How do you spell OMG? One Way is: Putin.Derangement.Syndrome

In their collective and ongoing quest to declare that Hillary Clinton was robbed of her rightful place in the White House by Putin (and more broadly: Russians), Democrats with the aid of the Intel Services have sponsored the Mueller Investigations tasked with “investigating any links and/or coordination between Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump, and any matters that arose or may arise directly from that investigation”, as far as I’ve been belatedly  able to suss out.  Without digging into the many hypocrisies and ironies of the investigation, clearly many D’s are looking forward to either declaring the election results invalid, or finding enough evidence to impeach trump.

Needless to say, at the rate Dems are going now ahead of the midterms, the latter ain’t gonna happen.  And again, I won’t make a case for that, as for me: who cares?  Nor will there be enough vote to Article 25 the Tweeter-in-Chief.

But as for current Putin/Russian Derangement Syndrome, allow me to offer the following evidence.

First up, since this was new to me, highighted in a comment at TRNN’s interview with former FBI whistleblower Coleen Rawley:

Frontline’s ‘Putin’s Revenge’, Oct. 25 and Nov. 1, 2017,

Episode 2: ‘FRONTLINE tells the inside story of how Vladimir Putin came to see the United States as an enemy — and why he decided to target an American election.’

CNN’s Brian Lowry reviews the two-part series in: ‘‘Putin’s Revenge’ dissects Russian leader’s motives’

“Russia’s cyber assault on the U.S. has become a politically charged topic, with President Vladimir Putin practically cast by his critics in the role of Bond villain. Leave it to PBS’ Frontline to dissect the deeper motivations and roots of his animosity, lending welcome context to “Putin’s Revenge,” a documentary dish served over two parts.

Far from just resentment toward Hillary Clinton and efforts to destabilize a geopolitical foe, Putin has nursed “a lifetime of grievances” against America, the narrator intones during the latest soberly impressive production from director Michael Kirk and his team.

“Putin’s Revenge” goes on to detail the Russian leader’s history as a KGB officer when the Berlin Wall fell, and the psychic scars left by those events before he succeeded reformer Boris Yeltsin in 2000.

Foremost, Putin saw democratic movements rising around the globe in recent years, as well as dissent within Russia, as being fomented by the U.S. according to experts interviewed by Frontline. The Russian strongman — described as being “obsessed with TV” — was especially struck and alarmed by images of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi being beaten and killed by an angry mob.

Meddling in the American election thus served not only as a means of undermining a rival but an equalizer, even if the cyber campaign’s architects didn’t expect it to actually sway the outcome.” [snip]

“The documentary also crisply recounts the bizarre confluence of events that occurred weeks prior to the election, with the Obama administration’s measured warning about Russian interference eclipsed by the “Access Hollywood” tape, exposing Trump’s comments about women; and the orchestrated release of data by WikiLeaks, stoking discord among the Democrats.

James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence, describes the hacking operation as “the most aggressive and the most direct” the Russians ever mounted — a new frontier, the narration notes, which allowed Putin to “strike at the heart of American democracy.”

No, Putin’s chich with the US Empire wasn’t about the re-purposed cold war NATO’s encirclement of Russia with bases and missiles (strictly defensive, yanno), nor interference and created astroturfed putsches in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, and elsewhere, plus proxy wars, of course.  But both he and Lavrov were ookig for détente with the US, and tried hard to broker diplomatic ‘deals’ in many military kerfuffles.

It seems all of the episodes and individual interviews (Capper, Brennan, Massha Gessen, and so on, and so on, and scooby-dooby-do) are available on youtube, but here’s the trailer.

‘US congressional hearings on “extremist content” prepare assault on free speech’,, 31 October 2017

Now this concerns the ‘grilling’ that reps from Google, Twitter, and Facebook took in regard to those $100,000 worth of ads in Russian social media advertisements, mostly placed after November that caused Donald the Trump to have won the Oval Officee.

“In another extraordinary development, on Friday, Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, sent a letter to Twitter’s CEO demanding that the company hand over personally identifying information related to “organic content” posted by Twitter users. The letter specifically requests all “organic content posted by Russia-connected users and targeted to any part of the United States, regardless of whether the individual or entity violated any Twitter policy.” Its definition of “Russia-connected users” is extremely broad, including any “person or entity that may be connected in some way to Russia.”

The letter demands that for all “organic content described above, Twitter provide all subscriber information,” and “IP address information.” This means that the company is being asked to hand over full names, phone numbers, email addresses and IP addresses, which can be used to determine physical location.

Equally troubling is the fact that the letter requests “All content of each [private] Direct Message” between an undisclosed list of attached Twitter accounts and accounts belonging to WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and the civil rights attorney Margaret Ratner Kunstler.

