Plaintive pleas from the women at Oceti Sakowin: ‘We are surrounded and need help; Feb. 22 is the Eviction Raid’ Update: ‘cleanup’ 9 a.m 2/23

this is great news; reb z’s rubber-bullet hit hand is well enough to at least drive again, mebbe film a little?  here’s hoping the surgery brought it back to full use.

Listen to Sicangu Lakota Frank Waln’s “Treaties” on soundcloud

Listen to Nataanii Means and Witko’s “God Bless Amerikkka on soundcloud; file under: ‘whoa, nellie, what a hella polemical indictment, and good on them!’

It’s hard to say if there are more than a handful of vets at the camps; from what I can tell, they raised a hella lot of money (VeteransRespond far less than VeternasStand4), but as far as the latter, this seems to be the only tweet referencing their current status, although it’s possible both groups are primarily on FaceSpook.  Michael Wood is busy elsewhere, albeit with a great project, so…I dunno how many might be in camp.  Just found VeteransRespond’s Facespook; members can look for more.  Ha; clicking #hustletoheal brings more photos and activities.  VeteransStand4 on FaceSpook.


‘North Dakota Senate passes bills criminalizing Dakota Access Pipeline protests’,

“North Dakota’s anti-protest bills are certainly aimed at Dakota Access Pipeline protesters, particularly in anticipation of increased backlash over the project’s imminent completion. However, they are part of a wider push by lawmakers and law enforcement in the United States to push back against a public that is increasingly vocal in its complaints against the governance in their communities.

Protests against Trump’s heavy-handed, fascistic administration, as well as protests against police violence, have gained traction throughout the US, and lawmakers have increasingly cooperated with law enforcement agencies to ensure that future protests are crushed as brutally and swiftly as possible. As in the rest of the country, legislators in North Dakota reveal the heightened intensity of class antagonism and the crisis of American bourgeois democracy.”

19 responses to “Plaintive pleas from the women at Oceti Sakowin: ‘We are surrounded and need help; Feb. 22 is the Eviction Raid’ Update: ‘cleanup’ 9 a.m 2/23

  1. (click for larger) my heart’s heavy, too, arvol looking horse, as many in the camps’ must be today. will the removal happen in the dark? the floodlights were lit all night last night, some said likely as a sleep deprivation tactic. mitakuye oyasin.

  2. Prayers. Those who will be there will be there. Unicorn Riot documented a road block between Standing Rock and Cheyenne River. To interdict what veterans show up there rather than at the entrance to Sacred Stone Camp.

    • yes to all. the notes of defeat i’ve read between the lines must surely be due to relatively small numbers of people who are at the camps, after many had claimed many multiples of ten thousands. yes, many understand the dangers and advise “protect where you can”, but still. and at least the thunder beings showed up.

  3. testify, chase!

    the painful historical parallel:

  4. DD gov spokesman: eviction 9 a.m. tomorrow

  5. turns out that the spox was just…lying? brenda has many videos from facebook of arrests, injuries…the lot.

  6. no need, chase iron eyes; you have a family depending on you. i might rue the time you’d spent in kamloops or wherever…w/ star power naomi klein!!!, but…i understand how easy it is to succumb to that shit. given that you’ve been targeted as a ‘leader’, and that the tens of thousands you all had hoped would come for the ‘last stand’, you’d have been in high jeopardy.

  7. Live stream from unicorn riot (po-po clearing the camps):

  8. unicorn riot’s livestream has been down for several hours, they say they’re trying to figure out what’s next. i know they’re cold and tired, but brenda norrell has updates via johnny dangers on facebook, whoever he is. rosebud was ‘cleared’ but bia and park service, guess they sorta/kinda paid a bit of homage to jurisdiction. oh, and unicorn riot said there’s a rumor going around that they’ll clear sacred stone camp tomorrow.

  9. There could be a silver lining to Trump. I’ve seen a number of clips showing large numbers of people at town hall meetings with congress and senate reps, both dems and reps. These people do not look like soros pawns. And they are pissed off. I cannot do hyperlinks but look on youtube Jimmy Dore.
    Those with power may well shut down the DAPL protests. But this is by no means over. I think it’s just getting warmed up.

    • that could indeed mark a silver lining, doug c. protesting actual T policies needs to happen; my chich was just the generic “fascist trump’. the other silver linings i’d hoped for due to his campaign rhetoric…may be disappearing already. i’ll look for jimmy dore when i have a bit of time, thank you, or some text, even, as videos are tough for me.

      if you mean the general fights on turtle island aren’t over, yes to that. canadian first nations are gearing up against trudeau, yes? but at standing rock, the only possible relief now is legal, i think, and one injunction by the tribe to complete the full eis, and while judge boasberg has been damned decent here and there, noone knows of course what he’ll do on this one.

      there is a big #noDapl protest scheduled for march 10 in deecee, fwiw if it’s the sole venue.

      i’ll add a few things and note they reckon there were 45 arrests, and some of the elders praying and smoking holy pipes outside a sweat lodge (church) were treated horrifically, tipis were cut open, the po-po cut the safety cable across the river to prevent more “escapees’, it was ugly, but yes, could have far nastier, as in the past. the last tweet is possibly what you’d alluded to…

      made me cry; anyone else?

