Fuck. Obama’s Denied Clemency to Leonard Peltier

from heavy.com‘Leonard Peltier Clemency Denied: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know’

Brenda Norrell at censored news has a heart-wrenching  email that Leonard had recently sent to attorney Martin Garbus in case he were denied clemency.  He knows he will die in prison, old and sick, but cherished by millions of us around the globe who understand he is an icon of martyrdom to resistance.

one of leonard’s self-portraits.

peltier self portrait

Our hearts to your heart, Leonard.

sigh.  read more background at freepeltier.org.  and from leonard, in his own words:

‘41 Years Since Jumping Bull (But 500 Years of Trauma)’, june 27, 2016 at counterpunch.  he opens with:

“June 26th marks 41 years since the long summer day when three young men were killed at the home of the Jumping Bull family, near Oglala, during a firefight in which I and dozens of others participated. While I did not shoot (and therefore did not kill) FBI agents Ronald Williams and Jack Coler, I nevertheless have great remorse for the loss of their young lives, the loss of my friend Joe Stuntz, and for the grieving of their loved ones. I would guess that, like me, many of my brothers and sisters who were there that day wish that somehow they could have done something to change what happened and avoid the tragic outcome of the shootout.

This is not something I have thought about casually and then moved on. It’s something I think about every day. As I look back, I remember the expressions of both fear and courage on the faces of my brothers and sisters as we were being attacked. We thought we were going to be killed! We defended our elders and children as they scattered for protection and to escape. Native people have experienced such assaults for centuries, and the historical trauma of the generations was carried by the people that day — and in the communities that suffered further trauma in the days that followed the shootout, as the authorities searched for those of us who had escaped the Jumping Bull property.”  (the rest, again, is here)

My 40 Years in Prison’, counterpunch, feb.5, 2016

A Special Appeal’, counterpunch, dec. 30, 2016

the cover art is by Leonard: ‘protector of the woods’, one of my favorites. this song ain’t a fave, but it does tell the story well.

Sorry, i can’t seem to stop… this maybe be mr. wd’s favorite from the late, great santee sioux, john trudell, may he rest in power:

to send cards or letters:

Leonard Peltier
USP Coleman I
P.O. Box 1033
Coleman, FL 33521

Chicken shit O knows he didn’t kill them FBIs, they all know it, but someone had to pay; he’s been in prison for 14,958 days already …and he’ll keep on paying until death releases him.

Yes: in the spirit of Crazy Horse‘ we keep you in our hearts.

I reckon we’ll hear from Leonard when he can afford to truly grasp the truth of his, and our, dashed hopes for his release.  Heh, again: Obama sure managed to turn ‘hope’ into just another four-letter word, didn’t he?

16 responses to “Fuck. Obama’s Denied Clemency to Leonard Peltier

  1. as i was assembling this diary, an email came in from the WH, obomba thanking his fellow amerikans, noting that before his leaving a note for his successor:

    ““But before I leave my note for our 45th president, I wanted to say one final thank you for the honor of serving as your 44th. Because all that I’ve learned in my time in office, I’ve learned from you. You made me a better President, and you made me a better man.”

    jayzus, you seem to mean: it couldda been worse had we not ‘made ya better’? don’t let the door hit ya in the butt on the way out…

  2. just for the hella of it, compare:
    http://www.whoisleonardpeltier.info/ (which used to be .net)
    http://www.whoisleonardpeltier.org/, which cleverly goes to the ‘No Parole Peltier Assn. “In The Spirit of Coler and Williams”©

    adorable, aren’t they, to get you to click into their lying mirror website?

  3. It’s don’t let teh (patron Poppy) BushWhack ya, where the ‘G00D’ “lord” cracked ya ! Lion Leo didn’t have no bargain; like say, calling off Standing Rock !! BTW, Julian better postpone his calendar date with Poppy’s deep-state until Manning’s actually released and safe !!! (And why’s Assange extraditing to “US”; when it’s only teh “$WEDE$” ‘ fallacious “rape” ‘charges’ he faces?) !!!!