Kunstler, according to her official biography, has represented “WikiLeaks and Bradley [Chelsea] Manning supporters in connection with grand jury subpoenas, encounters with the FBI…and governmental suppression.” [snip]

“As further confirmation, on Monday the Wall Street Journal carried a report, again without any factual substantiation, that “Russia-linked” accounts helped organize meetings and demonstrations, including protests against police violence. The Journal wrote, “At least 60 rallies, protests and marches were publicized or financed by” Russian accounts.” These allegations expand the target of the anti-Russian witch hunt from freedom of speech to freedom of assembly, which is also guaranteed in the First Amendment.”  WTF?  Iron-clad innuendo of the silliest sort…

But seriously, the whole exposé is worth reading, as is Kimberly’s.

From Margaret Kimberly, ‘Freedom Rider: Putin, Trump and Manafort’, Nov. 1, 2017

“It is Democrats who demanded that Facebook and Twitter stop telling the truth about Eastern European click bait schemes and instead join in that party’s witch hunt. Now we are told that Russian social media posts meant to influence American politics reached 126 million people on Facebook over a two-year period. Of course the last paragraphs of that story reveal that only one out of 23,000 pieces of content actually reached anyone. That fact is too inconvenient and makes for a bad headline.”

She provides a brief but telling CV on Manafort, and writes that he’s the first notch on Muller’s gun, he’ll go after others soon [I’ll add as the early ones flip], and that:

“There are many sleazy American lobbyists and business people but no one cares until there is a moment when their downfall is politically useful.”  Amen.

One can almost hear her laughter while noting that as far as ‘Putin’s Revenge’, while the ‘experts’ outdo each other in stoking anti-Russian flames…they can’t seem to find anyone to offer any counter-arguments.

‘The new McCarthyism and the suppression of political dissent’, andre damon,, 29 September 2017 is wide-ranging, but this passage simply tickled my innards:

“People familiar with the covert influence campaign,” the Washington Post reported Monday, say Russia sought to promote “African American rights groups, including Black Lives Matter.” Russian agents likewise helped promote support for “N.F.L. players who do not stand for the national anthem,” spreading hashtags such as “#boycottnfl” and “#takeaknee,” the Times declared Thursday.

The Post explicitly drew parallels to the allegations by the FBI and other intelligence agencies that the civil rights movement of the 1960s expressed not legitimate social grievances, but the activities of communist spies and agitators. “Much like the online ads discovered by Facebook,” writes the Post, “messages spread by Soviet-era operatives were meant to look as though they were written by bona fide political activists in the United States, thereby disguising the involvement of an adversarial foreign power.”

Holy Jumpin’ Jehosephat.

Damon sees VA Senator Mark Warner on the Intel Committee as the new Joe McCarthy and mouthpiece for the CIA, but in his denouncements of the social media giants…failed to name Google, whose new algorithms are sidelining the wsws’s articles and exposés.  At the bottom of his essay, most of their essays are block ads for ‘how to help us fight back’.

From Phil Butler at ‘Will Dissident Voices be Trampled by a Full Frontal Assault’, Oct. 25:

“In the U.S. Senate lawmakers have come up with a scheme to tear up the Bill of Rights so that only one message gets through to the public. The RussiaGate fabrication is now in the final phase of Orwellian desperation as Senator Mark Warner has announced a bill co-sponsored by Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Senator John McCain (R-AZ) called the Honest Ads Act. The bill being parlayed as a transparency move against Facebook, is in fact another kind of hit list straight out of the McCarthy era.

Fast forward to the abuses of the Bush and Obama administrations and we find ourselves spied upon by our own intelligence community, betrayed by our corporations that are assisting them, and brainwashed by the same media institutions that once fought McCarthyism. Hollywood is still playing the same anti-Rusky game it did in the 50’s too. But back then Billionaire George Soros had only just grown out of his role helping the Nazis steal the property of Jews in Hungary. As bad as Hitler, the Zionists, and the fascists hated Communism and Russia back then, their level of control was miniscule compared to today. The non-governmental and quasi-aid organizing regime change and insurgency were not as well developed. Bullets and bullion did the trick before WWII, but economic war bends the rules of international policy more these days. Kill lists and a new McCarthyism have reemerged full force though. Now on NGOs and the goody two shoes masquerades that put them in our living rooms.”

In his ‘Full Frontal War on the People’ Butler takes his gloves off and trounces the many NGOs and think tanks.  It’s not long, but you may be tired by the length of this diary by now.  Again, the rest is here.

And last, but not least, Phil Rockstroh weighs in with ‘Democrats, Class and Russia-gate Magic’, October 31, 2017,

“Recently, Democratic Party elites have purged progressives from positions of power within the Party; have been exposed in creating and promulgating, and swallowing whole the dodgy Russian Dossier subterfuge; and have gone round-heeled for war criminal and torturer-in-chief George Bush the Lesser — yet Democratic partisans and lesser-of-two-evils, fainting-couch jockeys still retail in the fiction that the Democrats present a viable alternative to their more crass Republican doppelgängers.

