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John Durham Reappears, but his Investigation Isn’t Over

‘Latest Durham Indictment May Make Russiagate the Most Corrupt Scandal in U.S. History’, PJ Media, Victoria Taft,  Sep 22, 2021

“We already know about Hillary Clinton’s attempted takedown of the Donald Trump candidacy and presidency in the Russia hoax. We know a government lawyer lied to the FISA court in order to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. We know about Christopher Steele’s fake “dossier,” the spying on the Trump campaign by the FBI, and the deployment of Democrat apparatchiks to conscript their Leftist media transcribers to plant or amplify the fake news in the service of The Party.” […]

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It’s the Covid Rescue Plan Tent Revival! C’mon in!

(biden’s banner on Twitter)

Elmer Gantry would have been so proud of y’all!

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2 critiques of Biden’s ‘Rescue Amerika’ plan

First: ‘Biden stimulus bill: What will it take to really ‘Rescue America?’, Jordan Woll, January 21, 2021,  (CC w/ attribution)

Joe Biden’s recently-announced pandemic relief package, the so-called American Rescue Plan, is the new administration’s top legislative priority. With the bar set tragically low by the Trump government, any action at all by the Biden administration may feel like a welcome improvement. But the severity of the pandemic in the country and the threat of emerging, highly-transmissible new strains of the virus requires radical solutions to address the urgent daily needs of working and poor people.

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Biden Adds Vampire Squid and Blackrock Creatures to his Cabinet

‘Like Obama, like Trump: Biden embraces Goldman Sachs bankers after Electoral College win’,
15 Dec, 2020, Helen Buyinski, (a few excerpts)

“Despite spending the campaign season painting himself as the anti-Trump, Democratic President-elect Joe Biden has further followed in his predecessor’s footsteps, appointing not one but two Goldman Sachs alums to his cabinet.

Ex-Goldman banker Eric Goldstein, who worked on the investment bank’s Merchant Banking division for nearly two decades, will join Biden’s Homeland Security Review Team, Politico revealed on Monday. His erstwhile colleague Monica Maher – currently vice president of cyber threat intelligence at Goldman Sachs – has been appointed to the National Security Council Review Team.” […]

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‘Swap ya a SCOTUS pick for a Continuing Resolution!’

Supreme Court Building at Dusk

‘Democrats capitulate as Republicans secure votes to install far-right justice on Supreme Court’, Barry Grey and Jacob Crosse, 23 September 2020, (w/ permission)

“On Tuesday, Utah Senator and former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced that he would support a vote prior to the November 3 election on Trump’s nominee to fill the seat on the US Supreme Court vacated by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The announcement virtually assures the installation of a far-right justice, to be named by Trump on Saturday, who will shift the court even more decisively against abortion rights and democratic rights in general.

The Democratic Party, whose response from the outset has combined cowardice and dishonesty, sank to the level of farce. Even as the top Democrat in the Senate, Charles Schumer, was denouncing the Republicans for their “hypocrisy” and pleading for a change of heart, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was secretly negotiating with Trump’s treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, to extend funding for the federal government until after the election.

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Our Rulers Flip the Rabble Classes another Bird

‘Inhumane at Any Time,’ But During a Pandemic? House Approval of $740 Billion Pentagon Budget Condemned;
“Once again, the House has voted to put the interests of weapons manufacturers and war hawks over the wellbeing of people here and abroad;; commondreamsorg, Eowin Higgins, July 31,2020 (Creative Commons)

“Win Without War was among the anti-war voices on Friday issuing blistering condemnations of the passage in the U.S. House of a $740 billion defense bill as part of the 2021 Appropriations Minibus.
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good thing they’re in lockstep about their true priorities, ain’t it?

(by anthony freda)

‘House approves Trump’s flagship US-Mexico-Сanada trade deal, day after impeachment vote’, 19 Dec, 2019,

“The US House of Representatives has given the green light to a trade deal between the US, Canada and Mexico that would replace NAFTA, known as the USMCA, passing the bill on to the Senate for another vote.

