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First: Cringeworthy (h/t Kevin Gosztola): Barack Obomba and Bruce Springstein have combined forces in a podcast they call “The Renegades”.

#NotTheOnion: Trending on Twitter last week: At his website Donald Trump, Jr. is hawking T-shirts & hoodies emblazoned with this heady witticism:
Guns Don’t Kill people; Alec Baldwin Kills People

Clueless: Poor Wolfie (‘Situation Room’ video-journalist; is Dementia Joe with you, by chance?

@wolfblitzer Nov 1, 2021
I’m now reporting from Edinburgh in Scotland where 20,000 world leaders and delegates have gathered for the COP26 Climate Summit. COP, by the way, stands for “Conference of the Parties.” It’s the 26th time they have gathered to discuss and take action on this critical issue.
But Dayum; COP 26 is being held in Glasgow, 72 KM away. No one to interview, then? Not even Dementia Joe?

Oopsie; he’s in Glasgow, jetted in on Air Force One, and is among the 400 private jets carrying politicians and business leaders ostensibly to halt climate chaos.

“It’s not clear whether Biden will again deploy a massive motorcade, such as the 85-car parade of gas-guzzling vehicles that chaperoned his visit to the Vatican on Friday to meet with Pope Francis. Biden is expected to tout more than $500 billion in proposed US spending on environmental programs when he gets to Glasgow.”

Wot??? Haven’t they heard of Jet-pooling?
Q: Will anyone at COP26 that the US Military has the largest carbon footprint on the planet?

“The origins of “Let’s Go Brandon” can be traced to an Oct. 2 NBC Sports interview by reporter Kelli Stavast with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown after he won his first Xfinity Series race at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. The crowd behind Brown was audibly chanting “F**k Joe Biden,” but the reporter insisted to the viewing audience that the message was “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Also #NotTheOnion:
On September 30, 2021, David Schweikert (R-Ariz.) introduced a bill (HR5457) that, if
enacted, would qualify AI as a medical practitioner, eligible to prescribe drugs.
“On September 30, 2021, David Schweikert (R-Ariz.) introduced a bill (HR5457) that, if enacted, would qualify AI as a medical practitioner, eligible to prescribe drugs.

Whoa there. That puts the conversation about the professional sovereignty of
physicians in a whole different context — and sadly, that reformist context has been there all along.”
Via RT.com:

@roseyYaz 4:54 AM • Oct 31, 2021

“Jeff Bezos parties with Bill Gates as he celebrates his 66th birthday with friends on a $2million-a-week private yacht before helicoptering them all to an exclusive resort in Turkey” Guess the rules doesn’t apply to them? #ClimateEmergency #climate #ClimateCrisis

Wanna bet Gates is touting ‘small nuclear power plants’ as safe and renewable power sources? And that Prince Charles is hawking Green Bonds as he had at the WEF?

AOC’s ‘all hat ‘n no Saddle’ as they around here:

AOC torched over ‘barely comprehensible’ statement attempting to explain ‘present’ vote on $1bn Iron Dome bill she opposes’, RT,
25 Sep, 2021

“Having changed her ‘no’ vote to ‘present’ at the last minute on a $1 billion bill to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system the day prior, AOC took to Twitter on Friday with a vast, 900-word missive attempting to justify the move to her constituents. While she stated the bill “should have been opposed,” she went on to argue that it was brought to the House floor through a “deeply unjust” and “reckless” legislative process.

“To those I have disappointed – I am deeply sorry. To those who believe this reasoning is insufficient or cowardice – I understand,” the congresswoman wrote.
The reckless decision by House leadership to rush this controversial vote within a matter of hours and without true consideration created a tinderbox of vitriol, disingenuous framing, deeply racist accusations and depictions, and lack of substantive discussion on this matter.

— Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@RepAOC) September 24, 2021

~ Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) September 24, 2021

AOC’s statement is barely comprehensible in the English language. It’s like a parody of the worst excesses of modern left-wing discourse: social justice phrases and self-aggrandizing grievances randomly strewn together amidst classic AOC self-victimization about trauma and pain.

Or was it because she wasn’t opposed to the funding bill?

But wait! What a difference a day makes! On Sept. 23, just a day before, Paul Street quotes Glenn Greenwald at his substack sitee  at length on:

AOC’s Revolutionary and Subversive Socialist Gown

“Fortunately, many of AOC’s most devoted socialist supporters stepped forth with passionate defenses of their leader. As they pointed out, AOC had painted onto the back of her pristine white gown — in perfectly proportioned and tastefully scrolled red ink highlighting the stunning virtues of the designer dress’ silhouette — a leftist phrase, Tax the Rich, that not only assaulted the Biden-supporting liberal celebrities in attendance but made them feel endangered in their own habitat, as if their wealth and privilege were being imperiled not from afar but from one of their own, from within. Far from being what AOC’s dirty and petty critics tried to malign this as being — an attention-seeking, celebrity-building, branding opportunity in which AOC yet again lavished herself in the multi-pronged rewards of the very economic and cultural hierarchies she claims to despise and vows to combat — she was actually engaged in a revolutionary and subversive act, injecting into aristocratic circles a beautifully artistic yet hostile message.

This was not, contrary to the grievances of her small-minded and jealous critics, AOC reveling in one of Louis XVI’s court festivities. Instead, she was storming the Bastille: not with weapons or fire but with the graceful designer elegance of the insurgent Marxist renegade, which made her presence all the more deceptively disruptive. While it may have appeared that Vogue’s perfectly-coiffed red-carpet correspondents and other Met luminaries were gushing with admiration and awe at her bold fashion statement, they were actually shaking with fear over what AOC had wrought. They were quivering with rage and fear, not swooning with delight as it appeared. [snip]

“In a separate exposition, AOC explained that her appearance at the Met Gala was such a watershed moment for working-class politics because it is vital that she not be confined to dreary poor and lower-middle class venues when spreading her fist-raising rebellion. Instead, she must endure the burden of carrying her cause to the world’s richest and most privileged elite and the exclusive salons they occupy. Imagine being so unimaginative and myopic as to be unable to recognize and be grateful for AOC’s inventive praxis..”
Ooopsie; is Libertarian (“Citizens United was fairly decided) Greenwald ‘all hat and no cattle’ as well?

Paul Street Satirizes Glenn Greenwald & AOC ; )
Posted on September 23, 2021

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