The Great WikiLeaks Train Robbery: Pinkerton Police Greenwald and Klein in Close Pursuit


WikiLeaks: We open governments
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Open thread: 141 water protectors arrested at Standing Rock yesterday

Via (includes video shorts):

On Saturday, hundreds of water protectors from different nations were met with violence by militarized police in riot gear, and approximately 141 were arrested. Four protectors locked themselves to a disabled car at an active construction site, stopping construction for approximately 7 hours.  Then a peaceful procession of hundreds walked to the sacred sites intentionally destroyed by Dakota Access LLC on September 3rd.
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Billionaires ‘Invest’ in Black Lives Movement

(Or: Cooptation Alert)


fungible fibonacci financialization

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‘As Libya Burns, Remember Who Lit the Fires’

A short film by New Eastern Outlook (  I ran into it earlier, and reckoned it would be  good placeholder for moar war and peace (?) news until I can get  my next diary ready (it’s only been in the works for six days).  In other words, contribute as you will...Aleppo?  Mosul victory?…Somalia?  too many locales, no?

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priorities: a vingnette



memorial stadium at UNL

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UnHoly Hegemon! U.S. military strikes Yemen after missile attacks on U.S. Navy ship


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Open Menu; contribute as you will….


Muziris* rendered by artist Ajit Kumar

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