Police arrest 22 after ‘swarm’ at Dakota pipeline construction site

Given that the earlier #NoDAPL diary (see below) is getting long and a bit whiskery, I reckoned that we’d need a more current post to keep up as events unfold further.

Don’t you just love the ever-so-quaint name ‘Energy Transfer Partners’?  Er…I believe Kelcey Warren just flipped the bird to Obama, et.al.’s ‘voluntarily halting’.

Via RT.

“Police said they arrested 22 people at the construction site of the Dakota Access oil pipeline, claiming people were interfering with equipment. The arrests were made 70 miles northwest of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s main protest site.

The Morton County Sheriff’s Office said about 50 law enforcement police responded to events the site near Glen Ullin Tuesday after construction workers said they had been “swarmed” by protesters and that two people had “attached” themselves to equipment.”

Quite the mixed metaphors there, Sheriff.  And Sheriff, they’d prefer to be called ‘protectors’, as in ‘protectors of sacred water and sacred sites’.

“The protesters face charges of criminal trespassing, and the two attached to equipment faces charges of hindering law enforcement and disorderly conduct, according to the Sheriff’s spokeswoman, Donnell Preskey, according to AP.

The site near Glen Ullin is not part of the temporary work stoppage ordered by the federal judge or the section the federal government asked Energy Transfer Partners to voluntarily stop work on last Friday.

Hundreds of people from over 200 indigenous nations have gathered in the area to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, which claimed in a lawsuit filed against federal regulators that the oil pipeline would harm water supplies and disturb sacred burial and cultural sites.

The lawsuit challenges the Army Corps of Engineers’ decision to grant about 200 permits at water crossings for the pipeline. For now, the federal government has issued a temporary halt to construction on Army Corps land around and underneath Lake Oahe, one of six reservoirs on the Missouri River. Three federal agencies also asked Energy Transfer Partners for a “voluntary pause” in work for 20 miles on either side of Lake Oahe.”  (the rest is here.)

For Sept. 4 Café background: ‘Red Warrior Camp at Standing Rock Attacked by Private Security Co. Dogs

Yesterday, September 13 was designated as #StandWithStandingRock a day of national solidarity.

Oakland, NYC, DeeCee and loads more.

For better or worse, a hella lotta big brand star power is getting involved, at least on the Twit Machine; I won’t bring the Tweets from one of the worst gate-keeping offenders.  Yes: my cynicism is showing.  ;-)

16 responses to “Police arrest 22 after ‘swarm’ at Dakota pipeline construction site

  1. oh no! bono’s not involved, is he? or as beavis & butthead call him, boner. (sorry. he’s just the worst ain’t he?)
    if the sierra club graphic is correct, what is the widespread interest in this issue, at this time, attributable to? not that it’s one thing…are people finally having a Twisted Sister moment and saying, “no! we ain’t gonna take it!” let’s hope so.

    • dunno and can’t tell what sort of folks (or color), nor how many, the solidarity protectors might be, but it indeed has become ‘a thing’, and for now, that’s major, isnt it?.

      but you got it all wrong, dude! bono is one of my favorite stars (albeit a hideous singer). he and i are practically in ♥♥♥! speaking of which:

      Bayer confirms Monsanto takeover with $66bn bid
      German pharmaceuticals giant Bayer has agreed to buy American GMO company Monsanto for $128 a share. The acquisition values Monsanto’s equity at about $56 billion, but including debt, the deal is worth nearly $66 billion.”

      re: glen ullin; note josh ‘earnest’s’coy statement. and they seem to have actually been er…‘federal officers’.

      i won’t name the dem gatekeeper funded by the usual suspects, but his initials are B McK. the bern on the thread so ubiquitously is a bit of a cipher to me, i’ll admit. we’ll likely know soon enough, eh?

  2. gah. gotta lay off the orange drink i ferment under the radiator. it killed the brain cell that recorded i had read your wonderful/awful earlier FDL piece on Bonsanto. just that brain cell, no others.

    i guess we could ask this about obummer and…well all these killa clownz, but is bono a believer or just the consummate ass-kisser? in the monsanto/AGRA garbage? the huckster is the most advanced psychological specimen of our day, who makes statements w/o referent to any sense of reality & who whole-heartedly believes whatever dumbass ooze spews out of their oleaginous jingle-hole? and when they are not Babbit-izing, the default psychological posture is “Yes, Boss”? hmmm…belief as boot-licking?

    • ooof, so glad to hear that only one brain cell died; my brain has more lacunae than cells, dammit.

      hard to ever know what’s in a celeb brain like bono’s, but my guess is that he began living in the second-tier bubble just below the power elite (as congress-critters do), and was eager to take the blue pill, as it was quite…profitable. but then there a hella lot of folks who seemed to believe in the green revolution 2.0, yes? or did they? it defies logic to me. but bono is the consummate con man, in any event. your huckster def is superb.

