Next Gen Amerikans Must Embrace US Hegemony as Vital to Global Peace!

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Priceless: RT’s coverage of the new 20-page CNAS pamphlet.  It’s short, and since they borrowed heavily from the report, I’ll paste it all in, and call it Sorta Fair Use.  Please ad lib at will; I’d phoned Hugh Laurie for his take, and he sent me his paean to Amerika:

‘Extend American power’: Foreign policy establishment doubles down

 “The new generation of Americans needs to be taught that US hegemony is “vital” to their well-being and global peace, and that it must be extended if world order is to be sustained, says a report by a bipartisan group of foreign policy veterans in Washington.

A working group at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) published a 20-page pamphlet this week, articulating their vision for the next president’s foreign policy. The think-tank was established in 2007, and has worked closely with the Obama administration ever since.

Titled “Extending American Power: Strategies to Expand US Engagement in a Competitive World Order,” the report is the culmination of a year-long effort. The project was co-chaired by Dr. Robert Kagan of the Brooking Institution and James Rubin, former Assistant Secretary of State during the Clinton administration and currently a senior adviser at CNAS.

US military, economic and diplomatic power has “provided the critical architecture in which this liberal order has flourished,” the report’s authors claim, but today that order is being challenged by “powerful and ambitious authoritarian governments like Russia and China,” as well as “radical Islamic terrorist movements,” global economic shifts, and “changes in our physical environment.”

“Responsible political leaders need to explain to a new generation of Americans how important this world order is to their well-being and how vital America’s role is in sustaining it,” the group says.

The best way to ensure the survival of a system favorable to the US “is to extend American power and US leadership in Asia, Europe, and the Greater Middle East.”

The financial expenditures this would require are “well within our means,” they say, since the US economy has proven itself to be dynamic and resilient in face of global crisis.

Implementing the Trans-pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) trade pacts will preserve US economic leadership, the authors concluded.

In Asia, Washington’s alliances with Japan and South Korea and the commitment to “maintaining open sea lanes, open trade, state sovereignty and freedom of navigation” have “made possible generations of historic peace and prosperity.” However, the report says that dominance is now being challenged by China – the authors do not explain why – and the only way to keep Beijing in check is for the US to “increase its capabilities and extend its military posture accordingly.”

Ukraine, Russia and Brexit

As far as Europe is concerned, “the transatlantic community remains both the foundation and the core of the liberal world order,” but that is now threatened by “growing Russian ambition and willingness to use force, including the invasion of neighboring countries,” the report claims.

European commitment to US hegemony is also threatened by “British strategic retrenchment, French economic weakness, and historic German strategic ambivalence in the security sphere.”

The report fully backs deploying more US and NATO troops on Russia’s borders, while getting European allies to increase their military spending.

For all of Washington’s official commitments to freedom of sovereign states to choose their own paths, the CNAS report argues that the “strategy of the United States and Europe must be to help Ukraine achieve political and economic stability, anchored in the West.”

“The United States has a particular interest in Britain remaining a strong and active player within the EU,” the authors also say.

ISIS, Syria and Iran

In the Middle East, the report’s authors argue for a military escalation against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and regime change in Syria.

Any political solution to the Syrian civil war “must include the departure of Bashar al-Assad,” they say. To accomplish this, the US “must employ the necessary military power, including an appropriately designed no-fly zone, to create a safe space in which Syrians can relocate without fear of being killed by Assad’s forces and where moderate opposition militias can arm, train, and organize.”

While not giving up on the nuclear deal reached with Iran in July 2015, the US “must adopt as a matter of policy the goal of defeating Iran’s determined effort to dominate the Greater Middle East,” the CNAS paper said.

While accusing Iran of “demonizing” US ally Saudi Arabia, the authors do note that the Saudi elites “bear much responsibility for the growth of extremist ideologies that promote intolerance and Jihadi terrorism,” by spreading Wahhabism throughout the Islamic world.

Establishment figures

To achieve these ambitious goals, the report’s authors advocate against concentrating policymaking authority in the National Security Council and, instead recommend giving more power to “regional assistant secretaries of state,” for example, who “need to be given the power and authority necessary so that when they travel overseas they are regarded as the key administration policymakers and spokespeople for their regions.”

nuland kagan

Partners in Neo-con Crime and PNAC

One of the co-chairs of the group behind the report, Robert Kagan, last made headlines in February, when he disavowed Republican front-runner Donald Trump and endorsed Hillary Clinton on the pages of the Washington Post. He is the co-author of a 1996 treatise advocating the “benevolent global hegemony” of the US, and is married to Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland.