The sweeping trade deal was passed in the House on Thursday 385-41 and is set for a Senate vote sometime after the new year. If signed into law, the deal would establish new rules for commerce between the three countries, supplanting the longstanding North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA.
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Dems now ♥ internet censorship, not just the CIA

‘The Democrats’ campaign for internet censorship: Who is to determine what are “lies”?’, Andre Damon, 9 November 2019

As wsws editor Joseph Kishore has kindly given me permission to use the site’s content, plus the fact that it’s not a long read, I’ll borrow all Damon’s essay, then add more at the bottom.

“In recent weeks, the New York Times and Washington Post have published innumerable editorials and op-eds arguing that Facebook has a responsibility to carry out political censorship, or in their words, to “moderate” political speech online.
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the hypocrisy level of pelosi’s impeachment ‘inquiry’ rises

Yes, even further than this:  (smile) 

 In his Sept. 29, 2019 ‘CIA sets terms for Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into Trump’s crimes’, Joseph Kishore reports in part:

“The scandal over the Ukraine call has been instigated by the intelligence agencies. It was a CIA agent in the White House who prepared the report that is the basis of the inquiry. It was the decision by a group of Democrats drawn from the military and intelligence agencies that led Pelosi and Schiff, both with longstanding ties to these same agencies, to shift from their previous opposition to impeachment.
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Scurrying Fascist Cockroaches

…is the title of a recent essay of John Steppling’s, and I contacted him at his website  ( to ask if given its length and breadth if I might use more of it than is strictly Fair Use as neither the Café nor c99% are for profit.  He wrote back and kindly said, “Use what you want from any of my writings”.  So I’ll most all of his Feb. 25 essay at DissidentVoice, although there’s a version at Counterpunch as well.
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a Trump/Putin #TreasonSummit Helsinki 2.0 Trifecta

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Racist Puerco-in-Chief Addresses the Nation

(Sorry to subject you to him…)

(the full transcript is here)
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the ‘New Left’ on Communism/Socialism & Totalitarian/Fascism

My choice is to dig deeper into Noam Chomsky, as I’ll explain later, and I can only imagine how you’ll loathe the length.  But given that: ‘When Avram Noam Chomksy speaks: People Listen™…the length is unavoidable, imo.)
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asylum seekers & caravans at the mexican border

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*Poor People-Led* Poor People’s Campaign Comes to Washington, DC

I’d learned of this group via the Popular Resistance Newsletter (Kevin Zeese and Dr. Margaret Flowers).  You might enjoy reading their overview and the goals of the PPEHRC; it was enticing enough to me to bring their story to you.

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Bruce Dixon’s critique of Rev Barber’s sermon on militarism

Not surprising, but even so, still disappointing.  All content at BAR is listed as Creative Commons, so I’ll bring all of it.  ‘Barber’s Sermon on Militarism Reveals Philosophical & Political Limitations of the Poor Peoples Campaign’, Bruce A. Dixon, BAR managing editor, 11 May 2018
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Trump Peace Talks with Kim Jong-un? O, the horror!

Immediately upon the announcement that as a result of the diplomatic efforts by South Korean leader Moon Jae-in having sent a delegation to the White House with the message that Kim Jong-un was willing to talk to Trump and his people,   and Trump’s agreeing, the pundit class had gone full-tilt flip city/duck panic.  Now South Korea’s national security advisor had also said that Kim would halt all nuclear or missile tests, and would effectively turn a blind eye to the provocative ongoing joint US/Rep. of Korea military exercises since he’d like to meet with the US Twitterer-in-Chief as soon as possible.
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A 3000 Word Hoodwinking Hit Piece on WikiLeaks, Pt.II of II Pts.

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The Intercept’s Most Recent Screed against Julian Assange

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How do you spell OMG? One Way is: Putin.Derangement.Syndrome

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