  3. Great round-up, wd! RT is beating the pants off Western reporting on this movement. Not only did they simply pick up an AP story about yesterday’s arrests and add a couple of tweets, they also *actually picked up the telephone* to interview Navajo Tom Goldtooth, executive editor of the Indigenous Environmental Network – and take a look at what he had to say:

    “We are dealing with a world that doesn’t understand who we are. … It is time, it is really time, for the world to understand that there is something deeper than this Western-type of development that continues to take and take out of Mother Earth without giving back.

    “[There is a] tremendous need for the world to re-evaluate its own understanding of nature, its own understanding of its relationship to Mother Earth.

    “Those are some of the things that are part of this whole convergence here is around a system’s change, not climate change, and especially how we work together, interact with each other, nation to nation, as indigenous nations and colonial nations. … It is a new chapter, that is what is happening here, a new convergence for a new chapter and how we communicate, and how we respect each other and how North Dakota as a state of the United States government how it communicates much better policies of consultation what exist now.”

    Powerful stuff, succinctly and well said.

    The Indigenous Earth Network website is ienearth.org, where they are accepting donations.

    Just reading their About page is an education in how holistically native peoples perceive environmental and economic justice issues – and how so much the world, especially those in the West, has to learn from them.

    • RT really is blowin’ the lid off, although amy goodman’s been doin’ well, to, eh? her arrest warrant was Yuge News. ;-) thanks for bring more tom goldtooth, and what he said was good, esp. given this that jerri-lynn scofield had quoted here at NC: (i’d stuck it on the earlier coverage)

      Federal Agencies Anticipated District Court Ruling

      “The statement has been well-received by the tribal leadership. “A public policy win is a lot stronger than a judicial win,” said Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II. “It’s a win for all Indians. It’s a win for indigenous people,” as reported by the West Central Tribune.

      The key question is, how much of a win does the agency statement actually represent?”, etc.

      loads of people at the warrior camp had been celebrating a huge win, so it’s good they’re comin’ back to earth, isn’t it? and now that energy transfer has said ‘fuck you’, they’ll hopefully get what they’re up against. hence the glen ullin ‘swarm’ i reckon.

      On edit: i apologize, dancingrabbit. mr. wd noted that i’d confused tom goldtooth and dave archambault.

  4. two more noteworthy things. amy goodman had interviewed bullard just before the private security had attacked protectors on sept. 3; she noted that it was the 150-somethingth anniversary of the massacre at whitestone; if i ever knew of that one, i’d forgotten, and shame on me.

    also, someone had tweeted this news, and i was going to use it for my next police state diary:

    North Dakota becomes first US state to legalise use of armed drones by police; It is unclear whether local police departments will use weaponised devices, even though they are technically legal’; independent UK

    irony alert: the originator of the bill intended something else entirely.

    • the independent article is a little confusing though completely unsurprising. i have little trust (none, of the federales) when someone says of something awful, “i didn’t intend this outcome.” maybe apples & oranges, or an apple and a bigger apple, but the US Congress votes 100% (+/- a statistical anomaly, like a russ feingold) for a bill only when the outcome is a foregone conclusion (success: Patriot Act; failure: recent sue the Saudis for 9-11 bill; there is no doubt Obama will veto, so a vote is safe.) “i’m gonna try to roll back blah blah provision in the next 2 years.” uh huh. not if a locust swarm of drones proves effective you won’t. I searched wsws (there i go again!) for their article of a couple of years back about Detroit Electric Power using infrared surveillance drones to detect “squatters” on the electrical grid (the 1st answer to that query on the goog is “Get your drones at JC Penny!” they are selling their floor staff now?)

      i’ll posit this iron-clad rule of history: whatever a gov’t does abroad, it will sooner or later do to “its” own citizen on “its” “native” soil. exceptions come from natural disasters, revolutions, economic collapse, etc., not from any legal rulings or benign intentions from ruling class reps. (the reverse can also be true: wipe out the natives here then go wipe out the filipinos.)

      and the federales can preempt this “there’s tazers but no hellfire” at any time. no doubt when some brave scalps a drone, they’ll charge him w/assaulting a police officer. or worse. “when the protestor & the drone met…it was…MURDER.” i can hear obama’s (or the other gal’s) solicitor general before SCOTUS saying this already.

      • yes, among other confusions on the indy link, iirc the author left out a ‘not’ or two. but yeah, as to ‘unintended consequences, pffft on feingold/mcCranky. i’d say just in time for this action, but i love ‘a brave scalps a drone’. or…swarms a drone. and you’re too right, the drones will take on the ‘homeland’ dissenters before long.

        urban shield will be part of the next police tate diary, by the by; same shit different day. but far less informative than other years, sneaky bastards.