Among those who signed the report are CNAS CEO Michèle Flournoy and President Richard Fontaine; George W. Bush’s National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley; former World Bank president and Goldman Sachs executive Robert Zoellick (currently senior fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government); and James Steinberg, Dean of Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.”

Wot?  No Zbig?  Well, kinda…

RT had included a great Tweet that led to the WaPo’s Op-ed by Jennifer RubinWithout Obama or Trump, we can have sensible, bipartisan foreign policy’

“Judging from President Obama’s determination to turn his back on the Middle East and Donald Trump’s ranting about pulling back from NATO, one might get the impression that there is little hope for constructive, bipartisan foreign policy based on the fundamental principle that U.S. leadership in the world is necessary and beneficial. However, that is not the case. A dollop of good news in the midst of the hair-raising presidential race arrived in the latest report from the Center for a New American Security written by a number of leading Democratic and Republican foreign policy experts and former officials.

We were stunned, frankly, by the extent of agreement on goals and major policy objectives.” and tra la la.  You smell a ‘Clinton’s Our Guy’ theme afoot?


 I started clipping hilarious, unintended satire passages from the report like “the economy is great around the globe, and for Amerikans again, due to our stabilizing influence”, but it would have made it too long, and besides, you get the gist.

25 responses to “Next Gen Amerikans Must Embrace US Hegemony as Vital to Global Peace!

  1. If Reagan rolled into office with a Heritage Foundation blueprint and W rolled into office with a Project for a New American Century (PNAC) blueprint, looking at who’s involved at the board of directors level, Hillary Clinton will be rolling into office with this blueprint.

    Take a little time to read through the resumes of the staff first. These are the rising stars in the Democratic side of foreign policy.

    Then look at the advisory panel, including the specific one for military advisors. Then look at the board of directors and officers.

    Unlike a lot of advice from the past 50 years, these advisers are not academics for the most part; they are corporate folks, from some of the same firms that coughed up much earlier foreign policy “wise men”. More Dean Rusk, less Zbig.

    Almost every one in the “People” section on the CNAS website is unknown to the public (I used the test that if they are unknown to me, they are most likely also unknown to the public.) They are parked at CNAS for now, but with a Hillary Clinton inauguration, they will be appointed to various roles in government one notch above their current resumes. The Nulands, Rices, Powers (interesting number of women queued up for Hillary) will be their senior bosses.

    An interesting recreation is to play who goes where predicting from resumes and bios which bosses likely get which complement of rising stars, balancing by region and function.

    It goes way beyond being a Clinton’s our guy thing. It is an agenda to put out during the election in order to get a mandate for Clinton’s administration. The alternative blueprint will be Trump’s. Those will be limited in practice by the internal inertia or momentum of the national security bureaucracy and by the actions of Congress. They will also be limited by the pushback of events.

    From the perspective of the Obama administration, the release of this report helps him argue the case for the various trade and investment agreements with Europe and the Pacific Rim countries. And that splits the Republican Party, now that Trump is calling whatever shots he is calling. The Democrats are already split between those who are by ports and those worried about loss of sovereignty and rolling back of labor and environmental regulations. Expect lots of double-talk on both sides of the partisan divide. Opponents’ best bet is to get this squarely as possible into the election controversy and have the voters understand clearly what is going on here. And then call out the Congress when it tries to slip them through when the public is not looking. (Watch out for “must pass” legislation like the annual national defense authorization act)

    US military, economic and diplomatic power has “provided the critical architecture in which this liberal order has flourished,” the report’s authors claim, but today that order is being challenged by “powerful and ambitious authoritarian governments like Russia and China,” as well as “radical Islamic terrorist movements,” global economic shifts, and “changes in our physical environment.”

    The job of national security policy seems to have devolved to massaging text to be as bland and politically correct as possible. One is curious in what sense the current global architecture (which I diaried on six years ago) can be considered either “liberal” (in any sense) or “order”.

    There are many think tanks that are weighing in before the conventions (and platform drafting and speeches), but Tony Podesta’s presence in this one likely makes it Hillary’s fave.

