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Rest in Power Glen Ford: Nov.5, 1949 – July 28, 2021

His crossing has hit me hard, so please allow me just to offer three Tweets honoring him.  He was a giant among both journalists and human beings.

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the 1919 Red Summer race riots horrors

White children cheer outside an African-American residence that they have set on fire. © Getty Images

As I’d been reading and collecting links and quotes toward a post on ‘the Revolutionary possibilities of Civil Rights 2020’, two authors had mentioned ‘Red Summer’, as well as the bombing and burning of Black Wall Street in Greenwood, OK as historically analagous to 2020, or at least: past as prelude.  And the following day, Up Jumped the Devil.

As Dickens seems to have borrowed heavily from ‘Red Summer’ at National Geographic, I’ll paste in a bit past Fair Use rules.  To me it seems the depraved barbarity at play that summer needs a stand-alone diary.  Fair warning: the final photo below the dotted lines may give you nightmares.

‘Lynching, stoning and burning: The 1919 ‘Red Summer’ race riots that America and Britain want you to forget but which echo today’,  Andrew Dickens, June 28. 2020,
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Police State Amerika: Matters Black and White

‘White Allies Only Protest’
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Two Calls for Armed Antifa

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Can we have a discussion about #Charlottesville?

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#Black August by Storify

A demonstrator confronts police near Camden Yards during a protest against the death in police custody of Freddie Gray.
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New Mike Brown Footage Discredits Ferguson Police Account

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Vote TFA Grifter DeRay McKesson for Mayor of Baltimore!

(We interrupt our regularly scheduled police state Café programming to bring Drew Franklin’s investigation into DeRay McKesson’s Baltimore mayoral campaign’s promise of  ‘accountability and transparency’ at

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Perspectives on #Black/Brown Lives Movement Issues including Diversity of Tactics

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Killer Kops Katch-Up open menu

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