  5. re: the whitestone massacre (and the wiki) the timing and some of the Dark Civil War Generals’ names seemed so familiar, and i finally discovered why. more on a website about the standing rock white stone (hill) massacre:

    “Shortly after the Dakota Sioux uprising of 1862 in Minnesota many of the remaining Dakota fled West to North and South Dakota and parts of Canada. They were once peaceful and cooperative Natives but after years of Euro-American pressure, neglect, and encroachment they became hostile and desperate. They scattered like the pollen of plants in the wind among the prairies and it was here they hoped to find peace and good hunting once again.

    But the wasicus had other plans. Despite the historical mass hanging of 38 Dakota men, in lieu of the Dakota Uprising of 1862, their thirst for revenge wasn’t quenched. The US Army dispersed across the prairies of North and South Dakota. Their modus operandi was to capture, punish, and kill any Dakota Natives they could find, whether or not they were involved in the Dakota Uprising.”

    “Largest mass hanging in United States history”; 38 Santee “Sioux” Indian men
    Mankato, Minnesota, Dec. 16, 1862

    larry long memorialized it in song.

    • voices from another world carried on long alien winds. disappear like the buffalo.

      • beautiful comment, jason. or ‘up in smoke’, though yours is far more evocatively true. so many genocidal/sociocidal stories, and yet…they remain, or at least many tribes, not the CA ones, i think.

        we shall remain‘; *some* native historians are permitted to tell their own truths.

        in larry long’s song, i wish i knew what ‘chonk a ha da ya’ (well, sorta) means. it seems like such an emphatic pronuncement. mr. wd says he reading names, and will fetch out album w/ liner notes

        • the liner notes say, as mr. wd had remembered, that amos owen is reading the names of the 38; ‘cankahda’ (my chank a ha da)is ‘near the wood’. such emphasis, but then in part:

          “grandfather, i come to you this day in my humble way to offer my prayers for the 38 who perished that day in mankado in the year 1862′, then prayers to the four directions: W: horse nation and N:elk people, E: buffalo nation and S: spirit people, Heavens: great spirit and spotted eagle, and below: mother earth. all my relations.”

          • mother earth. all my relations…today 100 years ago tanks were 1st used. thanks britain. i doubt the natives would been surprised to see us shooting at each other & crashing into each other in gigantic roaring metal death boxes. or tank warfare (BOOM! lame joke about cars). or that big-bird looking thing in the sky is armed w/tear gas. or missiles.

            • interesting anniversary. now i can’t say that it happened, but some of the holy men were said to have had a hella lot of visions of the white invaders; some said to be on the specific side. tank contests? mebbe.

              getting their hands on rifles made a big difference…for a time. hello, yellow hair: i’m talking to you. ah, so many broken treaties, ‘relocations’ when gold/uranium were found; so many Trails of Tears by the colonizers, corrupt bia rez CEOs. but remember: manifest destiny, so…

              drones over standing rock; now that’d be a song for the late great john trudell, wouldn’t it?

  6. it seems to be the case that more and more people are envisioning the time when the coming wars will be for water (potable, if not clean) and food, and understand at last that first americans/first nations people have long been on the receiving end of toxic…dumping, poisoning, and so on by the colonizers and neo-colonizers. it’s heartening, isn’t it? where this particular saga will end is anyone’s guess.

    On Solidarity with Standing Rock, Executive Clemency and the International Indigenous Struggle’, by Leonard Peltier, September 16, 2016

    “Greeting Sisters and Brothers:
    I have been asked to write a SOLIDARITY statement to everyone about the Camp of the Sacred Stones on Standing Rock. Thank you for this great honor. I must admit it is very difficult for me to even begin this statement as my eyes get so blurred from tears and my heart swells with pride, as chills run up and down my neck and back. I’m so proud of all of you young people and others there.
    I am grateful to have survived to see the rebirth of the united and undefeated Sioux Nation at Standing Rock in the resistance to the poisonous pipeline that threatens the life source of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. It is an honor to have been alive to see this happen with you young people. You are nothing but awesome in my eyes.
    It has been a long, hard road these 40 years of being caged by an inhuman system for a crime I did not commit. I could not have survived physically or mentally without your support, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul for encouraging me to endure and maintain a spiritual and legal resistance.
    We are now coming to the end of that road, soon arriving at a destination which will at least in part be determined by you. Along the lines of what Martin Luther King said shortly before his death, I may not get there with you, but I only hope and pray that my life, and if necessary, my death, will lead my Native peoples closer to the Promise Land.” (the rest of his heart-rending essay is here, bless his heart. and the closing: ‘in the spirit of Crazy Horse’)

    and no, it’s highly unlikely if not impossible to imagine that O will grant him clemency.

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