    • the WaPo rubin op-ed was the ‘she’s our guy’, (on edit) as well as kagan, the chief author having endorsed clinton) and yes: this is where wall street meets FP. i liked goldman sach’s zoellick, but no, i didn’t have time to scope out more than participants at the *five whole dinners* it took us over a year to write this!!! stuff.

      bland but bipartisan, that word’s supposed to be the clincher. interesting on: ‘more dean rusk than zbig’, though. i don’t remember rusk at all.

      i’d be tempted to ask you to bring the link to your global architecture diary, but i’m afraid i won’t have time to read, although…others may. i do hear periodically that thar bee lurkers here.

      who would there be to get it out? i’ve totally lost track, and have no idea what that R winner’s FP might be, save for a few points like ‘nato is sooo over’, etc.

      sorry to be in a rush; life seems to be almost too busy for livin’. best to you and miz thd, and thanks.

      • i’d be tempted to ask you to bring the link to your global architecture diary,

        It was a riff off of reading Paul Starobin, After America: Narratives for the New Global Age, 2009

        He noted that W has destroyed the illusion of the hyperpower and asked what is next. His alternatives:
        China dominance (a fave at the time)
        Devolution to city states (Scottish, Catalonian and other independence movements taken to their mercantile, feudal extreme)
        Bipolar world (US-NATO vs. Russia-China (essentially the SCO)
        Multipolar world (centered around the regional organizations that now are largely co-opted)
        Restored US hyperpower

        That’s what I remember from it right now. He did not express favorites (policy choices) but what was likely to happen, China dominance or bipolar world, in his case.

        • brilliant cliff’s notes, amigo; thank you. ‘w destroyed the hyperpower illusion’ because the US/nato can’t win wars, don’t even have to win wars?

          this morning, after buzzing around the web, chaos seems likely for the foreseeable future, but i reckon further down the road, a bipolar world makes sense, but only if the US can get over itself and it’s notion of ‘benevolent hegemony’.

          the prescription in the OP is so full of blatant political/financial agitprop and cons (i don’t even guess the dinner guests could believe most of them), but using those falsities to plunge forward via a hillary administration just can’t go according to plan.

          the city-states possibilities might go far beyond those independence movements with the chaos at hand in so many locations, i’d think. the unknowns, of course, are what citizen power might look like in the near future. the french are sure leading the way on labor strikes (shut down the commerce machine!), and today, iirc the greek port workers are supposed to be walking off the job for X days. we’ll see how far that spreads, won’t we? or what careless bones they’re tossed might suffice for now.

    • Hi wd and THD – there’s a link to this post and comment in the comments at Naked Capitalism today.

      • Thanks for pointing this out. What I found of interest in that thread was a link to one of Saker’s pieces on the myths of modern warfare.

        My point in my comment is you have to understand who the likely major players in a new administration are to understand how their platforms are going to shake out.

        Bernie Sanders organized his campaign very rapidly and does not have a publicly recognized foreign relations brain trust. Trump can pick from any number of Republican-oriented brain trusts, which also include some of the Kagan clan (and those are some of the more reasonable of the available advisors).

        Clinton can be assumed to use the brain trust she used as Secretary of State. She is less likely to change current policy than any of the others. And we know who she depended on 2009-2013.

  2. outside of the one comment about S Arabia, what frickin’ planet are these people living on? well, one in which they sleep on piles of money while spouting such garbage. anything in there about challenges to US hegemony posed by a collapsing environment, aka climate change? nah, such concerns are for hand-wring gutless nancy boys & girls.

  3. i do hope y’all can have some fun with this, but i’ll have to excuse myself again. my BFF fooking bill gates crashed my laptop early this a.m., and uploaded the cursed windows 10 against my express will. turns out it’s not just mine; the web is full of similar complaints and rage.

    i tried to sort some of the nasty changes they made, including to my plethora of word docs; i can’t even read them now.

    anyhoo, i spent all the time i had for online so far, and now i have to let it all go to take care of fambly bidness. and may your hair and teeth fall out tomorrow, bill gates!!!

    if i have any forced breaks, i’ll come back. i even saved a cool tweet concerning all this, but can’t find it now. grrrrr. ;-)

  4. “Germany’s emergence as primus inter pares in Europe
    offers both opportunities and challenges…The
    Syrian refugee crisis has put unprecedented pressure on
    European institutions, and this, combined with further
    terrorist attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
    (ISIS) and other radical Islamic groups, has strengthened
    right-wing parties across the continent, many of them
    funded by Russia.” thanks for info THD, i’d bet you are right. FP establishment rallying around the “safe hands” of HRC. sorry about the computer WD. i’m sure the rest of this doc is as dull & misinforming as this little blurb from p. 8. ha ha. those pesky russkies just won’t quit, will they?

