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They couldn’t impeach Trump for war crimes, oh, no: but for phone call to Zelenskiy in Ukraine, who’d said “No quid pro quo”, but it’s all about ‘Russia’s War on Ukraine!’

Cue Pomp and Circumstance as you watch this Noble and Weighty Procession!!

@senatemajldr  ‘Yesterday, the Speaker celebrated impeachment with souvenir pens, bearing her own golden signature, brought in on silver platters. The House’s partisan process distilled into one last perfect visual. Not solemn or serious. A transparently political exercise from beginning to end.’

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My sole contribution:  ‘Integrity Initiative’ – New Documents From Shady NGO Released’,,  jan.4 Continue reading

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diego rivera, ‘sugar cane’
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breaking news: Assange fights back‘, 10/10/2018, wd,

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if you know the painter or the name of the er…’dispatched’, please let me know.  i assume it’s based on an allegory unfamiliar to me.

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