may offer motive for poisoning, Luke Harding and allies, Mon 14 May 2018…in which I’d bring to bear his past lies and storytelling via ‘skripals & co. in Deep Dark badger holes under a D notice’, Café Babylon, May 3, 2018, featuring former UK Ambassador Craig Murray v. Luke Harding in Craig Murray’s: ‘Where They Tell You Not to Look’, and parallel investigative work by Thomas Scripps at  I’d had the outline of it finished when I’d popped into Murray’s website yesterday afternoon and had checked out the Twitter accounts of some of the members of the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media, wondering what they might have thought about Luke and Co’s current ironclad innuendo, but found nothing.
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because democracy dies in darkness…and drowns in #Fake News…

…Trump’s poodle Emmanuel Macron is promising bans on Fake News during French elections, and is about to introduce legislation allowing emergency blocks and legal actions against Fake News websites.  The legislation would include increased transparency about sponsored content, including the financing; the amount of funding would be capped.
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Alleged Gas Attack in Eastern Gouta Provides Cover for a Wider Regional War

This all seems designed to prepare the world for a three-fer against Syria, Russia, and Iran.  And if it comes to war, we need to remember that China has indicated that with any attack on Russia, China will respond.  I’ll hand you over to CNN for now, and note that Wesley Clark says that John Bolton has assembled the National Security Council today.  Mad Dog says he won’t rule anything out, but ask why are there chemical weapons in Syria when Russia was supposed to have removed them all?  Please consider this an Open Thread.

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#Shamnesty International Rides Again!

From Paul de Rooij March 23 ‘Amnesty International: Trumpeting for War… Again’,

“One must marvel at the first few paragraphs of Amnesty International’s recent press release:

“The international community’s catastrophic failure to take concrete action to protect the people of Syria has allowed parties to the conflict, most notably the Syrian government, to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity with complete impunity, often with assistance of outside powers, particularly Russia. Every year we think it is just not possible for parties to the conflict to inflict more suffering on civilians, and yet, every year, they prove us wrong…
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Continuing Fire, Fury, Torches, and Disinformation over Ukraine

March 16 (alternately 18th, according to some) marked the four-year anniversary of the 2014 referendum in Crimea that resulted in reuniting with Russia.

Yes, this is longish, but I believe that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.
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Some Scathing Critiques of Marvel Studio’s ‘Black Panther’


As everything at Black Agenda Report is marked Creative Commons, I’ll start there to use most of this first featured op-ed as a lengthy synopsis.  This entire diary comes with a Spoiler Alert warning.  Readers may want to ask themselves if this movie is an intentional or inadvertent psyop; I’ve made my decision.  It’s a long compilation, but if I hadn’t thought it’s important, I wouldn’t have strung it together.  Note: all bolds are mine.
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The most recent hit on Julian Assange by the Intercept

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