    • glad that you’re havin’ a bit of fun with it, jason. and i hope against hope that you played hugh laurie’s contribution to laffin’ at this iteration of amerikan exceptionalism.

      no multi-polar world permitted! we are The Guiding Lights of the Planet!

  5. “obama at hiroshima encouraged world leaders to join his program to reduce the threat of nuclear war,” per NPR just now. didn’t Tom Lerner say the possibility of satire died when Kissinger won the peace prize? doesn’t mean we can’t kick the corpse repeatedly, Tom!

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” -krishnamurti

    • cripes, i just saw a piece at counterpunch by a british woman whose parents were huge in the ban-the-bomb movement. she said that ben rhodes quoting O ahead of his BS speechifying meant that he’d seemed to be listening. oh, my stars; does she not read about his ‘upgrade the nukes to lean and mean(er)?’ object lesson threats, anyone? hasn’t O made ‘hope’ another four-letter-word?

      ha, i really don’t know tom lerner, i’m sorry to say, but well done on that quip!
      CP also has in their queue something close to ‘National Polite Radio underplays the war in yemen’. asleep at the wheel by design.

      we can’t bring the krishnamurti quote often enough, can we?

    • er…i’m gonna stick up another cheater diary either tonight or in the morning, and one of the breaking news stories features…kissinger.

  6. holy hell, just shoot me now, mail my body to the roman coliseum:

    NY Times via msm, my email provider:

    HIROSHIMA, Japan — “President Obama laid a wreath at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial on Friday, telling an audience that included survivors of America’s atomic bombing in 1945 that technology as devastating as nuclear arms “requires a moral revolution.”

    “Technological progress without an equivalent progress in human institutions can doom us,” Mr. Obama said, adding that such technology “requires a moral revolution as well.”

  7. “when it comes time to haggle over weapons contracts w/global leaders, nothing clarifies the mind like a trip to Hiroshima. it’s a tonic really.” my lame attempt to kick the corpse of satire one more time.

    i don’t know much about him either.

    • ah, i do remember him, and that particular song. and i love your pithy humor.

      i gotta get crackin’, though; our family’s due tomorrow, and plenty to do yet, doggone it.

      once in a while i wish that we lived near a first strike target, as does our daughter and her family in c springs, norad. but mr. wd and i were asking each other to speculate which nation will drop the next nuclear bomb. we know the short list us/nato surmises. which reminds me: when perusing the pdf of the pamphlet, i can’t remember if they mentioned much about israel. i tend to think so, but when i have time, i might look again.

      • p. 15 and this is it searching the doc for “Israel”. I think Bernie gave this speech at AIPAC this year? better than sleeping pills, really.

        Fourth, it is important for a new administration to
        make absolutely clear that the U.S. commitment to the
        security of the State of Israel is unshakeable now and
        in the future. In light of Iran’s growing influence and
        the increase in regional tensions, it is necessary and
        appropriate to support the most modern ballistic missile
        defense systems for Israel as well as to provide other
        defense and intelligence capabilities to ensure Israel’s
        qualitative edge in conventional arms.
        With respect to U.S. diplomatic efforts, we continue
        to believe that a two-state solution remains the best and
        safest outcome for both Israelis and Palestinians – and
        also the best hope for greater stability in the region. The
        United States can play an important role in assisting
        the two parties to move forward toward such an agreement,
        but only when both sides are ready, willing, and
        able to negotiate in good faith and to make and abide by
        the necessary compromises.
        does the family come roaring up to hearth & show love for home by imitating Rolling Thunder, who rev engines for America this Mem day weekend? i sure hope not.


        • bless your heart, jason, for looking for it! now i recall the two-state solution sentences, but this, oy: “but only when both sides are ready, willing, and able to negotiate in good faith and to make and abide by
          the necessary compromises” twelfth of never? now i keep seeing headlines that bernie’s more *nauanced* on israel than hillary aipac. might even be so…. because elections?

          er…i have the distinct impression you’re not talking about the rolling thunder review?

          but WOOT! i got my windows 7 back! every goldarned break i have i kept a-huntin’ for a more certain rollback, and finally found it (srsly) at microFlop.. haven’t had much time to check how much has been retored, but at least a few of my hundreds of word documents read correctly, not those weird hieroglyphics they morphed them into.