    • did you mean to put this comment on the open menu thread w/ the announcement that O had commuted chelsea’s sentence, bruce? as far as assange, his attorney/s noted today that they’re in consideration mode for now.

      but given that he said ‘the US’, wikileaks detractors are going crazy that he’s hoping that herr trumpet and he are such BFFs that he’ll pre-pardon him or some such. gettin’ wild out there. but i reckon that david coombs, et.al., wll be watching her in leavenworth prison as often as possible.

  4. Your title. Indeed. The last hippie punch.

  5. Right on WD.
    And then that SOB had the nerve to speak about maintaining “American” values!!!!
    Like cold blooded murder, war, torture, rendition, more torture, more war?
    Fuck that! I left because of that bastard Bush; Obama is Bush on steroids!
    There’s just no going back, ever…

    • My comment: There’s just no going back, ever…; was not regarding going back to the U.S..
      It was meant in the philosophical vein (just to be clear).
      I had, from day one, no intention of ever returning…

    • thanks for clarifying .no going back, ever’, but i/we would have taken your meaning. if you mean that his trajectory will continue, that’s hard to argue against…for now. and those he bombed and drones won’t rise again, nor will the enemies he helped to create by occupations, leaders he and his minions overthrew, relent until they respond in kind, or there’s a global rabble revolution, but of course, that time has not come.

      i’d thought that today i’ll try hard not to look at what’s going on in deecee, but my morning spin around the web makes that look nigh onto impossible. one headline at RT read close to: “twitter goes crazy when T’s fireworks spell out ‘USR’ (yanno, united states of russia?). good lawdie, this nation is nuts right now. chaos in every corner. yeah, no one would imagine you and your wife abandoning the hermitage.

      jeffrey st. clair has called obama a moral coward by this a.m. for not freeing leonard peltier, according to mr. wd. yeppers. i really did think there was room to almost believe that once two of his former prosecutors wrote in favor of his clemency, (not to mention the pope!!!) he might have been allowed to die at home in his beloved land. but no.

      on edit: i’d been wondering about ‘former black panther’ mason weaver since i read your zero hedge piece, and while there’s no way i’d have ever heard of all of them…after reading the transcript of elaine brown at trnn, i did do a bit of poking around. the main bio of his i found mentions zilch about that affiliation w/ the panthers, and found:

      (after a major industrial accident) “Mason found himself unskilled and disabled. He had to discover a new way of earning a living. After graduation from UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Science, he won a position with the US Department of Energy against 2,400 applicants for four job openings. Between 1976 and 1980 he was promoted from an entry level employee to a Mid Level Senior Contract Specialist with a “Confidential Security Clearance”. He negotiated many multi-million dollar government contracts with major contractors, including TRW, General Dynamics, and General Electric.

      In 1980 Mason resigned to become an entrepreneur, forming a private consulting company to assist businesses in obtaining and administering government contracts. He has consulted with many multi-national companies on government and political issues. But Mason Weaver had to learn how to earn income, how business was achieved and how to teach others.”

      if he were ever a panther, it doesn’t sound like it…yanno, took. ;-)

  6. adios obama. on to financially greener pastures, eh? i think when the G Sax crowd whistles, he’ll get more treats for his moon-barking than the now tiresome yelping & yapping from the Clinton brace. as the Clinton Foundation was to Haiti, so the Obama Fdtn to…Africa? ugh.

    Peltier vs Manning: “cybercrimes” vs shots fired? The State will never let the latter go, esp. in an “officer down” scenario. maybe something like this going on? and w/Mumia and others?

    b/c i think nothing but happy thoughts all the time, I went poking around the wiki for definitions & figures around “excess mortality”, what exactly such means & how useful a concept it is for assessing the career of a Pol Pot or Obama.