Desperate liberals have convinced themselves that the risible, Russiagate fool’s mythos will provide a deus ex machina miracle to rid the (sham) republic from the likes of boxy-suit-clad, two-legged toxic waste dump who ascended to the presidency due to the Democratic Party gaming their primary and nomination process for a candidate who performed the seemingly impossible — to wit, preventing the craven Trump from defeating himself.

The best thing Republicans have going for them is, the Democrats themselves, from their corrupt-to-their-reeking core leadership class down to their willfully and belligerently obtuse rank-and-file. In particular, professional and political-class liberals’ refusal even to acknowledge the grim plight of the besieged U.S. working class, and when they deign to notice their economic lessers, at all, they, as a rule, evince an aura of condescension and scorn.”  [long snip]

“Moreover, when was a last time you noticed a laboring class person parroting that the meany-pants Russian Bear ate poor, little Hillary’s homework fool’s mythos? The Cold War 2.0 tall tale that avers:

“Putin has penetrated the precious bodily fluids of the U.S. electoral system,” as a Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper of the Liberal Class might rant, thereby coming off like a liberal version of Alex Jones reading the minutes of a John Birch Society meeting, circa 1955, on communist infiltration of the Ladies’ Auxiliary Bingo Club, due to reports of an inordinate number of winners wearing red poodle skirts.

In short, there is a howling, class chasm between the cultural criteria that separates affluent liberals from the struggling laboring class. How could sneaky Vladi and his fake news-wielding squads of internet Cossacks be responsible for the neoliberal economy, comprised of low wage, no benefits, no future mcjobs, that plague the working life of the latter? Thus the Russiagate storyline holds little resonance for downscale working people.

The rise of rightist demagogues and their angst-ridden, resentment-reeking followers, both on an historical and present day basis, can be traced to a primary source: the loss of hope and the daily doses of humiliation inflicted on the working class by capitalist economic despotism. In the hollow regions of the psyche where hope has been banished, rage rises and fills the aching void.

Adding to the host of miseries, an odious aspect of the capitalist greedscape imparts, in both an overt and subliminal basis, the insidious message: The psychical injuries inflicted by the economic order are caused by personal failings. If internalized, concomitant feelings of shame will torment the mind of the sufferer — feelings freighted with intense self-reproach that tend to manifest themselves in a host of pathologies, e.g., intense anxiety and severe depression.

Hence, the dark art of shame displacement, in the form of racist and xenophobic tropes, can and will be retailed by demagogues. Don’t blame the capitalist Plundering Class, they exhort, instead blame immigrants and minorities (who, in reality, are also victims of capitalism’s inherent depravities) for your dismal prospects. Build an unscalable border wall, deport the interlopers en masse, put an end to the practice of “reverse racism” (of which, polls reveal the majority of white people, in utter defiance of reality, believe is widespread) then America’s greatness will be restored and the usurped futures of hard-working, true Americans will be seized back from  undeserving hordes of interlopers.

A deft demagogue’s tropes of blame shifting can serve to dissipate feelings of aloneness and mitigate the miasmic shame attendant to capitalist economic despotism, a phenomenon that liberals, and history confirms the tragic fact, ignore at the peril of all concerned.

And yes, then: #Russia-gate to the Rescue’.  It’s a long piece for Rockstroh; the rest is here.  This is great; at Phil’s essay is titled ‘A Streetcar Named Deus ex Machina: Democrats, Class, and a Gentleman Suitor Named Russiagate

OFM and Orwellian level LOL:  ‘Watch Putin’s Revenge on Hillary on PBS’s FRONTLINE’


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  1. ha! this is one of the ‘ads’ (?) that chris floyd talked about in his ‘draper rules’ piece at CP; hilarious!

  2. goodnight to absentee friends and commenters. la luna bella is full tonight, and as our (not terribly close) neighbors are familiar with, i’ve called blessings upon her as she popped above the small menefee mountain at the head of our canyon. sleep well, dream well, or at least…instructively.

  3. How COULD Dem forget, Little Nikita ?

    • Who’s the other Russian doll? Is that Bob Dole?

      I never thought I’d be nostalgic for politicians like Bob Dole. But compared to these psychopathic vampires we have today, he seems almost…..sweet.

      (Just kidding, I know that’s not Dole. Sure looks like him though.)

      I picked up this article immediately after a four-hour debate with one of my more astute political progressive friends, who, like my best friend/old college roommate, has drunk the anti-Russian Kool-Aid hook, line and sinker…..( mix metaphors much, cynical?)

      And this friend made me promise to watch “Putin’s Revenge.” It looked like bullshit to me. It’s going to be a long two hours.

      Both of them see the corruption and warmongering of Hillary and Obama. But they still onsist they were the lesser of two evils because this, that, the other.

      To me, this argument is analogous to comparing two brutal child molesters, and arguing that one of them is better because he gave his victims candy after raping them.