          • needs lots more mowtersickel. lots more. it’s like the 4th of july (celebrate America by blowing up a small part of it, as Homer S says) but w/the motorcycles of Rolling Thunder. but they are vets and we don’t want us no pinkos SPITTIN ON NO VETS do we? oh hell…here’s an “official” video. gah. one cop for every POW, i guess?

            the squirrels all need earplugs, i swear. all the patriotic music being piped in drives ’em nuts. and the motorcycles.

            • ah, quite a different rolling thunder. military madness, yellow ribbons.

              sorry to be so conused, but i tried to find again a comment you’d made under the ronstadt song, ‘is it true there’s just one for one…’ i admit i didn’t divine your meaning, but as i searched for the dylan, it pinged for me one of the most beautiful love songs evah. there is so much pathos in the music one wonders what he reckons might happen soon, or if his love is so deep and profound it hurts.

              no matter how many iterations of dylan we accompanied him on, this to me is a jewel. oddly, or maybe not, as i let the ‘desire’ album play through,
              some of the tunes i played/performed long ago stuck me so differently now. maybe that’s the thing with timeless musical lyrics; some act a allegories to our own lives, our own times.

              and i loved the lucretius partly for the joy he derived from the natural world and the heavens. back aways, i’d meant to say that in our eastern by northeastern sky above our local canyon’s mountain, mars, jupiter, and saturn are in leo and scorpio. dunno what that means for the warrior planet, but it is certinly a thrill to behold…and wonder…not pretend to *know*.

              if it serves as a lullaby…so much the better. ;-)

              • “is it true there’s just one for one” at about the 50-55 second mark of the linda ronstadt song. i took the song as her struggling w/”the monogamous ideal,” not necessarily w/in the relationship but that there’s only person ever, your true love, soulmate, etc. and in the “focus on the family” kind of model, the monogamous ideal is *the person you are married to.*

  8. Tom Lehrer is one of the liberating forces of early Boomer white Southerners (those for whom it took). I ran into his records at a friend’s, a guy who played folk music was an early purchaser of Joan Baez and Peter, Paul, and Mary (the gateway to Pete Seeger).

    The widipedia:

    National Brotherhood Week undoes a lot of the syrupy liberalism of the Kennedy years.

    It is of the times, not bold enough to step beyond coded offenses to the Joe McCarthy folks and the Legion of Decency.

    His mathematics background came out in his tribute to non-Euclidean mathematician Nicholas Ivanovitch Lobachevsky who taught you how to “plagiarize, plagiarize; so nothing would evade your eyes.” Lobachevsky must have been one of Joe Biden’s favorite speech-writing teachers.

    • thanks, and i just looked up the lyrics to NBW; how hilarious. far more tame than ‘assholes on parade’… did joe plagiarize? i’d thought you might have meant ‘a noun and a verb and 9/11’, but that was biden on giuliani, it seems.

      do you have any guesses as to the ‘after amerika’ realignment (or not)?

  9. From many years ago, my two “youthful indiscretions” has been “working European Hours” and my zest or zeal, I prepared a five-page proposal and which I submitted to three charitable and politically-oriented foundations to which each would fund a reasonable comprehensive study on our existing relationships with governments in the hemisphere. Take, for example, a “detailed” study that provided the “insight” of Mexico’s “leaders” both political and governmental. Thus, the “demands” of both Mexico and the United States. Needless to say, but I will, I never received a response, either verbal or written.

    Consequently, my attempting to become an “influencer” regarding the subject matter of hegemony, was not appreciated. Therefore, whenever the subject of “hegemony” comes to the forefront, I revert back to my approach that is my seminal “indigenousness” and therefore, not much appreciated by the greater American Democracy.

    Of course, if one starts with the federal spending patterns, not only for National Security and Defense, but to include our Usage of Foreign Aid and the utilization of the Federal Reserve and the Treasury, effectively demonstrates, the Peace and Not War, cannot be considered or tolerated, especially when our nation’s nuclear arsenal must be upgraded. Or even to include the Surveillance Data Collection Systemic and where 10% is predicated on “terrorism” and the remaining bulk is premised on the Usage by persons of considerable influence, both the in the public and private sector.

    So, don’t anyone here at the Café get me started on the particulars and which increasingly animate Hegemony-Mongers.


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