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Sloping Slipperily toward Anti-Semitism

Barely a sequel but related nevertheless to wde’s latest entry.

In Raving on stage: Concert by Roger Waters ends in scandal, Berliner Zeitung author Frank Junghänel, submits a commentary posing almost as a concert review. He has something to say about the blurry line between the criticism of the policies of the State of Israel and anti-semitism and last night’s performance by Roger Waters at the, cough, Mercedes Benz Arena is somewhere in his sights.

Caveat lector: This is my translation. My comment on/at the original follows:
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Unity and Uniformity Reunified

This originally appeared at my place in 2007 on the eve of the anniversary of German Reunification. The title “zur Einheit” means both “To Unity” and “To Uniformity”. It was a commentary on the development of the area along the river Spree, particularly a stretch in my neighborhood that got dubbed “Mediaspree” because of the nature of some of the businesses set to move in.

I re-entered it as “zu unverbindlichen Bürgerentscheiden” (To Non-Binding Referenda) on Sunday, 13 July 2008, which was the day of a referendum on a choice of alternatives to the plans put in place. It basically involved the desire to delimit construction: first, that a 50 meter strip of publicly available space remain between any construction and the river and, second, that no structure exceed the height limit that had been standard prior to the massive sell-off that occurred with reunification. (There are stories, lots and lots of stories (pun intended)).
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Rest in Peace and Paint, Dear Antonio Ramos

antonio ramos 2

rendering of the mural ramos had been working on

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In Search of Beethoven


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a magnificent antidote: new recordings from Playing for Change

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treble army: two videos, plus a recent one from class war films

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Weather Report, some jazz for you

Joe Zawinul, Pianist, band “weather report”, was an Austrian musician, who moved to New York in the fifties.

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