      • Update on my health: I don’t have meningitis, cancer, or any other bad disease. The whole sickness was caused by mold in my pillows. I was so happy and relieved.

        But when I was buying pillows at the big box store, my inguinal hernia ruptured. I’ll spare you the gory details, but I’m incapacitated on my back and somehow have to make it till January when my Obamacare kicks in.

        Bad things used to come in twos and threes. Now they seem to come in nines and tens.

        But I still am happy and relieved. The headaches were far more painful and scary than the hernia. It can be fixed. I’m not going to die anytime soon or be permanently unable to work. That’s a huge relief. :)

        • yes, sweet relief. wonder why you got the fevers and pain? oh, well, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, as they homilize… but do keep on with probiotic yogurt if you’ve started it.

      • Anyway, this insanity is getting so cartoonishly surreal it almost makes the original McCarthy look reasonable by comparison. Have you read Brent Budowsky’s ridiculous blatherings lately? OMG! Like a bad L. Ron Hubbard novel……Putin is Xenu and he’s coming to steal our Thetans!!!!

      • leonid brezhnev. but if i may, this diary was more by way of highlighting the insane levels putin derangement leading to quashing any leftist discourse as fake news brought to you by #commie trolls. and although it dovetails with #trump begone quite nicely, as well as ‘assassinate assange’ threats he receives often, it wasn’t even by way of comparing the past, the ‘annointed should have been’, and current occupants of the oval office.

        i do see herr hair as a logical extension of the ever-burgeoning presidential/congressional corporate fascism we’ve been living through, which might be one of the discussions that might reach your ‘progressive’ friend. unitary executive, dems giving away social security, plundering union pensions, endless war approvals, the extra $70 billion dems approved for the military budget, and now Ds wanting free speech curtailed in massive ways. but tying putin to trump to assange is a three-fer, of course. “we don’t want governments opened”, iow. “freedom IS secrecy.”

        well, i reckon if you promised your friend to watch, watch you will. but you may need a shower afterward from the descriptions. now the portions that deal with the ‘putin election tampering’ and “we have the photos!”, thus massive protests in moscow stuff, i can’t speak to intelligently. but i do tend to believe that a ot of it’s hype in service of discrediting russia as ‘a democracy’, when the country is ruled by…a dictator, which the ‘putin was worried when he saw gadaffi’s dead body’ served quite well for the unwary. hell, yeah; he’s an oligarch and answers to his fellow oligarchs, but one thing the western hegemon fears above all else is the coming multi-polar world.

        and of course most of the ruling class around the globe fear any potential massive uprising of the working class, hence…police state tactics and discrediting any talk that smacks of people power and unrest among the populaces. it gets directed into blind cul-de-sacs always, as in the US to the D ‘party of the people’. ha ha. ;-)

        on edit: wasn’t familiar w/ budowsky, but he seems bullish on investigating every trump deal around the globe from what i saw on his twitter. and that would be fine with me IF other prezes were investigated that way. or would be’s, such as clinton and their ‘foundation’.

        on second edit the hits keep comin’: ‘US Senate Claims Russian Influence in Catalonia’, telesur english (and france, germany, cuz the roosians want to destroy the EU’s unity). wot, not brexit???

        • I wouldn’t have a problem either if Budowsky’s main concern was investigating Trump’s dealings with Russia (with your caveat about investigating deals or ties to other countries). But he published two recent articles on Op-Ed that were some of the most unhinged, foaming-at-the-mouth diatribes aboit how cartoon-villian Putin singlehandedly set out to divide, confuse and dumb down the American people (as if pur ruling class hadn’t long ago succeeded at that task) in a breathless, paranoid delivery that would make Alex Jones blush.

          I tried to paste the link to one of them. The hysteria, hypocrisy and utter disconnect with reality are palpable, at least to me. Budowsky’s word salad implies that we were one big happy family under St. Obama and things would have continued to be just peachy had not Putin come along and ruon everything with his diabolical plan to cause chaos in the hetetofore impeccable erudite rationality of the American populace. I can’t believe OpEd News would publish this drivel. All I can figure is, Rob Kall really must need the money to repair his torn hamstring.

          • i had some difficulty w/ your link, but finally located the one saying clinton should get the medal of freedom for her courage in standing up to putin. lol x 3. but sure, he’s a crap writer, a hack, and ugly, too! (looks like death on a triscuit, as they say) but i couldn’t read the second page w/o turning off the adblocker in internet explorer. i tried, never had an issue w/ it before, but hell…i guess i don’t really want to see more. the talking points are all of a piece, aren’t they?

            the revisionist history on russia, the putsch in ukraine, russia loving yanukovitch, ‘civil insurrection’, etc. is especially galling, as we er…watched maidan in real time. he was, of course, ‘deposed’ for failing to sign the EU association memo, at least as i remember it. pierre omidyar, et. al., helped fund the ‘orange revolution’, and wot ho: joe biden’s son got a gig w/ bursima holdings gas co., likely stock, but that’s all fine. but it’s too bad ukraine has a burgeoning neo-nazi problem. i confess i’ve already forgotten the clinton foundation uranium sales claims/counter-claims, but clearly they’re all s corrupt it ain’t funny.

            and ooopsie; it’s fall back time change day.