    How many excess deaths occurred in the world during the 8 years of the obama admin? (this prism for looking at the capitalist order is not original to me:

    Given just one fact alone: the single number 1 cause of death on the planet is malnutrition. aka, death by the sheer neglect & malicious indifference of the people who are now gathered at Davos, there to make the world better for us all. (“nuke the site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure,” as Ripley said in “Aliens,” her plan to kill all the Aliens. (if Jehovah wants to get back into the fire from heaven biz…)

    and then throw in the actual policies & actions of the obama admin, and you have an incomprehensible legacy of death & destruction. (& how many deaths in the US are cuz of the food, water, guns & cars? fuck. poke around the “mortality in the US” charts on wiki. fun times.)

    We desperately need the Hitlers & Stalins & Maos & Pol Pots, don’t we? and those dirty Japs. and for world wars to be noble causes.

    (as for USPS. ugh. thank you. more on that elsewhere.)

    • how did you know this? in his final email, not only did he pay homage to all the little people who made him a better prez and person, this:

      “‘I’ve seen the youngest of children remind us through their actions and through their generosity of our obligations to care for refugees, or work for peace, and, above all, to look out for each other.” holy shite, that could make for a ph.d dissertation deconstructing it, couldn’t it?

      but we had the opportunity to keep in touch w/ him, and it now, overnight, cuts directly to the chase: ‘the obama foundation’. yep, africa, india, who knows where the fook all.

      funny you mention davos. i got involved in a discussion at tarzies re: the dystopian future w/ the burgeoning artificial intelligence, and kinda went to see whassup at the Davos-Klosterfock mega-hotel. today’s the final day… but i thought i made make an open thread for folks to have a bit of fun w/ it, as i’d long done satires on it, but hadn’t the heart this year. i really don’t wanna now whassup in deecee today (or so i hope).

      • there ain’t shit up w/me. i got something gold & green & am takin’ it easy. a friend is coming into town tomorrow from NYC just for The March and i’m probably going to go see her. not enthusiastically. vita turbam, as some old roman aristo said. avoid the crowd.

        has it been a year already? i have vague memories of commenting somewhere (here?) last year that for all their BS posturing about refugees, there’s not one mention of US/NATO actions in these “conflict zones” by the bright bulbs at Davos? yeah, fuck those people except for their immediate families, no one would miss them & the world would undoubtedly be a better place w/o them & their sick ilk & kith.

        as far as psychologically how one can pick targets for drones on one day & then write 5 minutes later chirpy emails about the hope sparkling in eyes of the apple-blossomed cheeks of the Children, who are The Future(tm): the man is surrounded by this bubble of BS, from all his advisors & confidantes to the scribes at NYT & CNN (who also write on behalf of the elite in their function of mediating b/n the uppers & the masses. The NYT op-ed page is like an advice column for the executive in perception management.) This does not absolve him personally. I assume that, like Nixon’s own words reveal, Obama & the lot of them are titanic bloodthirsty assholes. best of the cutthroats. mad bombers to boot. But they’ve got people and press around them who rationalize incessantly what they are all up to. and the violence these bureaucrats inflict will never haunt or touch them, so why care?

        i mean, sometimes you have to set up an Africom just to ensure the kids get into the best schools, amirite? you think you’ve got career pressures. what about the obamas? how is poor Michelle ever going to restart her career now???

        anyway, enuff. later.

  7. excellent, jason, but my favorite line of all was: “The NYT op-ed page is like an advice column for the executive in perception management.” what.a.brilliant.observation. yeah, the davos crew could be blinked out, but then: where would ‘responsive leadership’™ come from, eh?

    some fooking socialists who believe in democracy?

  8. Exit the covert narcissist; Enter the overt narcissist.
    Exit the old domestic enemy of the Constitution; Enter the ???? (I’ll reserve judgment at this time but I’m not optimistic)

    • pasta! how awesome to see you, srsly. and eggzackly as you said, save i might say: covert fascist, as well. no, hard to be optimistic, but the librul antifascists are seriously misguided partsians. well, i put up a new diary to stand in place for ‘what’s going on in deecee’ as linked above.

      i do wish i had more energy at the moment, but i do find myself in need of a rest for mine googly-eyes just now. more later, i might hope? but so great to see a delegate from the utah left.

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