site weirdness afoot: goblins eating comments

a few of you have emailed me concerning your comments having been either disappeared, or being unable to comment in your usual fashion (email, name)  to try to discover what might be up, i logged out and mooked about, and did enable one would-be commenter w/ one of his e-addresses, and advised him as to what i’d done to accomplish it.

when i tried to log back in, i er…was unable to (the nerve!), and it finally dawned on me that the commenting software also provided for commenting via one’s wordpress account (whatever that is), twitter, or facebook.  i tried ‘wordpress account’, and while it took me three tries to remember my password, i reckon that after X tries, a window would have pooped up to the effect of ‘forgotten your password?  click here…’

anyhoo, sometimes folks let me know their comments have been et by goblins, but the shorter would be to hit the Registration/Contact Me category on the right sidebar, second from the top…and send me an email, and i’ll try to sort it out. oddly, that’s a bit different between being on firefox or chrome even if i do find a comment in the trash or spam folder, but i’ll keep learning and trying.

Now sometimes a person will swear their comment never appeared when it has; easiest way to check is either slide the bar on the right up to the top of the comments list to check, or even easier, click back into the café w/ your dropdown menu if you’re using firefox.

10 responses to “site weirdness afoot: goblins eating comments

  1. For what it’s worth, wendye, I did also notice on my frequent visit to the climate change thread that the number of comments did shrink down from about 27 or 28 to closer to 20. ( I have the habit of looking at that number to see whether a comment of mine had been addressed, as I can’t access the handy side column on the phone.)

    And maybe I’m paranoid, but I. Have the feeling the helpful spelling corrections on my phone deviously attempt to distort my messages also. For instance, it slipped in ‘climate Chang’ above. Chang?? I’ve never typed that word ever (till now).

    While you are correcting the first problem, do fix that one too, oh omnipotent one. (You couldn’t log in – joy, you are one of us!)

    Carefully, I am becoming a proofreader.

    • i’ll check, but the # shrinkage might have been down to edits, as in ‘i’d meant to say’, and i trashed that as i edit in the corrections. also weird: the site is sending duplicates now again of the same comment. so in which comment would i find ‘climate chang’ (i kinda like it… as in, how does the comment begin? i’m getting so lost lately…while also trying to create new diaries, read the newz, take care of home fire thangs, etc.

      and when are you supposed to get your laptop to use? i can’t imagine using a smart phone. yeppers: i am one of you! (but how dare those wordpress goblins!)

      • You do great edits, so that’s probably it, and thanks for cleaning up many of my posts. ( Did I say I was an idiot? Leave that one in.😒)

  2. Today some nazis scheduled rallies in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro TN.

    In Shelbyville they were mostly drowned out by counterprotesters’

    chanting and some good jokes

    and a recording of MLK’s I have a dream speech

    and music

    On to Murfreesboro….

    No nazis though.

    The kids are alright.

    • wooot! that all deserves a song, right? and how hilarious you put it all on this thread. finally, finally, wordpress (to my junk mailbox) sent me notice that your comment was being held in moderation, lol. made my day.

  3. Thank you, wendye, i know you did this partly on my behalf. I haven’t been here in awhile because I’m very sick. Have been bedridden three weeks now. Still can’t get into my e-mails. I’m starting to get gang-stalking paranoia (half-kidding).

    • I’m having all my upper teeth pulled and getting a denture. Could be a bacterial infection from that, could be spinal meningitis or osteomyelitis. Or could be my cancer’s back. I don’t know. While I’m now eligible for Obamacare again, the policy doesn’t go into effect until January amd since if that’s the case, I’m a goner anyway and I’m not going to deplete Ellspeth and her daughter’s inheritance on expensive tests. Health care professionals are scaring the crap out of me. I got some CBD oil (legal even in Florida now, thanks Rick Scott). It seems to help.

      I apologize, this should go in an e-mail but still locked out of my accounts. Even new ones I set up. Bankers are gang stalking me. Woo woo!

      (First dose ever of CBD kicking in, I think. I do feel better). Thanks again for everything you do.

      • how grieved i am to hear how sick you’ve been c seeker, and others here i’m sure. glad you got some cbd oil, that should help on not only pain but inflammation as well. i’m sorry to say that i hadn’t remembered you’d had cancer, and here’s hoping that not that.

        i’ve been hunting for a more general description of the benefits of colloidal silver, both anti-viral and anti-bacterial, but i haven’t been able to find some of the more dramatic tests in pertri dishes. here’s a page on sovereign silver with internal links, best bang for the buck as far a wee particle size, etc., although we buy a futurebiotics one thru our (kinda) coop now.

        oil of oregano gel caps help infections of all sorts, too. please say you have enough bucks for home health products still! if not, i can front you some $$ easily, srly. but even your work emails have you shut out? talk about goblins, though; my stars. oh, and if you’re getting antibiotics, please oh please do buy a quart of greek yogurt w/ multi-stains of probiotics to provide all the beneficial bacterial the antibiotics are killing, okay? just a couple T a day would do it. let me go find the yogi name…

        ah: the greek gods traditional, 24 oz size. Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium, L. Casei

        • Thanks so much. Yes, I can still afford those things, though the dental bill has cut my salary down considerably. Very kind of you to offer. My work e-mail still works bit I don’t know the password. I have a great staff and they’re doing most of the work, I just show up for court and they brief me the night before. I took all my antibiotics and I assume he will give me some more. And I’ll take your suggestions. Thanks for your kind offer.

          • glad to hear you can still afford home health, seeker. i’d sold some of my garden produce recently, so i keep the cash in a tithing envelope. and pardon my foul mouth, but fer fukxsake, ya great idjit, you’ve been saying for months that you don’t have your work email password!

            hint: have your staff tattoo it on yer arm, and have them show you how to access your work email…anytime, from anywhere, esp. at home.okay? it ain’t rocket science, srsly. a piggy url came in w/ your email, although it seems a bit…unattended, as far as a communication venue. but anyway. you can contact me at the contact me thingie if the need arises.

            get better soon, goddammit. ;-)

            on edit: re: your mention of rick scott, brrrrrr. doesn’t he look like he sleeps in a casket?

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