  4. If Putin held any animosity toward the US of A as a country his ministers would not be saying, as they have, that democratic ideals that originated here are now better practised by Russia and other countries; and that concept, that they are better at it than we are, had Frontline foaming at the mouth.

    Perish the thought they actually truthfully examine what our oligarchs did to Russia after we ‘won’ the cold war. I don’t even think Putin wanted ‘ revenge’ then. He had his hands full just fixing Russia, still does.

    I’ve just been reading what was at the heart of the Lincoln-Douglas debates for Senator of Illinois, which Douglas won, by the way. (I didnt know that – I always thought Lincoln had.) Douglas won because he was a racist and Illinois was all white at the time – ALL white! I didn’t know that either.

    The present Democrats are pushing the same buttons – or trying to. It worked for Douglas and maybe that’s what they are hoping for, but the stakes are even higher this time around. And they will reap the harvest right along with the rest of us.

    • for clapper, to even to use the US as an example of ‘democracy’ is of course, over the top bernaysian rubbish. but yes, even extend post-soviet break-up to being totally unwilling to credit the major role had in WWII. i’ve looked up the numbers who both died in the war, and the numbers who died as tangentially war issues, and iirc, they added up to 20 million, give or take. but to be whitewashed out of the history is sad and sick political (realpolitik?) revisionism.

      have you watched some of ‘putin’s revenge’ on your teevee then? i know you can’t watch online for fear of using to much allotted whatchamacallits. the Ds are bonkers about this stuff. i go to a website now and again i left years ago to watch their horror show on putin agitprop, pro-clinton see-no-evil claims. but srsly, they collectively believe in the prop-or-not lists, so even consortium news is #fake forget wsws or counterpunch, as well.

      that lincoln book is bringing lots of historically new news, isn’t it? illinois all white? makes sense when you think of the time period, though.

      @ bruce: i do know i should be able to grasp your message, but…alas. ;-)

      • I wouldn’t go near it, wendye, my constitution (My own, but the general one as well) couldn’t stand it. The last Frontline I truly admired was the one way back on credit cards done by that reporter whose unique name I forget (because he disappeared into the woodwork thereafter) – name begins with an ‘h’. Ah, Hendrick, thank you, brain!

        Yes, I said ‘ALL’ because the legislature, just prior to those debates, had passed a law that no blacks, slave or free could thence enter the state ( so begone, rabble rousers!) I’d generally thought of Illinois as part of ‘ the north’ but really it wasnt. That made Lincoln’s expressed racial opinions understandable in the context of Illinois politics if not in an idealistic sense.

        And the part of the book that really opened my eyes as I mentioned before was the stuff about the war with Mexico.

        • i see the parallel now, juliania. but my eyes were opened when i first read about the slave trade in connecticut, as well as the many apartheid laws…until the late 18th century at least. when i went to find a link, the page i found seems to have information on many other northern states.

          but i’ll add these bits and bobs from ‘RussiaDidIt: Cheap Meddling, Closet Marxists and Racial Tensions’ by Ricardo Vaz, dissident voice

          “It seems like all the evils that plague the western world these days have a common cause. Brexit, Catalonia, Trump, racial tensions, the lack of credibility of the EU, all of these have a simple explanation, if we are to believe the mainstream media and pundits: Russia is behind it. And not just Russia, but Putin himself. He must be the busiest villain in history.” in the third of the mind-boggling examples mentioned:

          Black Power and Red Baiting
          “The final article we wish to examine appeared in The Atlantic magazine, and it focuses on the long history of Russia’s “involvement in America’s race wars”. First of all, for a country with a history of slavery and segregation of African-Americans, not to mention the internment of Japanese-Americans during WW2, the term “race wars” seems like an awful understatement. One thing that actually has not changed is the red-baiting practices of the mainstream media, accusing anyone who deviates from the approved narrative of being a Soviet/Russian agent.

          “There is plenty to be said about the Soviet Union’s foreign policy, but the fact is that there was not a single liberation struggle in the Third World in which the Soviet Union was on the side of the oppressor/colonist and the US on the side of the liberation movement. In fact, it is the opposite that was true in most cases, if not all.” and much more, of course, including poking fun at ‘amerikan exceptionalism’ and ‘democracy’.

          i couldn’t watch either, save for the few youtube clips i watched; brrrrr. simply astounding.

