friday funnies

one fdl commenter links to the corbett report a lot, and i dunno who those folks are or nuttin’ but i did finally watch this video she’d linked to, and it is purdy funny.  ‘9-11, the truth in five minutes’

i’d heard it mentioned that someone at daily kos had banned ted rall for being racist, but liberty underground newsletter carried his response.  ;)  i can’t resize it, so you may have to hit control and + a few times…


14 responses to “friday funnies

  1. Glad to know I am not the only batshit crazy baby hater. Fifty years later, the JFK conspiracy theorists are still being ridiculed. Wonder how long it will be before people start facing the truth about 9/11? Maybe not in our lifetimes.

  2. ^^ That was supposed to embed but I dunno how to do it, I guess.

  3. bugger; i tried embedding in the post, both as not a hotlink, and with the add media url, too. gads, how sick is that? box turtle had a gif image of O spinning around on a pizza the other day, just made ya queasy! but not as queasy as ruth calvo’s plate of eggs, lol.

    but yeah, i dunno how to do it, but i’ve just laid in tweetie urls before. say, will you tell me what someone’s twitter thingie is called? account? page? thang?

    added: as to 9/11, as i told mafr, i just chose not to dig into it, since the idea of any dark players having purposely caused it was just one bridge too far for me emotionally. the immense effort of an inside job is too complicatedly pernicious to imagine, although this lighter look at it helps a bit. one commenter named Public, iirc, used to tell me on some of my posts that if i refused to see what really happened, i was part of the problem. (i seem to be getting that lately from a few email friends as well, lol)

  4. Sorry to be gone so long, had a hellacious day at work and now I have to run to the post office before it closes. I understand what you mean about 9/11 – maybe more about that later. And I think a twitter account is just called an account. If there’s some cutsie name for it, I don’t know. I don’t have one and hope to never fall into that trap of thinking that I have something interesting to say every 10 minutes. Some people do but I am not one of them. xoxoxoxo

  5. quantitative easing explained

  6. saw that 9/11 video before. very good.

  7. no doubt if they actually start delivering with drones, in the USA they will be used for target practice.

  8. the quantitative easing cartoon has millions of views, and 8000 comments.

    gee, I wonder if there’s some lack of trust in our leaders.

    the trick when we still had a functioning economy was to raise and lower the prime rate to stimulate or lower economic activity. when bush invaded Iraq, they steadily lowered the rate to practically nothing, where it’s been ever since.

    since they are basically like junkies, when that no longer worked, cause of the lack of decent jobs, I remember thinking, that would be it, there’s nothing else for them to do. I was wrong, they now print money.

    I think, this is their last sleight of hand. once this trick stops working, the only other trick is a war, or false attack of some sort.

  9. The only approach that they will not take, is to actually do something to give people jobs, in the USA. and that is one thing they will not do.

  10. not a funny, a tune, by Holly Williams proving genetics.

  11. love the xtranormal, mafr; it may be slightly different than the one i knew, but the formula is close to the same. from this naked capitalism piece on QE, the first comment goes like this:

    “It seems obvious that a main purpose of QE is to cloak the fiction that the financial sphere creates anything – and hide the lack of bank activity (liquidity) in this crisis.
    Additionally, I cannot get my head around the huge figure of 85bil. monthly – how is it that enough MBS exists in the firmament to satisfy this FEDS insatiable demand? Or are the chosen banks creating new fictions monthly to get paid $$$?

    no accountability, no use to anyone except keeping pumped, thus pretending that GDP is anything much beyond the financial sector. think what they make when the banks borrow at 0%, and park their money at the fed…and receive interest. yves says there’s a new OCD in development, as well. ‘lol’ is about all i’ve got lately.

    i got trashed by a blogging friend after i wrote a post about the moves for the fdic to guarantee derivatives ‘put into clearinghouses’, and the cheek of it. the cftc hadn’t *quite* yet developed their rules on derivatives, but i was assured that gary gensler was a new man now, etc. well, it never happened that they were really regulated, and taxpayers are footing the bill for the guaranteed. kinda hard not to be cynical, eh?

    oh, yeah: and obomba tried to get in the front of the parade on raising the minimum wage again, just a day ahead of the fast food wage protests and strikes. $10.10 he’s touting, but only in pretty words, once again. meh.

    can’t say much about your prime rate theory pre-iraq, sorry i dunno that history.

  12. Minus 3°F in the sunshine this morning. One has to laugh a little, just considering the season, thanks for the post and to the people commenting. Funny too, wendy, that you noticed the new financial instruments being created are being called LOL’s, Loans on Lies. And for the rest of us, off to work.

  13. double ‘lol’, nonquixote. some days all ya can do is laugh, i swear. brrrrr; cold here, too. mostly around zero this week, this morning? 24 degrees with a wind chill of minus 24. ay yi yi! such wind, and O, the sounds in the dark, my my. have a great day, and thanks for the great tune.

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