Guest Post by Jaango: Causa de Pendejadas

Causa de Pendejadas Part I: Are 20,000 of America’s Credentialed Journalists “criminally stupid”? 

Now that Donald Trump took his invited trip to Mexico and returned via Phoenix, Arizona, and where he gave his self-aggrandized speech on Immigration, the news media outlets, and in deference to Trump–the print and electronic—these, credentialed Journalists. seemingly forgot to pronounce or even address our traditional Common Sense, writ large, and vis-à-vis this inherent and historical ‘reality’ as explained by Trump and his campaign’s stable of well-heeled propagandists. To wit, the cost or economic impact from Trump’s Causa de Pendejada has yet to measured or aptly discussed in our public debate.
Therefore, the starting point our public debate commences with the 11 million undocumented immigrants and where 75% of these immigrants are women and with each woman being the parent of approximate three children born here in our United States.

Therefore, the notion of deporting America’s 24 million children, alongside their parents to all points South of our wonderful Sonoran Desert poses both a moral, political and economic catastrophe onto both the United States and Mexico, given that Mexico is a nation of 130 million citizens.

And if one takes into consideration the cost of food, housing, clothing, education, and medical care, and that’s just for starters, in addressing this triangulation for a seminal citizenship and where nation-building is not a Construct acceptable to the Conservative-oriented white nationalist view, since the alt-right movement has co-opted the Establishment’s and our nation’s Third Stereotype and that being: “I don’t care…I’ll be dead…So what’s your point” has now come full circle, and now must be included in our public debate, and prior to November’s election.

In closing, we, our nation’s military vets and in particular, Chicano and Native Americans, don’t expect the mass media outlets and their well-paid employees, to venture far-off the their single-spaced page and as dictated by their well-regarded editors and done in the guise of self-restraint. Therefore, we are left with the Internet to as our default position for espousing and challenging America’s Decency and Decrepitude, and which is, nonetheless, easily accomplished. Obviously, America’s 20,000 credentialed Journalists aren’t “listening.”

So, let us begin by “calling out” the PBS News Hour program and followed by New York Times, the Washington Post as well as the national Sunday Morning Chatter Box Programs.


Causa de Pendejadas Part II: Is it Amnesty or a Pathway to Citizenship?

With the Republicans facing their political demise given the level of the impending impact of demographics among Chicanos/Hispanics/Native Americans, the immigration debates are now having to be coalesced among the Reformicons on the Right and among their innovative acolytes and where elections—won or lost, are going to be determined via the demographics for being non-white. And are the Reformicons up to this public debate. Thusly, today’s lackluster Conservative Principles, are being challenged in a variety of innovative manners.

Take, for example, the future of any adherent to Conservative Principles will have to profess to higher government spending for over 21 million American-born children when being deported via the demeaning Trumpista clarion call. And for those among us who are thoroughly familiar with immigration and on a “first hand” basis, demonstrates that of the 11 million undocumented immigrants amongst us, 4 million are men and 7 million are women. As such, the men travel back and forth to their countries of origin and the women do not, given that each woman has to render the requisite care and support to each of their three children born here in the United States.

And it’s each of these 21 million children—citizens all, that will change demographics and political calibrations for the adherents to their Conservative Principles. And inwardly, will these Principles outweigh the Racism espoused by the current residents of America’s political gutter?

And given that Trump’s nativist-oriented speech in Phoenix, Arizona, of this past week, the Principles of Conservativism have been called into question. Thus, from the perspective or standpoint of a perspective of the non-Trumpistas, a “softening” or a “waffling” is not in the deck of cards that Donald Trump has built and long before the debates of earlier this year among the 17 candidates.

Thus, a seminal of failure of Conservative Principles where bigotry and racism has now become the dominant feature, is causing the foresight necessary to understand our national spending of taxpayer dollars on immigration, writ large.

And this iconic feature has no salient or given voice, as yet in our public debate, and will these deported children be provided the sustenance to survive as well retain their American citizenship after spending many years in their mother’s nation of origin? And our challenge as Chicano military vets is to advocate that our National Security and Defense Schematic must include these 21 million kids given our history for “protecting and defending our Constitution” despite the reprehensible behavior of the self-victimization of the wrong-headedness of our fellow citizens.