    • yes on this, doug c:

      but this is that revolution?

  10. ladonna brave bull allard was on democracy now yesterday; video and transcript of ‘We Have to Keep Fighting: Water Protectors Vow Continued Resistance to #DAPL as Main Camp Is Evicted’

    (she was at wounded knee in ’73)

  11. BREAKING: German Bank BayernLB seeks to Divest from Dakota Access Pipeline

    “Wasser Ist Leben – Water is Life”

    February 23, 2017 – Today, the German bank BayernLB, announced that they will “withdraw from the financing contract [of the Dakota Access pipeline] at the earliest possible date.” Further, they will not be renewing their contract with Energy Transfer Partners.

    BayernLB, who currently has $120 million invested into the Dakota Access pipeline, has been a target of environmental groups and supporters of water protectors at the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to divest from both the pipeline and fossil fuels and to invest in a green future.

    According to Andrea Marcos, who is active in pushing for BayernLB to divest, “As a result of public pressure, Bavarian owned public bank Bayern LB will divest $120 million from the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Landesbank met in a private financial meeting on Thursday and announced that they will divest. They are currently in the process of making an exit plan. The larger context is that the bank is in process with the government, being a gov-owned bank, and the gov called them to a meeting to discuss the investment in DAPL, and they collectively have decided to divest.”

    On February 17th, an mass action was held at BayernLB where over 300,000 signatures were delivered opposing the Dakota Access pipeline.

    Activists timed their demonstration to coincide with the visit of Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Germany, and activists will also highlight their opposition to the “climate – killer” Trump administration.

    There, activists demanded “BayernLB to divest its $120 million investment in the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline across treaty – protected land of the Standing Rock Sioux in North Dakota.”

    Berlin joins a growing movement of cities and Tribes pushing for the divestment of the Dakota Access pipeline and from fossil fuels.

    by Wakíƞyaƞ Waánataƞ (Matt Remle- Lakota)

    Matt Remle (Lakota) is an editor and writer for Last Real Indians and LRInspire. follow at @wakiyan7

    • wooot! aw, bless those darlin’ berliners’ hearts, and bayernLB’s, too. those millions are startin’ to add up, arent’ they, davidly? but you know i’d have to go look for art from the march. sadly, nothin’ popped up in bing, but this is just fine. iirc, chase iron eyes said that last real indian was his creation at the beginning. thank you; we needed a bit of good news. i’m in the midst of a whole dark post on the evils of private prisons…

      • bring back sheriff lobo!

        those same troops (or kinds of troops) are now protecting women & children on fire missions in Iraq & Syria. (I mean, some of them are now undeniably dying from such noble deeds.) they ain’t no posse comitatus, just the posse comin’ at us!

        • ha! and dinnae i see a headline that ‘the white helmets’ psyop documentary won an oscar…or some such? and…producers were on a no-fly list, couldn’t be ‘here’ to accept the vaunted award? don’t mind me if i’m trippin’, please… iraq was blessed in that gawd mistakenly “our oil” under the sands of iraq”.

  12. “The longstanding Sacred Stone Camp has swelled to about 550 people with the influx of about 150 people this week, according to Joye Braun, a protest leader. But whether that camp and another known as Seventh Generation Rising are on private land or tribal land is in dispute. Protesters haven’t been able to get into another camp established on private land by the Cheyenne River Sioux because of an Indian affairs bureau roadblock. The Standing Rock Tribal Council also has made it clear it wants all of the camps to shut down.

    “We are working with the tribe and the Bureau of Indian Affairs” on an agreement to resolve the situation, Braun said.

    Oil could be flowing through the pipeline as soon as March 6, according to William Scherman, an attorney for the pipeline operator.

    The company has finished drilling the main hole under Lake Oahe and will soon be laying pipe under the Missouri River reservoir — the last stretch of the 1,200-mile pipeline.

    The company got permission for the lake work last month from the pro-energy Trump administration, but American Indian tribes continue fighting in court. The Standing Rock and Cheyenne River tribes have asked U.S. District Judge James Boasberg to overturn permission for the river crossing. Several groups including the National Congress of American Indians along with 34 other tribes on Thursday filed a court brief supporting the request.

    Boasberg has scheduled a hearing Tuesday on a request from the Cheyenne River tribes to issue an injunction stopping the pipeline work.”

    can’t imagine that the judge’ll stop it…since it’s almost complete.

    brenda norrell has a bit of into on sacred stone camp, but again, to see more one has to be on Faceblob.

  13. feb. 26; so beautiful…

    The Final Hours Of Sacred Stone Camp (2/28/2017) Live From Standing Rock With Johnny Dangers

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