  5. Jest PBS’ (Pentagon Broadcasting System) CLINT Line previews recall the (Wall $treet-) Theater newsreel propaganda of Cold War I ; N.0.W., moar of teh same in current Cold War II ! But yeah, the Nestle doll housing Little Nikita was supposedly Brezhnev, but bears a striking resemblance to Dole. Co-incidence or does present-day USSA (Utterly Styoopid States of Amerika) mirror The F0RMER (for all ewe Tail-gunner Joe DEMS’) USSR ?

  6. Leonid and little Nikita! Who can forget the days after Nikita paid the price for losing face to JFK in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    The real doll of a leader was Konstantin Chernenko. After Andropov passed, Cherenko died of emphysema to make way for Gorbachev and glasnost.

    Does Jeffrey Sachs get a doll for the Yeltsin years?

    There might be another comment around here somewhere.

    • if there’s another comment around here…i sure do hope it’s in cyrillic!

      and i’ll pay you one ruble to say more about sachs and yeltsin… signed,
      the ghost of al franken. (wide grin)

      (dunno if i’ll be back tonight, really, but tomorrow, tomorrow…i’ll see you tomorrow…fer sure.)

      on morning edit: ruh-roh; 2L2R, but this seems to be the history, oooof! ‘The Harvard Boys Do Russia’, After seven years of economic “reform” financed by billions of dollars in U.S.; the nation, 1998 the buffoon larry summers, too!

      • Yes, that’s it, wendye. I don’t think there was any notice taken here at the time, but that was huge in Russia, and a major reason people there started wanting to return to communism, bad as that was.

        The good thing was it wised up Putin to getting control of the oligarchs. If they weren’t willing to use their resources for the state they had to leave, and many did.

        • you’re able to speak far more intelligently on russia than i, juliania, but i can see it. if you choose to click into the nation piece, and given that one’s only allowed 6 free clicks a month…i hope you can read it in either one or two fell swoops. i’m not sure i want to use up a third one to read more carefully, given that it’s only 11/6 i didn’t stay due to time pressures. oh, and our valley is in a winter storm warning for tomorrow and wed, according to noaa. ya might want to check in case of preparations outdoors.

  7. Ha ho hee hee, via RT: “Twitter no longer believes in “speaking truth to power,” according to its latest rules update in the midst of US lawmakers’ frantic hunt for “Russian meddling” in social media.
    The microblogging site’s rules, under the section “Abusive Behavior,” currently state: “We believe in freedom of expression and open dialogue, but that means little as an underlying philosophy if voices are silenced because people are afraid to speak up.” On November 2, it read “We believe in freedom of expression and in speaking truth to power.”
    Incidentally, on November 1, Twitter, along with Google and Facebook, was grilled by US lawmakers in an ongoing witch-hunt for “Russian influence” that may have led to interference in the 2016 presidential election.”

    wayulll…. there’s no ‘incidentally about it, is there?

    • Tearing myself away from Lincoln and gorgeous fall colors here:-

      “…something like the opposite of Lord Acton’s dictum. More notable even than young Lincoln’s rise to eminence from unpromising beginnings would be the fact that the rise would not corrupt him, but something like the reverse.”

      I did read the nation piece, a good one, and went searching for further information on Putin’s treatment of the oligarchs, all mixed in with anti-him – and anything I found was equally ancient. Interview with Maria Sakharova from RT at Saker’ s gives how all the malarkey is perceived in Russia – she’d even almost done what I did back in the day and become a US citizen ( and actually a gal from Belarus and I were the only furriners at our swearing in – if you don’t count hundreds from South of the border, that is.)

      • seems as though the book is quite an homage to old honest abe, isn’t it? he never was corrupted by his immense power? i might think of a few ways if pressed, but never mind, i’m not pressed. ;-)

        glad you found the interview with sakharova enlightning; the world is spinning too fast for me to keep up with, including lebanon, sauds, the moves by israel (and turkey? on edit, the sauds, duh) to keep fatah and hamas from finding accord, etc. does it ever occur to anyone…that it didn’t have to be this way? yeah, i’m feelin’ schmaltzy tonight after long day, short night on accounta the time change srsly flippin’ out my biorhythms….

        but why wouldn’t the new citizens from the south count?

  8. Jesse the Mind Ventura

    outside agitators…really disgusting.
    The “Open Letter From Hillary For America 2016 Team” makes use of the same Russia-baiting technique employed by the Democrats in their political conflict with the Trump White House, but this time directed against a former top Democrat. In assailing Brazile, the first paragraph of the open letter declares: “It is particularly troubling and puzzling that she would seemingly buy into false Russian-fueled propaganda, spread by both the Russians and our opponent, about our candidate’s health.”

    the article also says that D.B. more than hints that Seth Rich was murdered and she fears for her life. to a swine, all the world is swinish. their worm will never die, as Jeebus said, b/c there is no bottom to the corruption they embody.

    • Jesse the Mind Ventura

      I mean these DNC/Clintonista/Obomba assholes.

