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Can we have a bit o’ fun at the Bern’s expense?

‘Pentagon Planet’ anthony freda
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Don’t worry, be happy! The Dems™ are on the Climate Change Case!

(Note Obama’s campaign logo on their ‘protest’ signs)
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A Contrarian’s Take on the Earth Day Marches and the Mythology of Science

by anthony freda
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The Fist of May

As it relates to the fruits of labor beyond just harvest, this first day of May means a number of things, down to nothing, depending upon where one comes- or is coming from. Being an American by arbitrary birthright I can observe the spectrum from ignorance to disregard. The European perspective — which, perspectives being as they are, one should in no way claim capacity of even the most far-flung interpretive representation — is hardly of one voice as to the significance of International Workers’ Day, or how it should or shouldn’t be observed. There are non-Europeans who think they know how things are different in Euroland and are comfortable acting as authority on the matter. There are non-Euros who know better, but act as authority all the same. There are those who admit ignorance, but will say they get the general idea and don’t have too big a problem arguing a viewpoint on it. There are those who are less comfortable in this final regard, but not to the extent that you won’t hear plenty of peep out of them. Wherever the end of this line is, it doesn’t have anyone on it who’ll admit they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about, counting myself. If there’s a silent majority, they ain’t sayin’ shit.About the First of May: Continue reading

Beyond Surreal: Stephen Colbert Joshes w/ fooking Michael Hayden on Late Night

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The Flynn-flam in a nutshell, plus Erratic Mad Dog Unchained

wtf turks
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Absent ‘Putin Personally Purloined the Presidency from Clinton’, Would the Zeitgeist Be So Insane?

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