In closing, how these 21million children facing deportation are to be treated in the future, will determine the overall demise of our white Democracy and the impending or onset of our brown Democracy. Demographics are what they are, and our white Democracy is now facing our nation’s proverbial cul-de-sac. And with November’s election premised on the voters’ angst and anger or belief in the “trust” personified by Trump and Clinton, both candidates should be required to address our future as an intelligent and competent Democracy. And if not, demographics will determine our future, either for good or bad.

Note: The latest political salvo being aggressively propagated is the notion or meme for/of “Legalization without a pathway to citizenship finesses one of the political objections, the fear among Republicans is that amnesty would result in a slug of Democratic voters.”


Causa de Pendejadas Part III: Trump’s Immigration Costs

Without yet any questions posed as to the “costs” for deporting undocumented immigrants, we the Chicanos here in the Sonoran Desert, have the responsibility to challenge the anti-immigrant voices to address the reality of the anticipated costs for deporting 21 million American-born kids during the next 17 years or until these children turn 18 years of age. And if not, we can no longer speak of anyone’s moral turpitude, since we have conveniently ignored our apt citizenship and the entailed responsibilities for empowering Decency, writ large.

Take, for example, the cost associated with housing, food, clothing, medical care, transportation, education and the associated costs of living in a foreign country, is sizable. And when compared to the Trump vision for building “the wall” is figured at a one-time cost of$25 billion, these costs associated for living a foreign country is far more significant, when done on an annual basis and further, extended for the anticipated next 17 years.

To wit, the following taxpayer subsidized payment to the undocumented immigrant parent of three children that were born here in the United States. Thus, the cost regarding 21 million children is truly pertinent to both the Executive and Legislative branches of our national government, as well as our taxpayer pocketbook.

…$600 monthly/$7200 annually X 21,000,000 kids.
…$1,000 monthly/$12,000 annually X 21,000,000 kids.
…$1,500 monthly/$18,000 annually X 21,000,000 kids.

Now, with the Presidential Debates to begin later this month and into early October, I am not expecting any of the designated Moderators to pose the question to each of the Candidates as to the “costs” anticipated and of course, to any of our Elected Officials prior to these debates. And just in these past few days, one of the Moderators, particularly, from Fox News has stipulated that he has no responsibility or duty to “fact challenge” each of the candidates, and with this irresponsible behavior, having a Moderator refusing to challenge the “costs” of deportation, whether in large scale or not, tells us that we have no “influence” in the decision-making relative to immigration, and therefore, we have to factor into our “vote” our concretized concerns, among the many, come our November’s election.

Consequently, our Vote is of far greater importance than to just our lonely self since our deported children have no one to come forward on their behalf.


11 responses to “Guest Post by Jaango: Causa de Pendejadas

  1. Well-argued, Jaango.
    The Republican decision to be a white nationalist party means that they have to deny birthright citizenship (through Consitutional amendment) and conduct one of the larger ethnic cleansings in history just to ensure that 21 million children, now citizens of the United States don’t become voters at age 18.

    This is a massive mobilization of state power and an expensive project to carry out such a forced deportation and comply with some pretense of observing human rights through supporting the survival of the deportees and resettlement after deportation.

    The estimated cost just to support survival at $600/person/month would come to $151.2 billion if resettlement took a year per person. (You see how easily the banality of evil slips in when you start doing budgets and looking at just the practical requirements of such a large deportation.)

    Does that pretty much sum up the practical stuff?

    And then there is the matter of suspending a Constitutional right — birthright citizenship. And the fact that such mass collective action amounts to ethnic cleansing for the purposes of ensuring continued political power of an ethnic group, which likely is a serious crime against humanity because of the likely collateral damage in such a large deportation. (Eeek, “collateral damage” another repulsive but succinct term for a variety of catastrophes.)