    • oh, crikey, jesse the mind. too long to read, but that db fears for her life cuz seth rich was terminated w/ X prejudice is…er…rich. i dunno, that story keeps re-appearing, but when i followed mike whitney’s diary on the subject, including the black alleged PI’s story…i was singularly unimpressed. and nw of course, he’s saying he was duped (rat-fucked), okey dokey. but i also loved it that everyone’s fave tulsi gabbard was on trnn railing against the corruption…but claimed that as she was only vice-chair of the DNC she had no idea what was going on at ‘the top’. 981 comments, all but two lauding…tulsi.

      but sure, hillary used the ‘russians stole the election’, as did jill stein to raise money for her recount. kee-rikey. can we put a stake in the electoral duopoly one day? nah; it’s part of the greatest show on earth!

      g’ night, sweet prince. parting is such delightful sorrow…

      • I had some hope for Tulsi at one time, but then I learned of the inconsistencies of her “anti-imperialism”, her Islamophobia, and her ties to the Modi government.

        You won’t be hearing me defend her anymore.

        I think electoral politics is long dead as a solution to this train wreck. Our only hope are general strikes, strategic boycotts (like everyone refuse to pay your credit card bill for one month). But theyat would require an awake and unified populace and I don’t see that happening soon. So I have no solutions. Political strategizing is not my strong suit.

        • you may have heard some of ‘the great and powerful tulsi’s ridikulosity’ here, c seeker. for me, her love for, and sponsorship of the previously banned from entering the US modi is enough to indict her. but jacobin, always having been anti-imperilaist except for as ‘assad’ or what have you, has this up. one of the (okay it was only 229 comments at trnn) commenters had linked to, and her political calculations and obfuscations have been far worse than i’d imagined, the timeline being considered is from 2012 iirc:

          (p.s. on edit: her zionism, bannonism, seems to be part of who she is; her genderism/abortion rights, etc. e
          ‘evolution’: political calculation. emily’s list gave her $$$? ay yi yi! yeah, she may lead the dems onward!!!

          Tulsi Gabbard Is Not Your Friend’, and no, her many supporters…scoffed, lol.

          but i reckon your thinking on anything that could alter the vector and undermine the electoral process is kinda right, if mild, although no, not enough people can be counted on to subvert the economic system…yet. when that sort of revolt comes, i still reckon it will need to be global. paul street has a post up at counterpunch about trump derangement syndrome that seems exactly right. his long, long paragraph on: did trump do this x, x, x, y? (as in: the denoument, i took it) gets to the nitty gritty of it. it’s been baked in for so long now, getting worse and worse, but at least herr hair is demonstrating only too publicly, both at home and abroad, that the rulers of the empire…have no clothes.

          sorry i’m too tired to go grab the link, but…i’m soooo tired. hope you’re feeling a bit better w/ your hernia, though. (on morning edit: mr. wd kindly sent me street’s link….and all the way across the room, to boot!

  9. NATO intensifies its preparations for war with Russia’,, Philipp Frisch, November 7, 2017
    “Against the backdrop of US aggression against North Korea, NATO is intensifying its preparations for war with Russia, the world’s second largest nuclear power. A report in the German news magazine Der Spiegel (Issue 43/2017) based on a secret NATO document indicates how far plans for war have progressed. The news magazine concludes: “In plain language: NATO is preparing for a possible war with Russia.”

    In the document entitled “Progress report on the Alliance’s Enhanced Deterrence and Defence Disposition,” leading military figures call for a major boost to military capabilities in order to conduct a so-called “Major Joint Operation Plus.” The abstruse terminology in fact stands for a war involving the main military organisations of all NATO countries, i.e. hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Der Spiegel notes: “The period of the peace dividend is past, the command structures of the Cold War are returning.”

    The secret report states that NATO must be able to “quickly strengthen one or more threatened allies, underpin peace and wartime deterrence, and support allies in the event of an attack.” The mobilisation of the necessary troops requires “robust military logistics and capabilities”. The lines of communication would have to extend from North America to the eastern and southern borders of the NATO Alliance.”

    some of the wording in the paragraph just above is the opposite of this at the end:
    “Der Spiegel makes clear that what is contemplated is not merely a reaction to Russian aggression but rather active preparations for war with Moscow. The magazine concludes “hardly anyone expects that Russia could actually attack a NATO country.”

  10. moar russia derangement syndrome as jens speaks ahead of the nato summit in brussels: ‘NATO wants Europe’s civilian infrastructure ready for war’ (with russia)

    “NATO hopes that national governments and the private sector will cooperate to take the measures necessary, emphasizing that the European Union has an “important role to play.”
    While troop and equipment movement across Europe will be demarcated, the proposed Atlantic Command, Stoltenberg believes, would strengthen the military bloc’s “ability to protect the sea lines which are so critical for a transatlantic alliance.”

