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US multinationals dodge $180 billion in taxes on foreign profits per year

Whoa, Nellie: talk about wars for oil extortion and profiteering!  But actually, part of the grifting is among USian non-oil multinationals as well.

From Barry Grey,, 10 November 2018

“US multinational corporations are plundering the populations of the United States and the world to the tune of trillions of dollars by driving down and evading taxes on profits booked overseas. This is the conclusion that emerges from a recent study by University of California at Berkeley economist Gabriel Zucman and British economist Thomas Wright.
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Two short films from ‘Dispatches from Resistant Mexico’

How often do we speak of true grassroots democracy, self-determination, and the evils of capitalism?  There are other autonomous zones in Mexico, but when NAFTA took effect in 1994, the Zapatistas rose up, and created their own autonomous  democracy in Chiapas, so they were arguably the original model.  Their struggles never end, but they are indomitable.

Both films are from Roar Magazine, ‘an independent journal of the radical imagination providing grassroots perspectives from the front-lines of the global struggle for real democracy’.
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‘No More Anchor Babies’ yells Prez!

Birthright citizenship ain’t in the Constitution!  I’m issuing an EO ending it!  Well, of course it’s in the Constitution: The 14th Amendment Section One reads (the Wiki):
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Jair Bolsanaro Brazilian President Elect: OMG

A good Dia de los Muertos and All Hollow’s Eve to you.

(an open discussion; add more at will)  My contributions with a few Cliffs Notes included, disregard any or all of them, of course if you don’t find the titles intriguing, zip right on by…):
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‘Ecuador: Court Rejects WikiLeaks’ Assange Lawsuit Against Gov’t’

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Génocidaire Paul Kagame, Friend of the Empire

And he’ll never spend a day in the Hague Prison due to the fact that his vast war crimes have been so successfully and breathtakingly  white-washed over the past two decades.

It may be that you’d rather not read this as it’s longish and immensely depressing; I’d have preferred not to need to do the research, paste it together, wake in the night seeing his nasty, smug face…and the images of those he’d killed so ruthlessly.  But in the end it seemed important to me that the least we can do is to bear witness to the grievous deeds of the Faces of Evil Our Rulers befriend.  Kagame is one of them.
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#TridentJuncture: more NATO military aggression on Russia’s borders

You’ll find more quotes from Lombardo at this RT link to ‘Ice’s melting: Will Arctic become ‘a new battlefield for oil like the Middle East’?, plus the NATO Tweets demonstrating that the ‘Practice Drills’ are afoot, as is this one from Jens Stoltenberg with this message: “Good luck to all the men & women participating in #NATO exercise #TridentJuncture, starting in Norway today. We are sending a clear message that NATO stands ready to defend our nations & preserve the peace.”  (not provocative, it is?)
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