    — violates the Constitution, as amended
    — violates international standards of human rights
    — spends needlessly $150.2 billion dollars
    — imposes a US solution on another sovereign government with no compensation
    — rigs future elections to preserve white domination of the political system

    Did I miss something from your post?

  2. TarheelDem,

    An excellent response.

    However, I am somewhat hesitant to even consider the “anger” demonstrated by each, as each returns to the USA at the age of 18. Perhaps, the rusty machete will be sharpened and thusly, unexpected violence will become rampant? And hopefully, not so!


  3. Its not just trump. An msnbc bubblehead pointed out in a rare moment that trump will largely continue and accelerate obamas massive deportation program. Fear mongering about trump is imho somewhat misguided. HRC has already voted as senator to fund wall building. Etc.

    But for the sake of “freedom” just how many ICE cops will be hired? Its a jobs program! How many administrators, guards etc.? Militarization will skyrocket.

    • our comments crossed. as per the wapo again:

      ““Since the Bush administration, the DHS has dramatically increased its efforts to lock down the southwest border. The budget for Customs and Border Protection has grown to $10.7 billion in the past decade, a 75 percent increase. The number of Border Patrol agents at the border has nearly doubled over the past decade, to more than 18,000 today.

      Much of the ramp-up occurred during the Bush administration, but the Obama administration has marshaled more forces as well. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has recently set up three task forces to increase coordination within the DHS.
      Current and former DHS officials acknowledge that a confluence of factors explains the decline in illegal migration, including demographic changes in Mexico, improvements in its economy and Mexico’s crackdown on Central American migrants headed to the United States. But these officials insist that the massive investment to secure the border has been the key factor.”

      da wiki on the mexico/us barrier fence is long, but aside from: “The barriers were built as part of three larger “Operations” to taper transportation of illegal drugs manufactured in Latin America and illegal immigration: Operation Gatekeeper in California, Operation Hold-the-Line[4] in Texas, and Operation Safeguard in Arizona.

      96.6% of apprehensions by the Border Patrol in 2010 occurred at the southwest border. The number of Border Patrol apprehensions declined 61% from 1,189,000 in 2005 to 723,840 in 2008 to 463,000 in 2010. The decrease in apprehensions may be due to a number of factors including changes in U.S. economic conditions and border enforcement efforts. Border apprehensions in 2010 were at their lowest level since 1972.”

      …you must mean her senate vote on H.R. 6061, the “Secure Fence Act of 2006”, was introduced on September 13, 2006. It passed through the U.S. House of Representatives on September 14, 2006 with a vote of 283–138? likely. the ‘rethinking the expansion’ and ‘expansion freezes’ sections are a bit convoluted, but noteworthy. it skirts the fact that the boeing software…simply sucked eggs, but expensive eggs, and the costs are beginning to add up. how effective? woot; anyone’s guess.

      but the wiki entry ends:
      “As part of his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump has called for the construction of a much larger and fortified wall along the Mexico-United States border, and pledged to have Mexico to pay for its construction.[46] Luis Videgaray Caso responded: “I say it emphatically and categorically: Mexico, under no circumstance is going to pay for the wall that Mr Trump is proposing.”[47] Former Mexican President Vicente Fox stated: “I’m not going to pay for that fucking wall.”[48] Former presidential candidate Ted Cruz also called for building a border barrier, and has supported this idea since at least April 2012”

      of course the Queen is calling for comprehensive immigration reform; wonder what that would really look like?

    • I considered putting an ad up offering servicios por bebes de ancora on craigslist…but these days the um salmon dont always make it up the uterine waterfalls to spawn…as it were.