    ‘NATO readying Europe’s infrastructure for war a ‘bad signal’ for Russia – general to RT’, 8 Nov, 2017

  11. NAT0 :Nuking Futs (on civilian infrstructure) :

    • Hi wendye,

      I already read the street piece, counterpunch is usually one of the first places i go to read the news, but thanks for the link. I think people, (including me at times, when i should know better) are so hungry for a political leader, even a “lesser evil” that is within some acceptable framework of minimally decent moral standards, that they are willing to be wilfully ignorant, as I was about Gabbard, to all kinds of flaws in that image. I was kind of like that about Obama at the beginning when I saw tea partiers attacking him for all the wrong reasons. So I instinctively wanted to defend him from the Kenyan/Muslim/racist/communist nonsense, and I did, but after seeing him bail out the banks, escalate wars, etc. etc. etc. I stopped giving a shit pretty quick. I had no illusions abput him being anything other than a corporate tool from the beginning, but I held out a futile hope that he might keep at least ONE of his campaign promises. That experience pretty much disabused me of any vestigal notion that any solution might come from the political class. But the desire remains. I did enjoy Mike Gravel and Kucinich’s comments in the 08 primaries though.

      Though I have to admit, even the flawed Obamacare saved me from bankruptcy when I had cancer, and I’m counting on it to do the same with hernia surgery. That might make me a hypocrite, but I don’t think so, considering all the ways the government has hurt all of us on this earth, I don’t see one thing wrong in accepting its services to ensure my own survival.

      On edit: other than the fact that my very existence here makes me complicit in war crimes, theft, destruction of the ecosphere, etc. I know I’m not doing a whole hell of a lot to minimize my participation in it, either. Maybe I should listen to Tarzie and quit eating meat, fer chrissakes!

      • mornin’, seeker. yeah, i wanted obomba to be who he’d be, but his first lies were jettisoning his pretty decent campaign econ team for the rubin acolytes, and for ‘ease of continuity’ the generals, installing geithner to bail out the banks, tra la la. but he made the most smoke come out of my ears when he tanked every meaningful attempt at financial reform save the bullshit ‘dodd frank’. oh, thanks for the 3-day (not) pecora commission, asshole.

        but jeezus, it’s not hypocrisy to use obombaDontCare, i mean romney care: isn’t it the law that you have to? even eating less meat would have a lot of beneficial effects, as would not buying anything you don’t really need. as an aside, i wonder if that theme of ‘eating meat is for assholes’ isn’t in large part why tarzie’s lost almost all of his former commentariat he told one guy he doesn’t care, he had a good run, etc., but that’s hard for me to believe. but i guess there may have been other issues around the same time.

        now as for lesser evil, how easy was it to vote for obomba over mccain/palin for gawdssake? purdy easy. but watching all the hih-hip-hoorays now that some dems beat some Rs recently kinda makes me queasy. who will they be? but yes, i like mike and dennis, too. too bad obomba might have told him he’d drop out the door of air fore one unless he supported his heath insurance scheme, eh?

    • Great video, and it supports your succinct comment better than words could. Terrifying.

    • ay yi yi. what they’re urging the ‘private sector’ in europe to do is to upgrade roads, bridges, railways (maybe build ones w/ more ‘muscle’) to move tanks, missile pads, troops, etc. around more easily. so what’s the carrot? negative interest loans from the IMF or EU central bank, i.e.: ‘we pay you to borrow our money!’ plus the creation of tax breaks in an ‘anti-rooskie enterprise zone’? gettin’ pretty dangerous out there for russia. well, add iran and north korea to the list at the very least.

  12. But jest like Ms. Bruce regrets, ‘All my time and effort on meals is finished off in minutes’ ; why build superfluous armed forces’ infrastructure, which if ever seriously employed, will vaporize in minutes, along with its’ makers (and no need to even consider “survival” into post exchange nuclear sump of a terminally toxic planet for its 4 billion year ‘life’ expectancy, thereafter).

    • hard not to agree w/ miz bruce, but in this case they’re anticipating russia making war on the EU. russia nukes brussels? meh, #whatFakeParanoia

      meanwhile, from brussels:

      such shocking news!
      @NATO 9h9 hours ago
      Defence Ministers agree to upgrade #NATO Command Structure #DefMin
      but my personal fave: “she has the firepower!!!”

      beats me, but it sounds about right given all that we know, including Vault 7: ‘CIA wrote code ‘to impersonate’ Russia’s Kaspersky Lab anti-virus company, WikiLeaks says’, from RT the final paragraph:

      “In September, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ordered all government agencies to stop using the company’s products and remove them from computers, citing “information security risks presented by the use of Kaspersky products on federal information systems.” Kaspersky Lab has repeatedly denied cooperating with any government entity including Russia, stating that its products simply cannot be used for spying as they lack any functionality beyond the advertised one. In an unprecedented move, the company even opened its source code to independent review last month.”

  13. Ach so, teh Amerikan response to a Putschky blitzkrieg over-running Brussels will be … Lend-Lease ? Highly unlikely !

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