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Bill Gates’ ‘Green Revolution’ v. Agroecology in Africa & India

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Hiroyuki Hamada’s ‘In Defense of Cory Morningstar’s Manufacturing for Consent Series’

Hiroyuki’s kindly given permission to reprint his essay, but I’m not sure why he calls it a ‘defense’.  To me, it’s rather a deeper explanation of Morningstar, and the misrepresentation, often malicious) of Cory and her investigative work.

Now I’ve learned a lot from Cory and the Wrong Kind of Green collective over many years, even at her website, and have featured many of her exposés here and at caucuc99percent, especially several of her/their series on compromised NGOs and human rights organizations, as well as what she calls ‘the non-profit industrial complex’, including which foundations fund McKibben and Klein.  It may be down to my current eye/brain configuration, but reading at her site now actually jangles my brain (and not in a pleasant way).  Given that, I read bits and bobs she and her allies Tweet and Retweet about the series (six parts in each two volumes), and Greta’s co-opted vision quest.
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Unholy hell: the EU Commission just approved Bayer’s $62 billion acquisition of Monsanto


“We have approved Bayer’s plans to take over Monsanto because the parties’ remedies, worth well over €6 billion euros ($7.4 billion), meet our competition concerns in full,” said Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s anti-trust chief.
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The Terrifying Implications of Gene Drives: a PSA

From, Feb. 22, 2018: ‘Movements of Millions Say No to Gene Drives as Brazil Attempts to Legalize Genetic Extinction Technology’
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Ecomodernism v Ecosocialism (Ian Angus’s version)

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the 100% ‘renewable’ energy capitalist climate saviors

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A Midsummer Green Revolution Lament

Mother Earth by Jeness Cortez Perlmutter
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holy hell! neil is ann gorsuch’s son!

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a bio-tech food & related products Roundup, so to speak

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Part II: Bayer/Monsanto Merger, Biopiracy, & Dastardly Lies of the ‘Green Revolution’


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Modi, Monsanto, Cargill & Bayer: a Quadumvirate from Hell

gmo money‘GMO cash for food’
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Antonia Juhasz: $20 Billion BP Settlement is Business as Usual

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‘When Plan A Meets Plan B: Talking Politics and Revolution with the Green Party’s Jill Stein’

jill stein
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Cop21 Part III; Civil Society Groups Trying to Bring the Truth, & a Few Other Bits and Bobs

climate change refugees

climate refugees

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Climate Change Tipping Point Realities v. COP21 Paris Part II

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How the People’s Climate March Became a Corporate PR Campaign (arun gupta)

Or: Business as Usual in Manhattan

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Solar Power Revolution – Here Comes The Sun — Documentary

This documentary is about the solar power revolution that is happening. There are a number of interviews, the best being Herman Scheer..”Hermann Scheer achieved a great deal in his lifetime. Thanks to him, exemplary progress has been made worldwide towards a green energy supply from renewable sources rather than coal and nuclear power. His unwavering aim of accelerating the transformation of energy systems is becoming reality because his wealth of knowledge, his logical analysis and his ability to inspire others enabled him to convince and win over many people.”

He says investment in oil and coal will be “stranded” investment within ten years.

“The argument is over” He is very persuasive.

very inspiring documentary, which I learned of, from “Informed Comment”

Green Capitalism and the ‘Peoples Summit’ at Rio+20

!cid_BB3FC8FF-2E76-4BC2-8B7B-1F81AFAA4E37The United Nations Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development will take place in Rio de Janeiro from June 15 to 22, 2012.   Over 135 heads of state and government may or may not show up, and up to 50,000 participants, including business executives and civil society representatives are expected to attend.  Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon calls it “one of the most important conferences in U.N. history”.

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