  4. i’m not getting the meaning of those figures you’ve suggested here, jaango. are they the potential costs of deporting those children to their nations of origin, then? (both you and thd have mentioned ‘resettlement’ costs.) if so, i guess i’d wonder if any sort of consideration would come into play, myself.

    oddly, looking to check your initial figure of 11 million, one of the hits i got was the WaPo explaining the figures available from both DHS and the migration policy institute. it seems as i’d thought, only a little more than half of the undocumented immigrants are from mexico, the largest surge at one point being the unaccompanied children from central america. who could have missed the photos of the chirren in cages sleeping on concrete floors w’ space blankets over them?

    oh, yes, immigrant prisons have been on the top o’ the list for this administration…. figures of deportations by O are hard to come by, as there are so many different classifications, but the WaPo piece has a short video up concerning O’s january ‘purge’ in NC, GA and TX:

    “The Obama administration has launched a series of raids aimed at deporting the mostly women and children who have come from Honduras, Guatemala and other Central American countries since 2014. Administration officials are now working frantically to quell political outrage the raids have triggered among immigration rights advocates and Latino leaders.”

    they freely admit that they’ve sought refuge from drug violence, crime, or poverty in guatemala, honduras, and el salvador. now do those nations ring a bell for us in terms of US foreign policy blunders and coups? whoa, yes. anyway, more later; i may have another thought or two on the dollar figures, but it may take scrolling way down to ‘Unauthorized Immigrants; How many unauthorized immigrants are in the United States?’ in the latter link. i burned out before i got there, and they may cover the thoughts i have.

    on edit: no, the migration policy place didn’t have what i was looking for, but both that site and this one might be keepers for your further research.

    ‘‘How Much Do Undocumented Immigrants Pay in State and Local Taxes?’, via

    translate please? my guess isn’t really about pendejos: Causa de Pendejadas

    i will say that a few commenters under the WaPo article mentioned ‘anchor babies’, a term which i’d blessedly forgotten.

  5. Jason,

    Should Trump win, Homeland Security will be ‘beefed up’ for militarization, but done with private contractors.

  6. Wendy,
    Thank You! for your courtesy in establishing this Guest page.

    As to the particulars of your comment, one focal point and with regard to each child, our use of foreign aid or a subset of Social Security’s timely payments to these deported children will be required. And as such, as sop to Democrats like myself.

    In contrast, TarheelDem is correct in that using a Constitutional Amendment “revoking” the citizenship of these kids, would not require any financial subsidy from taxpayer coffers, i.e., to be attributed to these deported kids. Thus, leaving it up to these foreign governments to demonstrate their noblesse oblige toward our deported children, writ large. Therefore, the “argument” becomes one for “raising import taxes” to offset this presumptive subsidy via Social Security. Consequently, “pitting” legal immigration between Europeans versus Africans versus Latin Americans versus Asians becomes the Construct for the renovation of the Republican Party since Reagan’s Conservative Movement no longer exists, and the same can be said of Bush43’s Tea Party. And now, our nation is left with, or is that “right” of today’s Freedom Caucus.

  7. So state legislatures are very important this year to hedge against a Constitutional amendment striking birthright citizenship, a provision that allows Michelle Malkin to call herself a native-born American (instead of what? one of the conservative-designated “anchor babies”?)

    Jaango, thanks for reminding us that a Trump policy would just dump 21 million people over the border in northern Mexico. It would make the Syrian refugee crisis look like a normal humanitarian issue. Yes, the noblesse oblige of other countries would enable Trump just as the anti-semitism of other countries enabled Hitler.

    And to get state legislatures, we sympathetic Anglo white folks will have to join in protecting the vote in precinct after precinct. Also having enough objective election judges this year is going to be a huge issue when the parties go into “he said; she said” mode.

  8. HA HA HA. Did a “conservative” movement ever have have the integrity to audit their own privilege?

    Crapitalism is fraud and crapitalist state accounting is fraud. Money for political war can be laundered. If financing were the primary basis of a “liberal” or “conservative” opposition, no good would result.

    Inevitability arguments (like the demographic one treasured by this author) are not satisfying. The crapitalist state already is on their case:

  9. Comrade aXe,
    Thank you for your response as well as the link.

    And as such, my first experience with COINTELPRO was in 1970 and at the exotic location of Denver, Colorado. And here in 1980, it rears its ugly head in Arizona at the State Legislature. Further, it showed up again at the State Legislature in 2010 and where it was inserted into public law as “attempting to upend the Constitution.”


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